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    Only two spots remain! Our club selection draft begins this Friday!

    The Playstation Football Association (PSFA) is proud to announce that its first season will begin in this week!

    The PSFA is a custom-roster FIFA online manager mode. Managers will build and shape their club over time to become the best that they can.

    The PSFA will have the following features:
    • League website
    • Wage cap to prevent mega-squads
    • Cup competitions, including off-season international competitions
    • Full statistic-tracking
    • A full-fledged transfer market, featuring player contracts, free agency, loans, and traditional transfers
    • Discord for league communication
    This is a free league that was developed out of fatigue of FUT and a desire to build a competitive community that isn't immature & toxic. If you are tired of the FUT grind, or just not into the win-at-all-costs environment, then the PSFA is the place for you.

    The PSFA is a very in-depth league, with stats, transfers, contracts/wages, and numerous competitions, so there will be some effort required if you choose to join.

    We are a league of mature, adult gamers, so if you think this describes you, we’d love to have you join us.

    Currently we are only looking for North American players to avoid potential connection & scheduling issues.

    If you are interested in joining, or have any questions, feel free to send me a DM and I will gladly answer any questions or pass along the Discord invite!

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