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Discussion in 'Blackburn Rovers' started by SparkeyG, Sep 17, 2003.

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    What can anyone tell me about Lee Hitchens? He has been named as head coach of my alma mater's new soccer program. His brief bio states that he played for Blackburn but didn't list any dates.

    I did a cursery search and did find anything on him. Did he play for the first squad at all? Or, as I am suspecting, did he just play for the youth side and reserves?
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    I'm not sure myself, but perhaps the best place to go to is, and register for their messageboard. Bit of a hassle for this question, but there you go. I wouldn't use the official site (, as their message board is populated by 15 year olds who use annoying text speak, and want to vote for the British National Party (the racist idiot party).

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