News: Raymond Domenech’s true value - €826,222

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    Nat'l Team:
    look what this piece of crap is worth wow what a fcukin loser!

    It should be interesting to see how the manager of the French national football team, Raymond Domenech, reacts to the news of how much he has earned for helping the side reach the finals of the World Cup in South Africa next year.

    After the French controversially qualified last month thanks to that now infamous "hand of Henry" in their match against the Republic of Ireland, speculation in the domestic media was widespread over just how much Domenech and his players had made.

    More than €820,000 in total for Domenech alone, was the figure bandied about, and one which the 57-year-old was quick to dismiss.

    "If I had earned that much I would be extremely happy," said an astonished Domenech when questioned about the amount on national radio.

    "But it’s far from being the case and I’m not even going to try to contradict something that appears to follow the usual editorial line," he continued, referring to the constant criticism over his management style that he has received from many quarters of the media during his five years in charge.

    "It’s a complete lie."

    Except it wasn’t if figures the national daily, Le Monde, has managed to get hold of from the French Football Federation (FFF, a pretty good source) are to believed.

    They reveal that in fact Domenech earned €826,222.

    Now of course we’re all used to hearing about the elevated salaries of the world’s top players.

    And there’s unquestionably room for debate over whether they’re merited, the true "value" of those at the top of the beautiful game and the morality behind splashing out such vast sums.

    Similarly it has to be admitted that Domenech’s earnings pale somewhat in comparison with some of his international counterparts such as the England manager, Fabio Capello, whose annual salary is £6.5 million (€7.2 million).

    But the confirmation coming just a couple of weeks after that denial from the French manager doesn’t exactly put him in a good light, which is perhaps the reason Jean-Louis Valentin, the deputy director of the FFF has so readily leapt to his defence.

    "He didn’t lie," insisted Valentin, explaining that the total was broken down into several elements over a number of years.

    "When you look at the salaries earned by politicians or film stars, you would never think about calculating them on a period covering two or three years," he continued.

    "And Raymond Domenech could never have imagined (when asked the question) that the media would do exactly that in working out his salary."

    So that’s all cleared up then, and we can be rest assured that Domenech didn’t in fact fall into the same trap of telling a lie - the very accusation he made of those French media reports.

    Instead we can now happily hope that he breaks his habit of managing to produce less than the best from a squad of some of the world’s most talented players and concentrate on him might actually win something in South Africa.

    That would be a first in his managerial career.
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    Jun 3, 2008
    is this why they keep him, because his cheap
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    Dec 18, 2006
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    Nat'l Team:
    World Cup coaches salaries (in U$S per year).

    - Fabio Capello (Inglaterra): 9.900.000
    - Marcelo Lippi (Italia): 3.000.000
    - Joachim Löw (Alemania): 2.300.000
    - Javier Aguirre (México): 1.800.000
    - Carlos Parreira (Sudáfrica): 1.800.000
    - Berter van Marwijk (Holanda): 2.700.000
    - Ottmar Hitzfeld (Suiza): 2.600.000
    - Vicente del Bosque (España): 2.200.000
    - Carlos Queiroz (Portugal): 2.000.000
    - Pim Verbeek (Australia): 1.820.000
    - Dunga (Brasil): 1.250.000
    - Diego Maradona (Argentina): 1.200.000
    - Takeshi Okada (Japón): 1.200.000
    - Ricki Herbert (Nueva Zelandia): 1.200.000
    - Otto Rehhagel (Grecia): 1.150.000
    - Paul Le Guen (Camerún): 960.000
    - Marcelo Bielsa (Chile): 850.000
    - Vahdi Halilhodzic (Costa de Marfil): 740.000
    - R. Domenech (Francia): 720.000
    - Hun Jung Moo (Corea del Sur): 600.000
    - Morten Olsen (Dinamarca): 570.000
    - Milovan Rajevac (Ghana): 540.000
    - Bob Bradley (EE.UU.): 400.000
    - Radomir Antic (Serbia): 447.000
    - Matjaz Kek (Eslovenia): 360.000
    - Gerardo Martino (Paraguay): 360.000
    - Rabah Saadane (Argelia): 360.000
    - Reinaldo Rueda (Honduras): 350.000
    - Vladimir Weiss (Eslovaquia): 312.000
    - Oscar Washington Tabárez (Uruguay): 300.000
    - Kim Jong Hun (Corea del Norte): 250.000
    - Shaibu Amodu (Nigeria): 180.000
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    It doesn't matter that there are coaches who earn more money than him. First of all, he won nothing so it's not like he deserves a high salary. There are tons of coaches with more achievements than him. He does not deserve and never deserved to coach the national team.

    For someone who is lecturing the journalists everytime, it made me crack a right smile that he lied about his salary. Of course, he would coach the national team for free. Then give those 800 000€ back to help some amateur clubs or to help poor people. Of course, he doesn't know how much he earns, yet he knew it wasn't as high as what FF written in its article.

    It tells a lot about his personnality. He's an hypocrite.

    I'm expecting the WC, not because France could do well - I don't see how Mexico and Uruguay will be easier to beat than Austria, Serbia, Romania and Ireland, though :rolleyes: - but to get rid of Domenech.
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    Dec 18, 2006
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    Nat'l Team:
    He won what was written on his contract. Tell that to the guys who hired him.
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    Oct 25, 2007
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    I'm talking about his lie. Lying is not in his contract...

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