Rapids v. Revolution 9/17 [R]

Discussion in 'Colorado Rapids' started by The Magpie, Sep 17, 2003.

  1. Pyro

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    Apr 18, 2000
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    Chicago Fire
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    Did Colorado leave their bench in the Rocky mountain state? I know they got a bit of an obscure record going, but you got 9 on 10!
  2. Sports Fan Stan

    Apr 21, 1999
    Oklahoma City, USA

    Not bad to get the point, considering they were shorthanded for an hour. Enjoyable game to watch, especially since its been a long-time since I've gotten to watch the Rapids...

    Borchers was great, as was the entire defense. I was even happy with Wes Hart's play. Has Hart been playing better of late???

    Henderson: poor game... Did he complete a single pass tonight?
  3. keepersdad73

    keepersdad73 New Member

    Sep 1, 2001
    Both teams got screwed royally by that sorry excuse for a ref. I hate to agree too often with Wynalda but he got it right tonight:
    "Players play, Coaches coach, Refs ruin games"
  4. mkb3

    mkb3 Member

    Jul 11, 2000
    San Francisco
    I am an MLS fan but...

    ...this was an incredibly boring game. Just pathetic. And I do think the Rapids have a good group of players. But, this game...zzzzzzz...
  5. DavidJames

    DavidJames Member+

    May 11, 2003
    This game was on national TV, I hope nobody was watching.

    If anyone other than Rapids or Revs fans were watching I'd like to apologize. The good MLS ref had a fever and couldn't make it. It seems just when you thought the referee's could get any worse, they just go out and with sheer determination and blind committment to the game, and out do themselves.

    Pablo Pablo Pablo, regardless of the validity of the second card YOU put yourself in a position to get it, YOU can join Kyle in the dog house and probably should owe the rest of the team for that dumb play. No Pablo, no Becks against the Fire, it might get ugly.

    One sub, the team was dead the last 15 minutes. Kingsley, Schmidt certainly couldn't have hurt.

    Defense played really well. It's GREAT to see Thor have an awesome game on national TV. Fraser, Ritchie and yes, even Wes played really well.

    I thought it was kinda funny funny to have a Dish TV commercial come on when the cable when out.
  6. jatterbu012

    jatterbu012 New Member

    May 28, 2001
    boulder, co
    that ref was a joke. ive never seen a bunch of crap in my life. he missed obvious calls (like the one at the end when carrieri got run over and the asst had to make the call), then gives out unwarranted pk's, and throws reds around like they are nothing. completely rediculous.

    and i am sorry, but wes hart isnt getting any better, he might even be getting worse. without nat, we would have lost by 2 or 3 at least.

    whoever it was that said we should make subs, you are darn right. i mean those guys were gassed out there, and you put in somebody with quickness and ball skills like kingsley, and youve got a good chance at making something happen.

    did anyone else notice how many attacks chungy blew by making a terrible pass or getting a shot blocked. that kills your team when you are down a man. you need to be patient, keep possesion a little and get a good chance, or else all your guys are gonna have to run themselves to death trying to cover for your dumb attempts.
  7. FlashMan

    FlashMan Member

    Jan 6, 2000
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    United States
    thought the ref was fine, and I'm a Rapids fan.

    Beckerman's foul was stupid, hard and definitely 3/4 from behind. maybe a harsh call, but definitely not a bad one.

    Pablo deserved both his yellow. Typical for Pablo. Can' really complain there.

    I don't completely understand the red card rule so I don't know if Kamler deserved his red. His studs almost got whoever in the nuts and it was an extremely dangerous play. Not sure if that warrants one a red or not. As a Rapids fan though, I ain't complaining.

    First 65 minutes were entertaining but then everyone seemed to get tired at once. Thought Chung played his worst game of the year (couldn't complete a single pass) and Carrieri is what he is: a fast but lousy soccer player. Gave the ball away consistently in potentially dangeorus situations. Too bad Spencer doesn't have someone to play off of up top; the Rapids would be oh so much more dangerous.

    MOTM? Probably Garlick first for being solid and the PK save, and then Borchers close behind, who was solid as a rock.

    Interesting to see who plays midfield next week for the Rapids, though I think they're off until October. Crawford and...dare I say it?...Powell.

    Frustrating, but productive, tie.
  8. DavidJames

    DavidJames Member+

    May 11, 2003
    Sorry, but I thought he was terrible.

    - Beckerman's call was a push, I can see it going either way but then you add...
    - Kameler card was a joke
    - Pablo's card also was a push but it adds weight to the argument against the ref and
    - The PK was iffy, but how do you call it in that situation.
    - He missed a whole bunch of other calls.

    So demonstratively and methodically pointing to each of the above, I pull out my red and show it to the ref.

    Don't get me wrong, even if the Becks and Pablo don't get the cards, Hanks should read them the riot act for stupid play.

    Why couldn't Henderson get a red card?

    ps, yes Chung was wiped out. Earlier, he also blew a really good chance on a nice short cross from CC (I think) but ran by it because he doesn't have a right fot.
  9. Paul. A

    Paul. A Member

    Mar 16, 1999
    Wales, UK
    Twellman did his best considering his fitness. Garlick has always been a good goalie! It's a shame we didn't get any goals for a national tv game.
  10. phills

    phills Member

    Nov 24, 1999
    did anyone else feel that the espn announcers were bias toward NE? At times I thought I was listening to feed from NE for the shootout package!
  11. NotAbbott

    NotAbbott Member

    Oct 11, 1999
    My Own Little World
    I still don't get this. A reckless, dangerous and studs up cleat to the upper thigh is okay, just because it's not malicious? Because Kamler is a nice guy?

    I'm certainly not going to argue with the two reds against you, 'cause that means no Mastro and no Beckerman against us on 10/1. Although now that could be Powell's long-awaited debut.

  12. He's In Fashion

    Jan 7, 2000
    Littlefun, CO, US
    West Ham United FC
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    United States
    It's still official...

    The Check-Out Girl Twellman...

    Still sucks C-AH-CK!!!!!!!!

    Thank God we got anything at all out of tonight...

    I'm not going to judge any of the players for their performances tonight... it was a f***ed up game from the get go...
  13. DavidJames

    DavidJames Member+

    May 11, 2003
    "I still don't get this. A reckless, dangerous and studs up cleat to the upper thigh is okay, just because it's not malicious? Because Kamler is a nice guy?"

    Sorry I should have explained myself better, but I think it's a stretch to say that since I said it was a joke meant I thought it was "okay".

    It was not okay, yes, I don't think it was malicious and I have no clue what kind of guy Kamler is, nor do I care.

    I think the foul deserved a yellow. I don't think Kamler gets the red if Beckerman hadn't gotten one earlier. It was a make up call, or maybe the PC way of putting would be to say it was "consistent". Two bad calls make for a bad ref, but I guess, as a Rapid fan, considering the first, a make up call was in order. Oh, and before you think I meant Beckermans foul was okay, I felt a yellow would have been the correct call as well.

    "Although now that could be Powell's long-awaited debut."

    Haven't you heard, Powell's out through 2009! (I hope I'm kidding)
  14. bunge

    bunge BigSoccer Supporter

    Oct 24, 2000
    That was a good red. Pablo's second yellow was a good call too. That was an ugly two-legged studs up challenge. Pablo really needs to calm down or quit playing.
  15. He's In Fashion

    Jan 7, 2000
    Littlefun, CO, US
    West Ham United FC
    Nat'l Team:
    United States
    I love it!!!!!!!! The Rapids are like the Howard Dean of MLS... No one can conceive our winning everything, but they are all sh!tting their collective pants... Fire Fans trolling, Revs fans whining, NO SIGN WHATSOEVER of any a$$hole KC fans like Lucid, and the Burn (insert joke here, if needed)

    Yeah, EVERYONE agrees!!!!! The Ref sucked!!!!

    If you want to cry, cry to Steve Nicol for playing that pretty-boy and having Garlick make him look the fool he is from the spot!

    Blame your crap team for not taking advantage of a 11 v 10, and a 10 v 9 advantage...

    Good on you Rapids!!!! earlier in the year, we lose this game 2-0...
  16. milehimarc

    milehimarc New Member

    Aug 16, 1999
    Northglenn, CO USA
    So soccer fans...with the midfield reds,
    one D. Powell HAS to figure in the 10/1 match, no? No less than 90 days since arrival in Denver.
    Place you bets!
  17. Soccerholic

    Soccerholic New Member

    Mar 6, 2001
    Mile High
    I agree with you completely. It's especially stupid for Pablo to put himself in a position where he could get his second yellow when he already knows that his partner in central midfield will be suspended against the best team in the league. :rolleyes:
  18. bigdush

    bigdush New Member

    Jul 22, 2003
    Parker, CO
    In my opinion:
    -all send offs should've been bookings (except pablos subsequent red for two yellows)
    -Nat and Frasier are playing incredibly well and sweeping each other up very well. No better back line tandem in the league.
    -The PK was warranted. Wes Hart doesn't bury a forearm in the back of Twellman when he goes up, then it's a no call, but he played Twellman before playing the ball.
    -Garlick is making picking up Cannon look like a wasted move. Don't get me wrong, he looks decent doing fitness with the rest of the bench during the second half.

    The next match against The Smoke will be a true test for Hankinson's coaching abilities, it's no longer put the same 11 on the field and let them play.

    Follow up question:
    Why didn't we run our quick legs up top right at LLama-osa early. He is good but I don't think that he could've handled the first two steps of Carrieri and Spencer for more than ten minutes? I think we should have forced the issue a little bit on that old defender instead of running off Heaps' and Pierce's young legs.

    Sorry for the length.
  19. Malaga CF fan

    Malaga CF fan Member

    Apr 19, 2000
    Fairfax, VA
    Colorado Rapids
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    United States
    I was thinking the same thing, he should have buried that, especially given his position on the field, basically 3 yards to the left of the PK spot. Even if you only get a half shot with the right, at that distance if it is directed accurately, it can go in. I don't care if Hendo was calling for the dummy run, a scorer pulls the trigger there and buries it. Carrieri or Spencer wouldn't have passed on those shots, and not just 'cause they are right footed.

    Here's a quote from the Revs board that pretty much sums up the best of the Rapids last night.

    Colorado defense was outstanding. Borchers and Frazier were marvelous together. To me Borchers is about the best new defender I have seen in the league. Those two men were the reason Twellman couldn't do anything and are probably one of the main reasons Colorado has done so well recently.

    We can thank our solid defense for getting a point out of the game, and Borchers has to be among the top 3 rookies this year (Ralph in Chicago and Clark for the Metros (although he just seems like a lot of east coast Metros hype, I'd take Borchers)) but each of these guys play a different position. Ralph is the best rookie forward, Clark best midfield and Borchers best defender.

    As far as cards go, I think the ref dug himself a hole with the first red on Beckerman. After that, he was calling "make-up, oooo I gotta be consistent" fouls, which is why Kamler got his red. Give Beckerman a yellow, and here's what happens... yellow to Kamler, game calms down, Rapids keep their cool because Beckerman is still on the field and deserved his yellow. Pablo isn't left alone in the midfield and maybe plays with a little more control and avoids one of his yellows. It's true, reffing is a cumulative exercise during a game and one bad call can force a referee to play catch-up the rest of the game. Any time this happens, the ref is in trouble, he's lost control of the match. By the way, the ref was within the laws of the game to red card Beckerman and Kamler, both of them were studs up challenges, Beckerman's from behind and Kamler's really could have done Wes Hart some damage. But, as we saw last night, just because you can give a red, doesn't mean you should. Both of those reds were judgment calls, not clear, mandatory red cards like striking an opponent, hand ball saving a goal, etc...
  20. ktsd

    ktsd Member

    Jul 20, 1999
    Bethel, CT, USA
    Unwad them panties from your crack.

    I don't hear any whining. Check the Rev's board. Yup we all agree the ref was crap, but no one is blaming him for the lack of goals.

    In fact, I thought the Revs looked good, and it was just one of those snake-bit nights where nothing was going in. Also, more Revs fans are blaming the very very predictable attack of 'get ball to Twellman' than anything else!

    That and Borchers is farging SOLID and ATE that strategy.

    Kevin D.
  21. GoRapids

    GoRapids Member

    Sep 1, 1999
    Boulder CO
    I thought Beckerman's Red was deserved ...

    I thought Kamler's Red was legit but VERY harsh and certainly a make up call ...

    I thought the PK called sucked monkey nuts ...

    I thought Pablo deserved a second yellow and he's a moron.

    I think the ref was a moron.

    I thought the Rapids defense ... was outstanding ....

    I thought Garlick was the man of the match.

    I thought Hendo sucked ...

    I thought Spennie wasted chances with too many dummies and back heels ... but if one connected I would have thought him genius.

    I thought Chunger missed two excellent opportunties including a dummy he shouldn't have dummied.

    I thought Colorado looked the stronger of the teams and had a good strategy going into the game.

    I thought we were lucky to leave with a point.

    I thought that I was bummed no one was at the game.
  22. Northcal19

    Northcal19 New Member

    Feb 18, 2000
    Celtic Tavern LODO (
    I didn't see the game, but since Chris is a friend of mine I would like to say that I thought he played pretty darn well. ;)
  23. Ingmar4Rapids

    Ingmar4Rapids Member

    Jun 25, 2002
    Denver, Colorado
    That game last night may put our Thor on the map. There was a cool point where the announcer was calling move by Twellman at the top of the box and when Borchers disposessed him with a nice tackle, he blurted out "But Borchers is having none of it!" I loved that.
  24. gschroeder

    gschroeder Member

    Jun 18, 2001
    Thornton, Colorado
    Colorado Rapids
    Yeah, I think Borchers is doing good for himself and may be demanding a bigger salary in the future. I wonder how he stacks up to veteran defenders and if he may have a future with the Nats.

    Also speaking of announcers, I was to the point where I was checking the radio to see if 1540 was playing the game due to the complete Homer-ness if those guess, especially and mostly Wynalda. Mute would've worked but but I have to hear the ball being kicked.
  25. TeamUSA

    TeamUSA Member

    Nov 24, 1999
    Tianjin, China
    Borussia Mönchengladbach
    Nat'l Team:
    United States
    Twellman, ha ha ha ha ha ha ha. Rev's fans that think the world of him, ha ha ha ha ha ha ha.

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