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Discussion in 'Real Madrid' started by Butterfingers, Nov 6, 2004.

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    Sep 15, 2004
    During the pre-season last year, there was talk of playing Becks on the right side with Figo shifting over to the left, as he's a more rounded and versatile player. What would you think about using that formation this year?

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    Too bad Woodgate's still injured. If he were healthy, Helguera would finally get a chance to play in Dmid spot consistently and hopfeully, acclimate to that position. I think it'd also be a great way to avoid tiring out the starting 11 and allow other players to gain minutes. I mean, you could always have Celades, Solari, Juanfran/Perez subbing in for the Dmid, Becks + Figo, and have Morientes and Owen who can rotate in for Ronnie + Raul.

    Any thoughts?
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    Nov 30, 2001
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    I also think Beckham might be better used on the right, but I'm not convinced that he would be better than Figo. I know Figo can also play on the left (and Zidane then in the middle) but when he's doing such a good job on the right....why change this?

    I can also understand *a little* why Florentino doesn't want to sign a (defensive mid) player in the winter break, because like you say, Helguera would most likely fill that spot when Woodgate finally gets to play his first match for the club. So you could use him there in the 2nd half of the season, and then choose out of a bigger group of players after the season has ended....if there still would be a need for such a player based on Helguera's performance.

    The way things are now, I would probably put in Owen for Ronaldo. No question that he's got the abilities, but when he's not in form, those abilities don't really get to the surface. And Owen obviously is in form.

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