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Discussion in 'FC Dallas' started by br13, Nov 14, 2003.

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    Jun 12, 2003
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    Let me begin by saying that I've only been a soccerfan for about 2 years now, and I only followed the Burn closely for the past year. Having said that, I've been pondering what I would do if I were GM to improve the 2004 Burn. I thought I'd throw it out for criticism...I'm simply a glutton for punishment. I need to add that I don't have any info on contract status other than what I glean from these boards. So with the tight salary cap, I may not be making the fiscally prudent moves, and I hope that properly informed parties will point that out to me.

    First, I feel like the primary needs of this team are central defense, defensive midfield and attacking midfield. I think the Burn has a credible group of Forwards that will probably have to serve as the "value" to go out and bring in more talent to the squad at other positions, specifically the one's I've mentioned above.

    Okay, to me the defense is the first thing that has to improve. As I noted above, I think that team has a credible bunch of forwards on board...I'm not suggesting that the team was an offensive juggernaut, far from it, but there is some talent there - and it showed improvement down the stretch. But I do think that we could use a better attacking force in the mid-field, someone in the center to be an offensive threat, but also to create for the guys up top. Could Kreis fill that slot??? Obviously, he's always been the forward, and I don't have the history of watching him to make a determination, but here was my thought process. With age (he'll be 31 for the '04 season) and the knee injury, he is bound to be slowed a step, even with a dedicated rehab. But he is still an offensive force - by far the most proven offensive player (or player period) in the side. Right? So would he have the skills to play in behind the forwards, and not up at the top??? Just wondering out loud.

    I would assume that we're set on the outside mids - as long as Davis and O'Brien are back and healthy.

    Now the defense, moving back to the Cotton Bowl (yippeee!! - I made a couple of trips up to Southlake this year, and had decided that I wouldn't be going back until 2005...now I think I may buy a 6 game pass!) I would make the assumption that Pareja can/will play another year. I was terribly unimpressed with him this year - but I think (hope) that Southlake was a bit part of his underperformance...but due to his age (he'll turn 36 mid-season) I don't think he can be counted on to a full 90 week in and week out. Also, my personal opinion, Deering's done. I don't see a need for him to be back. So the first move I would make would be go get a D-mid to organize and run the midfield and really help out the defense more than they were ever supported this year. My understanding is that Chicago is running up against some money issues this off season again. I'm not sure if Jesse Marsch is a Free Agent or not, but I was thinking that the Burn send Vaca and Rhine to Chicago for Marsch (who they need to dump for money reasons and a glut of younger guys). Does the Burn make this deal...well, Vaca is young and has skills, but I just didn't see him fitting this year. Those of you who have followed the club long-term may disagree, but I don't see him turning into a mid-field general (a Guevarra/Cancella type). Marsch is older (he'll be 30 during the '04 season) - and of course, it's Chicago...but I think that he could bring that organized presence to the midfield and support the back a bit more.

    Speaking of the back...very young. I think there is a lot of talent on the Burn roster in defense, but it is raw. I would want to bring in a central defender to add a veteran presence. My understanding (from BS boards) is that Steve Jolley is relatively expensive and that the Metros are looking to move to a 3-5-2 next year under Bradley. If so, and if they need an offensive/wide playing player, how about Jolley for Glinton/Hendrickson and the 2nd Rd draft pick? Glinton give them speed and a guy who can play wide, while Ezra gives them depth on defense. Jolley would give the Burn a proven experienced central defender - although bringing in his 120 thousand and signing Ronnie may be tough (especially keeping Nhleko and his salary)...like I said above, I'm not sure how all the money issues play out.

    This would be six out (Morrow/Deering/Vaca/Rhine/Glinton/Hendrickson) and two in (Marsch/Jolley) and leave a little wiggle room (roster spots) for the extra draft picks and/or the you-suck allocation.

    The team would take the field something like this:





    Curtis F
    Pareja M
    Stone M
    Behncke M/D
    Thomas D
    Cassar GK

    Thompson F
    Rosenband F
    Urbas M
    Salyer D
    Draft Pick #1
    Draft Pick #2
    Draft Pick #3

    SI's - Nhleko, Bonseu, O'Brien

    I think this puts a better side out there in 2004, plus it really frees up roster spots for the draft picks and an allocation player. Obviously, if Chad Marshall doesn't go to Europe that strengthens the back as well...but I would argue that the Burn still need a veteran presence back there. And if Jason Thompson shows a lot of improvement (before Dec. 1, from what I read today) then the Burn can say goodbye to Nhleko (read: save some money) and use the allocation for a SI (the offensive minded mid so Kreis can play up top???).

    One fan's ramblings. I'm sure there are a plethora of reasons why this wouldn't work...
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    I already started a thread on this, I can bump it if you want.
  3. Scipio Gothicus

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    The Burn have tried that before. Kreis played mid in college, but Dir put him up front and he has thrived there. As an attacking mid, Jason does not distribute the ball well. He is focused on scoring. Distribtuing the ball is Pareja's or Vaca's role. In the past, when neither Oscar or Little Joe was available, the role fell to Jason as the most talented player. This year, however, in the first game, when the both were without both schemers, ROB did a credible job in the middle. Davis also played that role once, but was not effective.

    If you want to start Toni, play Jason as a withdrawn forward. But keep him up front, where he can do the most damage.
  4. br13

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    Jun 12, 2003
    Houston, TX
    Well, I hate to be an arrogant prick...but I just wanted to bump this back up to the top as my own little pat on the back.

    Almost three weeks ago, I posted my musings as to what the Burn should do, part of that was to go get Steve Jolley. Obviously, the Burn Mgt. is a whole lot smarter than me because they were able to free up the SI spot and bring Jolley on.

    I think this was a great deal for the Burn, and the start of a great off-season!
  5. gotyourback

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    Jul 18, 2002
    Congrats on the insight. Still would've prefered Petke though. And your right. Freeing up the SI slot WAS big. And, hopefully, necessary. :)
  6. theodore

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    Nov 7, 2003
    Let's make a deal

    Why stop at just Jolley. A young athletic back line featuring Jolley and Petke would be an interesting building block towards the future. As we look to dump the balloon SI payement on Vaca and Shavar Thomas, do you think we could dupe DC into accepting those two plus Sir Miss-a-lot Eddie Johnson for Petke and Convey?
  7. jason1551

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    Apr 9, 2003
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    Re: Let's make a deal

    DC isn't giving up Petke. With Nelsen potentially leaving for Europe, DC needs to keep a center back and Petke does a damn good job at it. However, Namoff and Prideaux are expendable and either are pretty good.

    Convey is a mystery right now. He was performing badly, but has really stepped it up with the U20 tournament. He is definitely trade bait. However, he wants to try again for England, so he may only have a half season in MLS. Whoever holds him will certainly get an allocation, but is it worth it for such a short period of time?

    Vaca is certainly intriguing and definitely fits the mold of a young Etch. DC has catered towards Bolivian players before, so it's not much of a stretch. However, I don't think Vaca is the solution to DC's a-mid woes.

    Johnson I like and would love for DC to acquire, but at what cost? My original idea was Q1 for Johnson, but I don't think many people would like that trade. Q1 and Johnson hook up well, so DC might consider trading for another player or something else.

    Thomas would be redundant. With Ivanov, Petke, Nelsen, Namoff, Prideaux, Stokes, and a returning Reyes there isn't a need for another defender. DC already has an abundance of defenders and they'll trim down the list quickly. I can already see Ivanov getting the boot due to Reyes' return and Prideaux or Namoff are good trade bait. Unless Thomas is an attacking leftback (which he's not), DC has no need for him. Now Gbandi on the other hand...
  8. burning247

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    Liverpool FC
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    Although I would have given him up this time last year, you're not getting Johnson.

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