Quakes Long-term Defense/Alex Yi

Discussion in 'San Jose Earthquakes' started by Defender, Sep 6, 2002.

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    Where is Alex Yi now? Nelson Akwari and Yi were/are two top American defensive prospects. They were supposed to play in Italy, but that fell through. Akwari is now with New Jersey, but I haven't heard what is going on with Yi.

    I really have no familiarity with Yi. I don't even know if he's in the middle or on the outside. What is there to know about Yi that is important?

    Dayak and Agoos are losing their legs, if they haven't lost them already. We have one long-term investment in Eddie Robinson. We really don't have anyone else in the pipeline for defenders. Could Yi become a part of the picture?
  2. IBleedTeal

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    Whatever happened to that one new guy wearing #24?!
  3. Richter Boy

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    read the nat team board. he is in belgium.
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    Why would you post this here? Yi has no connection the the Quakes, let alone MLS.
  5. IBleedTeal

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    Yi is repeatedly getting burned by the great one..
  6. clashcityrocker

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    ...unless you consider the fact that on non-game days, Yi spends his evenings honing his organ transplant skills at the Yves Beaulyncxksx Home for Choleric Orphans and Organ Transplant Center. Why else would he be in Belgium if not for the chance to learn at the feet of the Great One?
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    Scroll down and you'll see:
    "Players Injured/Not Included In First Team: Joe-Max Moore (Everton), Conor Casey (Hannover 96), Derek Phillips (SV Wehen), Charles Kazlauskas (NEC), David Johnson (Willem II), Greg Vanney (Bastia),
    Alexander Yi (Royal Antwerp)"
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    Seeing as this thread is entitled "Quakes Long-Term Defense/Alex Yi" I would think the reason for this thread is not only obvious, it's actually spelled out.

    If the premise is that the Quakes number one priority is shoring up the defense with an all-star caliber player, I wholeheartedly agree.

    Because of their current injuries, it's hard to say where Agoos and Dayak stand. But it's probably a safe bet to say that one or both may not be available next year, or that they won't be useful next year.

    Maybe Frank can bring in a discovery player to help Robinson develop in the middle. But imho we definitely need help in there, sooner rather than later.

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