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Discussion in 'Old Firm' started by Toon³, Oct 7, 2005.

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  1. Toon³

    Toon³ Member

    Dec 27, 2002
    Newcastle United FC
    Ok, this forum is just on trial at the moment so lets try and make it perminant by keeping things civil and on topic.

    This forum is for Celtic and Rangers subjects ONLY! Please post anything else in the main forum.

    Because of the well know rivalry between the two teams, some micky taking and sledging will be allowed. This should be done in the rivalry thread only. If something of that nature is posted elsewhere it will be moved or deleted.

    The most important thing I have to say is about sectarianism.


    I expect that everyone will have read this so ignorance is not an excuse.

    You WILL be yellowed for your first sectarian comment, no matter how small, and redded on your second. There will be no warnings and no exceptions.

    I know the majority of the Celtic and Rangers fans on here aren't interested in that side of the rivalry but you always get someone who feels the need to bring it up.

    Please enjoy this addition to the SWNI forum and PM me if you have any problems or suggestions.
  2. Toon³

    Toon³ Member

    Dec 27, 2002
    Newcastle United FC
    There have been several sectarian posts by a certain poster. He has been punished. This is for him and anyone else who is thinking about posting anything like it in future.


    The threat of a yellowcard hasn't worked so from now on it's a straight ban. A lot of good regular posters have wanted an Old Firm forum for a long time and I'm not going to have it closed because of a few idiots, but it could be.

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