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Discussion in 'United Soccer Leagues' started by Orlando Rays, Sep 27, 2018.

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    Just wanted to bounce this off the USL forum regulars. The forum is kinda getting cluttered, so I would like to propose a reorganization.

    We should open separate subforums for USL Championship and USL League One under the main United Soccer League forum (finally renamed from "Leagues"). All team and expansion subforums would go into their corresponding league forums, with the main USL forum reserved for general USL discussion.

    As part of this, there should be a subforum for USL League Two. I don't know whether it should be here, or under College & Amateur Soccer.

    I wanted to broach this idea here before proposing it in Customer Service.
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    I generally agree wit this. As far as League Two, my own preference would be to keep it with the other USL leagues, again, just for anti-clutter purposes.

    What you could do is expand the USL Two forum to include NPSL and USASA and whatever else is amateur, and retool the college forum so that it's mainly just college.

    Just some more ideas.

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