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    Jun 29, 2002
    Good intro article, covering players' market and competitive balance: In particular, section 3.5 mentions MLS and has a brief history of single entity ownership.

    "The Sport League's Dilemma: Competitive Balance versus Incentives to Win by Frederic Palomino and Luca Rigotti", which concludes that "Under demand maximization, a performance-based reward scheme (used by European sport leagues) may be optimal. Under joint profit maximization, full revenue sharing (used by many US leagues) is always optimal."

    A thread on points for "3 points for win, 1 for draw, who thought of this?" and a paper analyzing it: "Do the ‘three-point victory’ and ‘golden goal’ rules make soccer more exciting? A theoretical analysis of a simple game" by Isabelle Brocas and Juan D. Carrillo of Columbia Business school. Paper at

    This paper, "It's Fourth Down and What Does the Bellman Equation Say? A Dynamic-Programming Analysis of Football Strategy" by David Romer, was in the news a few months ago. It looks at American football, but touches upon many thing applicable to sports in general.

    "Skill, Strategy, and Passion: an Empirical Analysis of Soccer" at

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