PSU vs. Maryland

Discussion in 'College & Amateur Soccer' started by lastword, Oct 14, 2003.

  1. lastword

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    Sep 20, 2003
    College Park, MD
    Too bad that PSU is now just one of many cupcakes on the Terps schedule. The Terps are 2-1 against ranked opponents, winning 2 at home, and one of those on a controversial PK. There are no ranked teams left on the schedule, so we should waltz into the conference tourney. Hax, is there any chance your side can give us a match at Hershey? We can't believe u lost to Ohio State, one of the worst teams in your conference. I think this game is critical, because we have not been tested on the road often, and we lost our biggest road game. I don't know much about Thompson's hamstring, but i don't think we need him for the remainder of the regular season anyway. What about PSU?
  2. terp fan

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    Nov 21, 2000
    What's all this "we" stuff, you have been one of UMD's biggest bashers, get off the bandwagon because we don't want you now. BTW, Maryland has played four ranked teams this season and Thompson will not play against PSU.
  3. Sandon Mibut

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    Feb 13, 2001
    Why won't Thompson play?

    I don't think you can fault Maryland for their schedule? In the preseason, it looked quite tough.

    Furman was in the Sweet 16 last year and has made the NCAAs like 5 straight years. Who knew, when the schedules were made, that Furman would have their worst season in years this year?

    Furman's 2002 record: 19-3-1
    Furman's 2003 record: 3-6-3

    Creighton was coming off a trip to the Final Four, its second in three years. All they had to do to play Maryland was get past Butler, who was on the road. But Creighton chokes and ties Butler in regulation then loses on PKs. So instead of playing a Final Four team, the Terps are playing a team that finished under .500 last year. But, it's not Maryland's fault Creighton couldn't get past Butler.

    Butler's 2002 record: 9-10-3
    Butler's 2003 record: 5-6-3

    And, for the record:

    Creighton's 2002 record: 18-4-2
    Creighton's 2003 record: 5-3-3

    Next Maryland played UCLA, the defending national champions who were No. 1 when they met and are No. 1 now. Not much more needs to be said there.

    UCLA's 2002 record: 18-3-3
    UCLA's 2003 record: 10-1-0

    Then Maryland faced American, a local team that made the second round of the NCAA Tournament last year and the Sweet 16 in 01 and was the preseason favorite to win the Patriot League this year. Again, when they scheduled the game, AU looked like a strong opponent. Instead, they are struggling, even in the Patriot League but that ain't Maryland's fault.

    AU's 2002 record: 13-7-2
    AU's 2003 record: 3-7-1

    Next Maryland faced Loyola, which has been to the last two NCAA Tournaments, is the second best program in the state and beat Maryalnd twice in 2001, including in the NCAA Tournament's second round. This is NOT a slouch opponent. And, they are doing pretty well this year and it will be considered a surprise if they aren't in the NCAA's this year.

    Loyola 2002: 13-5-3
    Loyola 2003: 7-3-2

    The next non-conference game was supposed to be Virginia Commonwealth, a team that was one of eight seeded, teams in last year's NCAA Tournament. They are currently ranked in the Top 20 by the NSCAA and Soccer America. This game was canceled because of the hurricane and even the biggest Maryland haters can't blame the Terps for that.

    VCU's 2002 record: 15-5-1
    VCU's 2003 record: 8-4-0

    Next up on the non-conference schedule were a pair of local rivals, George Mason and Georgetown. Admitedly, neither of these teams was in the NCAA Tournament last year and neither seems like they'll get there this year unless they go on a run of upsets in their concerence tournaments. As I don't want to seem like an apologist, I'll let someone else explain the importance of playing local teams that aren't in your conference. (Mason could get an at-large bid if they get a couple of quality wins but it's a long shot.)

    George Mason's 2002 record: 8-7-4
    George Mason's 2003 record: 7-3-4

    Georgetown's 2002 record: 8-10-2
    Georgetown's 2003 record: 4-7-2

    Sunday the Terps played UConn. You know, the 2000 NCAA champs whom Maryland beat in the Elite Eight a year ago. This looked like a clash of the titans in preseason. Of course, the Huskies are off to their worst start since Ray Reid took over seven years ago but is that Maryland's fault?

    UConn's 2002 record: 17-6-0
    UConn's 2003 record: 5-5-2

    Tomorrow Maryland plays Penn State, in Pennsylvania. Last year the Nittany Lions were a win away from playing Maryland in the Final Four. With a lot of players back, they were expected to content for the Big Ten title and go back to the NCAA's. Instead, Mediocrityville, though they were ranked before this past week. But, in preseason, it looked like a tough matchup.

    Penn State's 2002 record: 16-8-0
    Penn State's 2003 record: 6-5-0

    Maryland's next noncon game is with Penn, the reigning Ivy League champs who made the second round of the NCAAs a year ago. They were bringing most of their top players, including an All American so why not figure they'd be strong again this year, right? Keeping with the trend, we can all guess that hasn't happened.

    Penn's 2002 record: 12-4-1
    Penn's 2003 record: 3-4-2

    Now, admitedly, Maryland's last two noncon opponents, Bucknell and Ohio State, weren't in the NCAA's last year. BUT, both had winning records and could have made a case for going. So, they didn't seem like pushovers when scuedules were being made. Bucknell isn't ranked this year but they do have a winning record while OSU flat out sucks, though they did just beat PSU.

    Bucknell's 2002 record: 13-5-1
    Bucknell's 2003 record: 8-5-0

    Ohio State's 2002 record: 11-7-1
    Ohio State's 2003 record: 3-8-2

    So, when the schedule was made, NINE of the Terps' intended non-confernece opponents (counting VCU and Creighton, whom they expected to play) made the NCAA Tournament last year and 12 of 13 had winning records a year ago.

    Then you've got the ACC, where last year five other teams besides Maryland made the NCAA's. Not that they have a choice in playing these teams, but none of these games looked like patsies when the season started.

    We all know Duke is floundering, Virginia and Clemson are struggling to stay above .500 and State, while improved, still isn't a national power so only Wake and Carolina, right now, are ranked teams.

    But, when you factor that in with the noncon games, out of the 19 teams Maryland expected to play, 14 made the NCAA's last year and only two, G-Town and State, had losing records a year ago.

    How many top programs can say they scheduled 17 teams with winning records the year before?

    Obviously, the schedule hasn't been nearly as daunting in reality as it looked in preseason but unless Sasho and Debbie Yow posess some sort of magic that lets them forsee the future, I just don't see how the Terps can be faulted for a soft schedule.
  4. lastword

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    Sep 20, 2003
    College Park, MD

    Terp, what do i need to do to get your permission to be a Maryland fan? I have been a supporter for 18 years and so I don't believe i jumped on "your" bandwagon. May i have a copy of your rules for Terp fans so I can see for myself that it is against "your" bylaws to bash the Terps? If I behave according to your standards, will you please introduce me to "Sash" and some of the players you are tight with? I'll try to be as much as a sycophant as you are.
  5. cantona24

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    Apr 26, 2001
    terp and lastword are both acting ridiculous in my book
  6. Hax

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    Feb 1, 2000
    Unfortunately for PSU, this game is in Hershey. I know a ton of fans who are not making the trip because it's just too far for one game that's on TV here (myself included because of work). I hate when PSU plays big games like this scattered around Pennsylvania, they played Indiana in Fleetwood a few years ago which is just stupid. It totally takes away any home crowd advantage and the students can't watch primo matchups. Last year's Indiana game was at home and Jeffrey Field was packed and rowdy. The Big Ten semifinal rematch at Jeffrey Field was one of the best college crowds I have ever seen, but for some reason Barry Gorman schedules these games at neutral sites and claims it's to spread the word (aka recruiting).

    I really have no clue what to expect from Penn State anymore. They are capable of playing great or terrible, it's really a crapshoot with them. We'll see which team shows up.
  7. soccerrules

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    Jan 29, 2003

    Do we have one?
  8. lastword

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    Sep 20, 2003
    College Park, MD
    PSU vs. Terps

    Terps win 1-0. I just got home from Hershey, and had the opportunity to talk to "Sash" at length after the game. He does not understand why his team seems to play down to the level of the competition, and trust me, PSU is PU. I shared some of my observations with "Sash", and i think he will act on them. PSU did not have any build up or any thing close to being dangerous. We did not pressure either, however we did control the match from start to finish. Sumed's header was nice off a corner from Stammler. The deserving side won. There were at least 2k in the stands, and probably evenly split between PSU and Terp fans. Goodson had a good opportunity saved by PSU's keeper, and Chad Severs was a non factor. Should have been easier, but a win is a win.
  9. soccerrules

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    Jan 29, 2003
  10. Dragon92

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    Oct 15, 2003
    Dayton, Oh
    How did my Ohio boys do?
    Calvano - PSU
    Bertz -UMD
  11. Sandon Mibut

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    Feb 13, 2001
    Re: PSU vs. Terps

    Thanls for the game summary.

    It si becoming obvious that this team is having trouble putting the ball in the hole and that barring a sudden change in the attack, it will only go as far as the defense carries it.

    That is a lot of pressure to put on a defense in the tournament. Just ask St. John's about last year or Virginia the year before. Both those teams had great defense but they weren't perfect, because no defense is, and the lack of O cost them in the NCAAs.

    There is hope for Maryland in that Thompson is out and Mediate hasn't gotten hot and Sumed is starting to flash his All American form.

    And, based on some flashes he's shown in limited minutes, I also think Sasho needs to play Erwin Diaz more. He's a guy capable of making something out of nothing and you'll need that when the game matters. (He scored a cracker against UConn but later limped off and didn't play last night. Any word on if he is hurt or if the DNP was a coach's decision?)

    Personally, I've never been a fan of Maryland's 4-3-3 formation and think it doesn't create enough chances but I can't see Maryland switching in midseason so what we see is likely what we're gonna get and even with Thompson coming back and the other things I mentioned before, I think goals are going to be a struggle for this team against good teams and will be its achilles heal come the NCAAs.
  12. Dsocc

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    Feb 13, 2002
    Both started and played the entire match.
  13. GunsKillDreams

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    Oct 17, 2003
    i'm at a loss as to what to say first. "PSU is PU"? "play down to the level of competition"? Seriously are we back in the 4th grade again? Is there a need for such insults? Besides that please explain to me how Maryland dominated the game? After reading your last post, lastword, i began to wonder if you were at the same game as I. The game was well played. It was a midfield battle throughout the 90. Both team's defenses held strong throughout the game. There were chances by both teams, breakthroughs and such, but all were shut down. The midfield play was back and forth, fast paced. If anything i'd say the game was 50/50 and not dominated by either team. The one goal came as a mistake was made by the PSU defense, Maryland's Sumed was left unmarked, and as with all mistakes there were consequences. I don't know if i'd say the win was well deserved. I'd say the game was well played by both sides.
  14. terp fan

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    Nov 21, 2000
    a win is a win

    The game was matched by the weather, pretty lousy and consistent. I thought the game was an even affair meaning both attacks were terrible and both defenses were never threatened consistently in the run of play. Maryland had three good chances to score and Penn St had one on a blown offsides call that put Simon Omekanda in on Palmer. Noah came off his line and made a good save. Both teams played too many balls long over the top and down the middle. The game resembled a tennis match without much possession on eithter side.
    Maryland played without two key starters Abe Thompson and AJ Herrera. Both are out with foot injuries and Erwin Daiz, an important sub up top, is out with an injury sustained in the UCONN game. UMD played a 4-4-2 with Jason Garey and Nino Marcantonio up front and Dom Mediate outside right and Scotty Buete outside left. Dom is a game changer as a forwand but not an outside midfielder and moving Scotty out wide takes away alot of ball winning in the middle. For the first time this season I thought Maryand was out played in the midfield.

    Just as last season UMD will go as far their defense will take them. We are 13 games into the season and the attack has not produced against good teams. The lack of production keeps every opponent in the game and Maryland one bad play from losing the game. Fortunately Maryland's defense has surrender five goals and shutout 9 of 13 opponents and they will need to continue at that level.
    Mark this down, I agree with Lastword, UMD deserved to win the game last night based on dominant defending and the number of quality chances they created. A road win in the middle of the week, in the rain, on turf against a good opponent is a good win and we move on.
    Next up is Penn on Tueday at home, GO TERPS!
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    Re: PSU vs. Terps

    One of these years he might figure it out. Ever since I was there (grad in 2K), his teams almost always played down to the opponents.
  16. uniteo

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    Re: PSU vs. Terps

    I'm holding my breath

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