Proper Soccer Ball Air Pressure

Discussion in 'Soccer Boots' started by GiggsNewWzrdOfHgwrts, Oct 2, 2003.

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  1. GiggsNewWzrdOfHgwrts

    May 9, 2003
    Hi does anyone know the proper or professional soccer ball pressure? What psi do the pros usually run. I tried to search this forum but it won't let me search a word shorter than 4 characters (psi). Oh, and ps: what ball design do you think is the best? I'd have to go with the current black star champions league ball. Maybe it's just the prestige of the CL but I think that ball is sweet. later,
  2. GreenDay

    GreenDay New Member

    Sep 15, 2001
    The laws of the game state that the ball must be: "of a pressure equal to 0.6 – 1.1 atmosphere
    (600 – 1100 g/cm2) at sea level (8.5 lbs/sq in
    15.6 lbs/sq in)".

    I think if you play an a really good pitch with proper grass it's better to have more pressure and on a bad pitch less pressure so there won't be a lot of bad bounces.
  3. Richie

    Richie Red Card

    May 6, 1999
    Brooklyn, NY, United
    Hold the ball take your 2 thumbs and if you can press the ball in a half an inch your ok.
  4. GiggsNewWzrdOfHgwrts

    May 9, 2003
    cool thanks

    cool thanks
  5. schmuckatelli

    schmuckatelli New Member

    Nov 10, 2000
    That works great. Unless it's really cold. Or really hot. ;)

    The only way to accurately judge air pressure in a ball is by using a pressure gauge. They're cheap, easy to pack, easy to use (though not as cheap and easy to use as the thumbs).

    Most balls have their required pressure printed around or beside the valve. The Select "numero 10" balls we use say 10.0-14.0 psi.

    Have a good match.
  6. GiggsNewWzrdOfHgwrts

    May 9, 2003
    Thanks, Appreciate it

    Thanks, Appreciate it
  7. england66

    england66 Member+

    Jan 6, 2004
    dallas, texas
    Agree with this....however most refs are clueless and the balls are inflated to the consistency of an Acme brick...I always carry a needle in my pocket to away high school games and generally have to go all Tom Brady on the game balls which have almost zero give in them at all.....
  8. Dr. Boots

    Dr. Boots Moderator
    Staff Member

    Aug 15, 2002
    Manchester United FC
    No necroposting; this thread is 13 years old.

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