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Discussion in 'Ecuador - National Team' started by Manolo, Oct 9, 2010.

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    Nat'l Team:
    ustedes quien se creen para hablar asi de un tecnico que ya ha ido a mundiales entonces diganle a su heroe nacional sixto vizuete que los clasifique
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    Saludos !
    Sixto Vizuete podría sido mejor porque conoce a nuestros jugadores, pero Rueda ya esta contratado por la FEF y tiene otra oportunidad de hacer las cosas bien.
    Que gane el mejor este Sabado.
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    Rueda went to the world cup because of USA, did not have anything to do with his coaching skills lol. What did he do in the WC? Look like an idiot. With Vizuete we were one point away from going to the WC again. If Ecuador didn't lose those important matches with Suarez at the start than we would of made it. The Colombian coaches were good in their time but now they suck. They haven't moved on and adapted to new and better ways to play futbol.

    Sorry but face it. Rueda sucks and he hasn't done anything important at all. If you knew anything about Ecuadorian players then you would know how stupid Rueda's call up was. He has no knowledge of Ecua players and even after many months preparing he still failed. He is a loser.
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    your Rueda plays ugly, ineffective futbol. I'm sure your a fan of mediocre futbol which is why you support him. HE SUCKS!! You must be blind to not see it. Screw Rueda!!

    He leaves out our best players from the SQUAD LIST and then lines up the most random players to start when they don't deserve to be starters. LOL dude lacks a brain. He's a complete moron. Sixto Vizuete shouldn't even be compared with that garbage of a coach (if thats what you think he is). Vizuete played the most devestating futbol out of any coach Ecuador has had in the last 15 years. We played fast, beautifully, and creatively, with lots of danger. That game at home in Quito vs. Brazil was SIXTO VIZUETE. If you never saw that game, go and watch it again. i want to see your boy Rueda play games like that. B/c that's what Vizuete would do to his opponents. Unfortunately for us, we did not have experienced strikers and had an aged defense which is why we didn't Qualify. Had Vizuete had the team we have NOW, he would have wrecked every single team to peices.

    If you would take Vizuete back over Rueda, rep this.
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    I'm not sure this guy know what soccer is nor how to play it...maybe he's confused with a different sport. I saw Honduras in the WC, a couple of their matches actually and the brand of futbol they displayed was boring and uninspiring, as are we at the moment. Its the primary reason why I was against the FEF ever hiring him. Rueda is clueless about our players, doesn't understand their strengths and weaknesses. Sixto is not without his faults, he too messed up on his call ups and line ups but not on the magnitude that Rueda has.
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    Con Vizuete:
    Ecuador 5-Peru 1
    Argentina 1-Ecuador 1

    Con Rueda:
    Ecuador 2-Peru 0
    Argentina 4-Ecuador 0

    Vizuete tomo mando de un equipo que empezo perdiendo 3 partidos, con 0 victorias y 0 empates y -10 diferencia de goles. Luego termino gandando 6, empatando 5 y perdiendo 4 con +6 goles de diferencia. Si las ultimas eliminatorias hubieran empezado cuando llego Vizuete, Ecuador hubiera clasificado en 2do or 3er puesto de la CONMEBOL.

    Y encima de las estadisticas, Vizuete tuvo un equipo mas debil, con una defensa muy pasada de edad, y delanteros nuevos y sin experiencia, y jugadores como Noboa y Valencia eran todavia promesas. Rueda tiene la fortuna de un equipo y jugadores YA HECHOS, como el Chucho que la rompe en Mexico, Valencia que ya es un estrella a nivel mundial, Montero, Noboa y Caicedo con experiencia europea, y la mejor base de juventud que ha tenido Ecuador en muchos an~os.

    Rueda no tiene excusas, tiene todo para formar un equipo por lo menos competitivo. No habiamos perdido contra Argentina por tantos goles desde que todos aqui nacimos. Es una verguenza y el culpable es Rueda 100% porque todos nosotros lo advertimos.
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