Real Madrid and Beckham in a new soccer movie

Discussion in 'Real Madrid' started by MadridForever, Sep 21, 2003.

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    I have read today in Diario As that Beckham is very near to have a little role in a soccer/football trilogy that will be called 'Goal!' and that will be released released later in 2004.

    The trilogy is the result of a agreetment between FIFA and a Hollywood producers.

    "It will be the very first Hollywood production about football and the entire production will include the best talent available anywhere in the world," said Oscar-winning producer and script writer Lawrence Bender in a FIFA statement

    Lawrence Bender has been the producer of movies like Pulp fiction and Good will hunting.

    The trilogy will be a big production, $47Million - i don't know if each movie of all the movies.

    The history will be about a Latin boy that play soccer in Los Angeles - team?? - that sign for the Newcastle, and later by real Madrid and finally he play the World Cup.

    It seems that Manchester United and Chelsea wanted to be one of the europeans teams of the movie, but Adidas has a very good relationship with the Hollywood producers, and it seems that finally will be two adidas teams - Newcastle and Real Madrid -, the teams in which the boy will play in Europe. And Beckham could be one of the real players that could appear when the boy play with Real Madrid.

    I hope that they are good movies. There are very few movies about soccer and not very good. I think that the best movies about "soccer" are 'Fever Pitch' and 'Bend it like Beckham'.

    Some link in english and in spanish:
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    So Argentina will be the team in the final movie, it probably would have had a bigger chance to get 'better numbers' in the US if Nike were the sponsor for the movies; teams that reportedly would have been used: Manchester United, Barcelona and the USA national team.

    I don't think the movie will do so good in the US anyway, so you might as well use teams that appeal more to the football fans in other countries I guess.

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