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Discussion in 'Italy' started by gunner's fan, Oct 28, 2003.

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    Feb 11, 2003
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    I just subscribed to RAI on Dish Network.My program guide says there is a serie B match at 5:10 but soccertv.com says 3:45.Which should I go by?Also on Rai website it says something about Napoli-Torino is this match being televised?Is the program guide for RAI wrong alot? I know the Gol TV info is usually wrong
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    Mar 23, 1999
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    What he said. Use their website. It's been fairly accurate of late. They update it each Friday with the schedule for the upcoming week. soccertv.com is fairly accurate as well, but I have more faith in going to the RAI site directly. DON'T go by the program guide. Ever.
  4. SueB

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    Mar 23, 1999
    Waterbury, VT
    By the way, here is a DIRECT link to RAI's page specifically listing the Serie B games.


    In North America, we get Rai Internaional 2. According to this page, the Catania-Piacenza game was aired at 5:10 am this morning (subtract 6 hrs from "ora it" to get Eastern time).

    The live game on Saturday will be Piacenza-Triestina with Venezia-Bari to be shown delayed ("orario da definirio" - time TBD).

    In case you wonder why we never see teams such as Fiorentina, Torino or Cagliari, the only teams RAI International has the rights to show are Atalanta, Catania, Como, Napoli, Pescara, Piacenza, Ternana, Venezia, Verona, and Vicenza. I believe that means they can show them when they are at home, so maybe we'll get SOME games involving those teams eventually. Guess we'll find out next week when Ternana hosts Fiorentina.

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