Post-match: Radio 'SOB'?

Discussion in 'Sons of Ben' started by UdiHrant, Mar 9, 2014.

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    Wow. Great game! SO many positives. Cannot believe the upgrades we made kicked in so well and so fast.
    Only 3 negatives for me :
    - MacMath a bit shaky as usual
    - Carrol had a howler or a game - worst I've ever seen him
    - BIGGEST disappointment though for me was the announcers - I knew I would miss Moreno but my good god could someone get Pappas a freakin' cup a coffee or some blue meth?!

    I've often wondered in this age of the internets if we couldn't do it ourselves for away games. 'Teamspeak' or one of those Iphone apps and have couple of our own fans wing it. I would MUCH rather turn the sound down and listen to something like 'Radio SOB'. It would be fun and we could listen to SOB announcements and analysis during halftime.
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