Protective gear for children...your input

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    Fellow soccer parents and coaches,
    I am thinking of starting a brand of soccer gear designed to protect kids from injuries on the pitch....probably just like you, I have a lot of experience playing the game and very strong views on what's good for kids, but I realize I need to ask a few more parents before coming up with a "go" or "no go" decision....

    To that end, I would love to pick your brain. I put together a super quick survey. I tried to made it fun and interesting, and your input would be much appreciated.

    Thanks in advance for your help, please do not hesitate to contact me directly if you have any further thoughts, or post threads so other can chip in as well.
    Peace and thanks!
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    If you make your decision maybe I can be of some help. My company is Hot Shot Gels LLC and we have created a metatarsal pad to help protect players from crunching tackles and continuous shooting drills. We are currently making more Gel protective gear. Keep me updated on your progress. May be of benefit to the soccer community in a large way.

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    A helmet is most important euipment for child protection.The helmet should sit level on the child's head and cover the forehead. It should not rock from side to side. Some forward and backward movements are OK, provided the helmet will not slip down over a child's eyes.
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    I know a company who aims the same, however their into baseball right now but aims to target all sporting field. They give out baseball hitting tips as well, the owner plays baseball I guess or perhaps - a coach. They've produced a training aid which is quite popular in baseball. Have a look and maybe you guys can work things out with soccer training aids.
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    Ok years ago you could go to your local soccer store and buy a soft jock for kids.

    As you know or don't know men just wear jock straps when we play.

    They used to make a soft jock for kids. It was not like a jock with a hard shell that goes in it like they use in American pointy football.

    It was a jock with a sponge pad sewn inside it. You wash the whole thing. I had no problem with that.

    On the helmet it's bull shit. First as you know or don't know no American pointy football helmet they are alway been wear at your own risk. Get hurt wearing the helmet and call an ambulance chaser lawyer your out of luck. Same is true with the soccer crap.

    I played both sports soccer and pointy. I used to wear a mcGregor helmet for pointy. There is no suspension between your head and the helmet in that helmet just a pad. You will get hurt using them if you use your head on tackles. That is the same as a soccer helmet would be. Later I switch to the rydell suspension helmet. Can soccer helmets be made with suspension I am not sure about it. Plus still there is no warranty against injury on that one either

    So the soccer helmet is crap.

    What you have to do is to learn to head the ball the right way. You have to also learn how to protect the space you are heading the ball in.

    If you think a helmet helps try heading or better yet power heading wearing an american football helmet.

    On being in the defensive wall on free kicks. You can protect the player now that is far better then when I played.

    Yo cover the jewels with one hand. The other hand goes across your nose and jaw and you touch the top of the other shoulder. You peer over the top everything even you forehead is protected ball with get your elbow before it hits the head. He will look a little bit like Bela Lagosi in dracular movies :)

    This is a way to play that kids could play adults as well that does not involve that much heading.
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    Ok if you play two touch on the ground passing. Your heading attempts in a game will be far less then if you play an in the air direct game.
    If you work on an inside attack. You will head less then if you attack using the flanks and do a lot of crossing.
    But if your playing against an in the air direct team on defense you would think you have to do more heading. You can play deeper on defense to try to keep the ball more in front of you. So you can play the ball with your body and less with your head. Then he passes short to his close receivers.
    You can counter by playing the ball into space instead of right at your target player. Then he can just run on to that pass.
    On your keeper distributions work on throwing instead of punting. It is faster more accurate and your not going to have to head a throw as you might with a punt.
    Any of you guys ever play American football and try to catch a punt from someone who can really do a high long distance punt. The chances are the first time you tried to catch one the ball went through your hands. The ball comes down very heavy you have to get used to catching them. Like I said throw as the most common distribution.
    But sometimes you may have to head the ball. So head to your short pass options instead of your long pass options. Head the ball to the ground instead of back into the air.
    But you still have to learn how to head the ball the right way. Plus you have to protect your space your heading the ball in. But when you do that the opponent can get hurt with your forearm, and elbow
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