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    Is this a legitimate site?

    I mean I know it's real, but is it a respected site at all? A very good friend of mine's band is somehow in the top ten on their charts list and I was wondering how exactly that happened since the album hasn't even been released yet. In fact, he got his copy Sunday night and gave me one today.

    Should I even bother to take this as a sign that people outside of Cincinnati like them?

    Oh, they're the Tigerlilies, by the way.

    Since I really only listen to bad music, I'm not hip with the kids these days on what's cool and what's not. Thanks in advance for the info.
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    I think Noam Chomsky will be touring with Outkast later this year.

    The site's legit...I assume it's based on number of downloads, and if so, they are in sadder shape than I thought.
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    The type of socio-linguist that makes the club get crunk.

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