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Discussion in 'UEFA and Europe' started by MIGkiller, Oct 14, 2003.

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    One of the playoffs for Euro2004 is Croatia x Slovenia, and I was wondering if this is a problematic matchup in terms of security and possible rivalry between these two former Yugoslav republics. I know that all the former republics hold a grudge against Serbia & Montenegro, but what about against each other? What are the political aspects of this confrontation, if there are any.
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    Oct 10, 2003
    All countries that once were part of Yugoslavia dislike each other in 1 way or another. I'll put it briefly. The highest chance of 'trouble' is when Serbia & Montenegro play against either Croatia or Bosnia-Herzegovina. Then next level would be if Bosnia and Croatia face each other although these two countries are closest to each other than any other ex yugo country. FYR Macedonia's fans have mostly seemed to be friendly with all especially when playing away. As far as Slovenia and Croatia go, these two countries are in war economicaly but otherwise the atmosphere is OK when these 2 teams face.
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    Croats harbored some ill-will at the way the Slovenes handled the break-up of Yugoslavia (it's too long to discuss here) but that is over with. Generally, both countries get along fine.

    In fact, Miroslav Blazevic, coach of the 1998 WC 3rd place Croatian National Team coached Maribor, a Slovenian team earlier this year.

    The only security problem will be if the Croats play like crap at home, they might have to restrain some unhappy fans from jumping onto the field. :)
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    Slovenes and Croats get along fairly well considering the area. There are some minor issues like economics, a little border issue(and now military excercises), and the sharing of a nuclear plant that provides electricity to both countries but that's largely done with except in the long term because Slovenia will join the EU next year but it's too long to get into now. But there will be sell-outs at Maksimir and Bezigrad not least of all because they are fairly close to each other. Only 135 kms! And the Bezigrad has a capacity of around 9,000. I've seen it listed at that but they have had 9,500 and the Maksimir is at 38,000.
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    Oct 14, 2003

    The match between Slovenia and Croatia is considered a high risk match. The political tensions between the two countries has spread to the relationship between ordinary citizens of both countries. Animosities escalate especially during sports events - such as skiing competition in Maribor and European Waterpolo Championship in Kranj and "friendly" football match in Zagreb last year. In my opinion it would be wiser to play both matches in a neutral territory - Austria or/and Hungary.

    "Croats harbored some ill-will at the way the Slovenes handled the break-up of Yugoslavia (it's too long to discuss here) but that is over with. Generally, both countries get along fine." Metro - it seems that you're not updated with current events bewteen Cro and Slo. Plus Blazevic was Mura's coach not Maribor's.

    What I see here are 2 tough matches, fans rioting and Croatia in the Finals.
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    Re: Slo-Cro

    He is 100% right
    there was a feud between the two over the adriatic sea and the slovenians wouldnt listen thus trespassing, then the waterpolo incidents and a bunch of things

    there will be tension at these games but if anyone recalls in the 2nd qualifying round when dinamo zagreb knocked out maribor there was not much aggression at the stadiums mainly because slovenia cant match croatias intensity in a stadium

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