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    Jul 28, 2002
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    I must admit this is spam, but at least it's QPR-related...

    The new season's almost here, and how better to mark the occasion than the relaunch of www.qprfc.com?

    qprfc.com is now a dedicated portal website for all things blue and white hooped. With a state-of-the-art message forum (same as this one) and front page links to every corner of the known QPR universe, you now have a simpler, better way of keeping in touch with other Rs around the planet, and with all your favourite QPR football websites.

    If you're fed up with the amount of adverts on the web, refuge is available at www.qprfc.com. Come and luxuriate in ad-free zone. No pop-ups, no online casinos, no American mortgage offers, no promises to enrich you for working from home and doing buggar all. Enjoy a barefooted, carefree stroll in the deep-pile carpets of the non-commercial side of football; pour yourself a virtual pint and chill out among friends.

    The front page is now the home for a brand new vbulletin message forum. There are now separate forums for different aspects of QPR life:
    + On The Pitch: The Game, The Team
    + Off The Pitch: Club Politics. The Board. The Fans.
    + Away Matches + Remember When..? Reminiscences
    + Come Hear And Say That: The Away Fans Forum
    + Non-QPR Football topics + Real Life: The Non-Football Forum. Books, Film, News, Anything.

    The board has all the advanced features that you'll be familiar with using this one, plus links to all known QPR websites and other Rangers resources on the front page.

    Bookmark www.qprfc.com now, and use it as a portal to the QPR community.

    Contact us at mail@qprfc.com.

    qprfc.com is an independent website with no formal connection to Queens Park Rangers FC.

    Thanks for indulging me!


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