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Discussion in 'Manchester United' started by ManUtd R16, Sep 25, 2003.

  1. ManUtd R16

    ManUtd R16 New Member

    Sep 21, 2002
    Berkeley, CA
    My friend and I, both United fans, are planning to go to England over our winter break this coming December/January, and we definitely want to go see some football games during the trip.

    Does anyone know what is the best way to get tickets to see United? From what I read from the website, it seems like I need to be a match ticket club member. Is this true? And since virtually every game at OT is a sell-out, what are the chances of getting tickets?

    Besides seeing Manchester United, do you recommend any other football games I can go to during that time period? It's too bad the Champions League is on winter break also that time. Any international friendly game, perhaps?

    Any information you can provide will be greatly appreciated. Thanks!
  2. Achtung

    Achtung Member

    Jul 19, 2002
    Manchester United FC
    Nat'l Team:
    United States
    Check the Man United US SUpporters' Club. That should answer most of your questions. And I know Motterman went last season (lucky bastard!) so try sending him a PM.
  3. ehtorg

    ehtorg New Member

    Aug 7, 2003
    CT, USA
    While it may not get you to Old Trafford, one thing you might want to check out is United's away games. I was in London a few years ago and wanted to see ManU. I couldn't get all the way up to Manchester but I was able to buy tickets to see Coventry vs. ManU. I had to buy a package deal (one ticket for Coventry vs. ManU and one ticket for Coventry vs. Ipswich on a Monday night, they were trying to get a good turnout for a monday night game) but I was there long enough to see both games. I would've also been willing to cut my losses and miss the 2nd game just to see ManU.

    1. Smaller clubs mean smaller stadiums (for example, any seat in Coventry's stadium was a good one)
    2. Might actually come out cheaper
    3. Smaller clubs usually mean ManU scores (saw A. Cole and D. Beckham score)
    4. Maybe get to see a 2nd premiership game

    1. Lose the Old Trafford experience
    2. You have to be careful if you cheer for a ManU goal. Remember, you'll be in the homeside's seats. They get really pissed if you cheer for the away side, especially when their team sucks, like Coventry did.
    3. Can't sing with the ManU fans
    4. No prawn sandwiches!!

    Good Luck.
  4. Motterman

    Motterman Member

    Jul 8, 2002
    Orlando, FL
    Manchester United FC
    Nat'l Team:
    United States
    These both offer vacation packages and supply match tickets:

    (I used UltimateSportsDreams for my trip in March, and they were a good deal for a first time visit - next time I'll be able to arrange my hotels, rail tickets, and match tickets, but it was a very good way to start off)

    Also, if you just want match tickets, you should join the MUSCUSA - - as they will provide you with match tickets if they are not all snatched up yet.

    I have a mate in Manchester that would be able to get tickets from a "friend", but he's ran into a spot of trouble and I don't know when he'll be able to provide any help for the immediate future anyways.
  5. ManUtd R16

    ManUtd R16 New Member

    Sep 21, 2002
    Berkeley, CA
    Thank you for all the information. I actually have a few more questions and I'd really appreciate your answers:

    1. I'm just wondering, how hard is it to get tickets from MUSCUSA (assuming I'm a member)? Membership *is* $90 and it would be rather silly if I sign up and end up not being able to get tickets.

    2. Can a MUSCUSA member only get tickets for himself or can he get multiple tickets? In other words, do I and my friend both need to join MUSCUSA?

    3. Is there a really good reason (besides getting a season review DVD or something) for joining MUSCUSA instead of One United? MUSCUSA is $90 and One United is ~$56. Is it harder to get tickets from One United?

    4. I heard that you have to enter a draw to get tickets. What if I get drawn but my friend doesn't? Or we both get drawn but are assigned seats in opposite stands?

    Thanks again for your kind replies.
  6. Mon Dieu

    Mon Dieu New Member

    Aug 23, 2003
    1) Old Trafford is always a sell out, im not going to pretend that getting tickets is easy because ive often been rejected myself, but with a bit of luck you can get the tickets. If United are still bothered about the Worthington cup then getting tickets to that shouldnt be a problem, you can often buy them on the day but try and get them earlier just to be safe.

    2) Im not too sure but i think the other person needs to be a member aswell, everytime i go, i go with someone else that is a member.

    3) I dunno much about the 2 different membership schemes as this is the first time they have had 2, but i think that you can only get tickets MUSCUCA.

    4) Yes there is a draw in the almost certain chance of a sell out. If you apply for 2 tickets then you will either get 2 tickets that are sat next to each other or you will get no tickets at all
  7. NNCRed

    NNCRed Member

    Jun 16, 1999
    When I was studying in London in August 2000, I saw United 3 times. I got all my tickets through MUSCUSA. I'm almost positive that both you and your buddy have to be members to get tix trough them. You should check the fixture list and see what matches United have while you are over there. Then contact MUSCUSA and see what their ticket availability is for those matches.

    The games I saw were the Charity Shield vs. Chelsea (last time we played at Wembley), EPL opener at home to Newcastle (my seats were like 14 rows of the pitch or something, in the corner next to the away support), and away to Ipswich. MUSCUSA's real benefit to me was getting match tickets. I think you also get 10% off in the MegaStore with your membership card.
  8. Motterman

    Motterman Member

    Jul 8, 2002
    Orlando, FL
    Manchester United FC
    Nat'l Team:
    United States
    I would think that the hard to get matches at Old Trafford would be:

    Blackburn - American needing tickets to see Friedel Vs. Howard

    Spurs - ditto with Keller

    City - Derby match AND Reyna

    Liverpool - well, duh

    Chelsea - maybe

    Other than those teams, I'd say you have a good chance of getting tickets through the MUSCUSA.

    MUNCUFAN New Member

    Apr 13, 2003
    Northern NJ
    Recently I made my first trip to OT by joining the trip offered by MUSCUSA - Yes, we witness the infamous Arsenal match> Not only the seat was excellent, to see the players at training was rare and exciting experienc. It was a delightful trip.

    I think the ultimate solution for ManU fans to get tickets is to join MUSCUSA -the official supporter club of ManU, USA Branch, the trips they offer are worthwhile and they have direct access to OT for tickets on other ManU matches.
  10. Lancashire Lad

    Lancashire Lad New Member

    Nov 5, 2002
    Manchester United FC
    If you both join as match day members of one United you can each fill out an application form, if you wish and apply for tickets. You can enter your friends application number on your form, so you can sit together. So one application with two membership numbers can get two tickets. You need to apply early.

    Tickets are available if you know a man in a pub who sells tickets!

    There are organised coach trips to games as well.

    Good luck!
  11. Fevernova99

    Fevernova99 Member

    May 3, 2003
    New York Red Bulls
    There are a lot of ticket sellers on the internet, some might be able to hook you up with a ticket but chances are you will have to pay a bit extra. If I were you I would also look into other teams, I hear the atmosphere for an EPL game is absolutely fantastic.
  12. rudeboy

    rudeboy Member

    Jul 5, 2001
    Kansas City
    I had the honor of attending two games at Old Trafford last year. The easiest way to do this is to

    1. Become a club member

    2. Email the ticket office at Old Trafford and let them know you are a Yank and want to come watch a game while you are in the country.

    3. Pick your game date and submit you game day application the night the tickets come available.

    Good luck. I was even able to get my desired seating section as well. The Reds want us Yanks bad as we are still an untapped market for them.
  13. Lancashire Lad

    Lancashire Lad New Member

    Nov 5, 2002
    Manchester United FC
    mmm.....maybe I should say I am a yank! :D
  14. bkn0528

    bkn0528 Member

    Aug 2, 2003
    there are a variety of ticket brokers on the internet that sell tix for all premiership matches. Obviously these are expensive but seems to be a sure fire way to be able to get a ticket if you're willing to shill out the dough. anybody have any experience with any of these?
  15. ManUtd R16

    ManUtd R16 New Member

    Sep 21, 2002
    Berkeley, CA
    I'm just wondering, if someone's willing to pay extra for the tickets, why don't they just go ahead and buy a hospitality package? Are these also sold out for every game? I don't think I'll consider this option though, as paying 150 pounds (= $250) for one game is way out of my budget.

    And once again thanks everyone for your input :)
  16. nyrmetros

    nyrmetros Member

    Feb 7, 2004
    Tell them you're there to see former METROSTAR Tim Howard play! :)

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