Reading v West Ham, Sat Sept 1 pre/during/post (R)

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    Jan 17, 2005
    Watched on delay on Setanta - then something (a SoCal brown-out??) took down my internet for 1/2 the day.

    It looked to me as though Reading have got so used to fighting above their weight, they don't know what to do when it's an even fight. They know how to harass and win the ball, but not what to do once they have it. Passes were wayward and hard to control, and most crosses weren't quite there. I'm happy to see that others noticed a slight improvement with BC and Kits on the field - that I wasn't just seeing through my Convey-colored glasses. They linked up a few times very well and created some real chances. If only they had more than 15 minutes to work together and less of a mountain to climb.

    10 of Reading's finest off to international duty this week - I hope they have some time back at Hogwarts... I mean Hogwood... to get ready for
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    Mar 26, 2005
    im not sure if its Reading who got used to fighting above their weight or if it a matter of other teams that got used to Reading.

    i noticed this in several matches last season. However, players like Doyle and Lita managed to score enough especially when Little, Seol, Oster, Hunt, Sidwell had moments of brilliance. Doyle and Lita are not players who can make something out of nothing, they need good play from the midfield and then they can convert.

    but this season, guess who is missing in those two 3-0 losses? the fact Reading lost does not bother me, or the fact it was losses to Bolton and WestHam, who is about the same punching weight as Reading (remember during last years fantastic season that Reading lost to teams like Watford, Blackburn and Wigan) but its the score line. 3-0 with no reply. Last season there were no such score lines even against the top four, except the one game against Arsenal and certainly not against on par teams.

    Reading FW
    Doyle: not scoring yet. He does need a good MF play to create chances. He is fast and can strike but his not physical enough to win 50-50 balls
    Lita: Tries to hold the ball and turn, but not strong or skilled enough on the ball to keep the ball. But does have an eye for the goal.
    Kitson: long term injury last season. not back to full fitness yet. Could be key this season with his height and strength should bring back another diemnsion to Reading's offence.

    Reading MF
    Hunt: Hunt, Hunt, Hunt. Not the most skilled player on the ball, but with all his running around and commitment, he has proven to be great asset for Reading. His back post play when crosses comes in is class, must be one of his responsibilities that Coppell has assinged to him.
    Convey: out of the team for almost the whole season last year due to injuries. needs to find form and fitness again asap to help reading.
    Harper: good enough player, but his passes can be wayward.
    Little: injured.
    Oster: small injury.
    Fae: unproven and not so good so far. probably needs more time to get used to the Premiership.
    Cisse: new and poor. no major impact.

    Reading DF
    Hanehmann: should do better
    Murty: niggling injuries.
    Sonko: long term injury.
    Ingamarisson: solid
    DCL: good to see him go up, but also loses his position and man.
    Bikey: improving.
    Shorey: good
    Rosenior: hopefully will be good. but did Reading really need him when Shorey ended up staying? Seol brings something else to the MF namely the ability to skin players or should Reading have looked for direct replacement for Seol?

    For a team like Reading i think there are key games that are dotted around the season. Of course every game is key, but what im referring to are games that Reading salvages a point or even turns it around and get all three points. The success of last season could be put down to winning/drawing these key games be they ManU or West Ham. The draw in the first game this season against ManU at Old Traford although not pretty was a result and a key game. And the season is till young. Its just that two consecutive 3-0 scoreline is depressing.
  3. aguy2die4

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    Mar 26, 2005
    cant wait to see where Rosenior will play. RW? with Fae coming inside? that would bulk up Readings defence. but not offence wise. I guess Little/Oster will the the offensive RWs and Rosenior the defensive RW.
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    2 days later and I'm still gutted. Never thought we'd have Bolton and W.Ham to thank for a GD of -6, Chelsea or ManU sure, but Bolton & W. Ham? c'mon.
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    Opinion isn't divided on this being the stupidest GD analogy ever. Go masturbate before posting crap soliloquies such as this next time.
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    aww, somebody needs a group hug.

    just because I said your "hilarious" blog about League 1 & 2 badges wasn't going to put you in a position to give up your day job any time soon.

    At least you don't bear a grudge.
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    This is an internet board, not sure this advice is in any way new thinking ...;)

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