Real Madrid v Benfica (R)

Discussion in 'Real Madrid' started by DragonFly, Aug 18, 2002.

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    Dec 31, 1999

    Real Madrid scorers: Figo, Minambres, and Portigol with the winner!!!

    Real Madrid 3 Benfica 2

    Moreira; Armando, Argel (Ricardo Rocha, m.46), J.M. Pinto, Cabral; Tiago, Petit (Ednilson, m.46); Simao, Zahovic (Mantorras, m.46), Roger (Drulovic, m.78); Nuno Gomes (Feher, m.69).

    Real Madrid:
    Iker Casillas; Miñambres, Hierro (Savio, m.72), Helguera (Flavio Conceicao, m.85), Roberto Carlos (Raúl Bravo, m.58); Makelele, Cambiasso (Pavón, m.72); Figo (McManaman, m.64), Raúl (Solari, m.58), Zidane (Fernando, m.46); Guti (Portillo, m.58).

    Goals: 1-0, M.5: Zahovic. 1-1, M.12: Figo. 2-1, M.46+: Argel. 2-2, M.61: Miñambres. 2-3, M.81: Portillo.
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    very entertained game. Cambiasso played very well, I think that he and Makelele (if we don't sell him) will be midfield couple this year behind Zidane.

    Portillo make a good goal. Few days ago the press said that we need a forward, that we don't make goals. Now, they say that we have enough forwards with Raul, Moriente, Guti, Portillo. What will happend after the next game?

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