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Discussion in 'FC Cincinnati' started by golers, Feb 21, 2020.

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    Feb 19, 2018
    I'm a Crew SC fan but I come in peace, I had some questions I though FC Cincinnati fans could answer. Even if you don't know for certain your opinion on different matters would be appreciated. Here goes nothing..

    1. Why is the new Stadium being built so small?

    This isn't a criticism, I'm just curious as to why FCC's new stadium's official capacity is roughly 1000 seats less than what is currently being averaged at Nippert. Renderings look nice though!​

    2. What do you think about the club's update badge?

    I personally think FCC's new club crest looks fine, a rare bright spot in recent MLS rebranding efforts. Way better than the atrocities Chicago and Nashville recently rolled out which are.. well.. ehh

    3. Where does the Crew rank for Cincy fans in terms of hated rivals?

    Do fans see Columbus as their chief rival? Are there still lingering feelings with Louisville, Indy that are greater? Does this rivalry need more years to develop?​
  2. VFish

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    Based on the traffic here I am going to answer for FCC fans.

    1. The stadium is already too big, we need cozy
    2.I don't do fashion opinions but the badge is nice, in a sort of we are not going to win a lot of games way.
    3. Don't take smack from the Crew. They all have the Corona virus.
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    Hi guys, any spectators currently allowed at your venue? I saw Columbus can have up to 1500 spectators (I think) but I am not sure whether this is a state wide rule or a county rule or what...
  4. danielpeebles2

    Dec 3, 2013
    it's small because of the real estate they chose. To make way for the stadium they had to buy people out of their townhomes.

    It would have been nice if they built upwards toward one of the suburbs or even Northern KY, but the west side is still a part of the heart of urban Cincinnati and needed a facelift.

    When you come to visit, make sure to wear riot gear.
    crime is very high on the west side.


    For a decent rivalry, our management needs to figure out what an MLS team is supposed to look like. we've basically taken this long to upgrade from USL roster to USL+

    Not to diss your player, but we payed ADI a lot of money to come here and be a feature player and all he did was drive around this town drunk and get suspended, we haven't quite recovered from that and the ownership doesn't seem to want to open the check book to retain talent or bring in new talent.
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    Columbus is easily FCC's top rival. Nashville would be next. There are still lingering feelings with the Louisville rivalry.

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