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Discussion in 'Germany' started by jonam, Oct 20, 2003.

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    Aug 27, 2003
    96 gets a 6-2

    (borussiamaniac) It started like it had been versus Vienna. A boring Borussia only seldom finding the way to the opponent’s box – and never further. A huge load of efficiency then turned the game upside down and the black and yellows easily crushed their visitors from lower saxony.
    Borussia bores at the beginning

    Coach Matthias Sammer relied on the same squad who had beaten the Austrians on Wednesday night. Jensen played left defensive again and allowed Dede to head forward more often. Only Rosicky was missing either on bench and pitch due to problems with his back.

    The first quarter of an hour passed without anything worth mentioning. Some midfield action but nothing straightforward.

    The BVB got stuck in Hannover’s tight defense again and again which led to some dangerous counter attacks, mainly by Stajner and Christiansen.

    The lead for the home team therefore came as a surprise. In the 35th minute of play Ricken passed into the box where Ewerthon softly chipped the ball over the rushing 96-keeper Marc Ziegler. The supporters only had seven minutes to discuss how strange it was to be in the lead. Then Koller made some room for Ewerthon on the left side, the Brazilian quickly played the ball cross to Ricken, who scored from a mid-right position. Just the score you want your team to go into the break with. The support from the south stands got louder. The call-and-response shouts (“B – V – B”) with the southeast and southwest corners worked well and sounded fairly impressive. The guests from the capital of lower saxony, who had been everything but silent before, resignated acoustically, at least for the moment. Having still eleven players injured one could not complain about Borussia’s first half time performance. Not impressive but efficient.

    The match continued and it was Lars Ricken whose shot went just over the bar. The third real chance for Dortmund – and it would almost have been the third goal. Hannover did not manage to get into the game again. The good tendencies, they had shown in the first 45 minutes, were gone. An often critisised player was the one to take advantage of the visitors’ weakness. Sebastian Kehl got a free kick by Ricken on his head, gave the ball a strange direction and it flew over defense and keeper and sunk behind the line. 3-0.

    The first attack of Hannover in the second half resulted in the 3-1. Roman Weidenfeller reached for a high cross, missed it and Vinicius had an easy time with the scoring header.

    As already mentioned, Borussia played very efficient. No wonder that the fans did not have to wait long for the next chance – and the next goal. A cross by Ewerthon from the left reached Koller, who let the ball drop once and then hit the ball volley right through Ziegler’s legs. The stadium was on fire. Borussia, usually satisfied to be ahead by one, was up for high score.

    Ewerthon’s second strike made the 5-1 (76th minute). Ziegler fumbled a shot by Kehl and Koller decicively influenced the scoreboard for the second time that day. After a throw in for Hannover Weidenfeller started from his line in order to grab it off Denis Wolf’s head. But he was late, Wolf was one step further and scored his first goal ever in Bundesliga, which also made the final score. It was not the best day for Dortmund’s young keeper. Hardly any work to do but with two errors.

    The way the match went lets us be hopeful about things to come. Scoring six goals while having still eleven players injured is not too bad ;-) Well, next Sunday night we will all know whether or not we can play as good in away games. Thousands of fans will go on the short trip to Bochum and hopefully see the second three-pointer on the road of this season.
    Matthias Sammer: “I’m lucky we played this straightforward kind of football today. Although we needed to find our rhythm in the first 30 minutes. It’s all a mental thing.”

    Ralf Rangnick: “The victory was definitely deserved but resulted in the fact that Borussia took six out of six chances to score while we took only two. My team was strong during the first half our of play.”
    Borussia: Weidenfeller (4,5) - Fernandez (3,5), Wörns (3), Bergdölmo (3), Jensen (3) - Ricken (2,5) [73th Odonkor (-)], Reuter (3,5), Dede (2,5) - Koller (2) [78th Senesie (-)], Ewerthon (1,5) [83th Reina (-)]

    Hannover 96: Ziegler, Cherundolo, Konstantinidis, Vinicius, Kleber - Lala, Dabrowski, Kripnikovic - Idrissou, Christiansen, Stajner

    Goals: 1-0 Ewerthon, 2-0 Ricken, 3-0 Kehl, 3-1 Vinicius, 4-1 Koller, 5-1 Ewerthon, 6-1 Koller, 6-2 Wolf

    Yellow cards: Jensen - Christiansen, Cherundolo

    Attendance: 80,500

    Referee: Herbert Fandel (2), had an easy match

    taken from http://www.schwatzgelb.com

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    BVB-Hannover Post Match Thread - List??

    Manoj, I should be jealous!! You post that story here and not to the list?? :) ;-)

    Anyone else here actually see the BVB-H96 match??
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    Aug 27, 2003
    i think now really EVERYBODY on your list knows schwatzgelb.com! :-D

    did you see the goals of the match?

    the first 30 minutes hannover were the better team. but the double strike of ewerthon and ricken turned the match in favour of borussia.

    then in the second half it was something like a 45 minute highlight show! :)
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    Oct 20, 2003
    i saw the match at block 13. in the second 45 minutes borussia was the better team and the 6-2 was correct.

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