Post Match: Whitecaps v. Dynamo

Discussion in 'Vancouver Whitecaps' started by FlashMan, Jun 10, 2012.

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    Great game for the Caps, and a bit fortunate they caught the Dynamo with 4 quality players on international duty (including 3 who could have bolstered their beleagured backline).

    co-MOTM? Mattocks and Koffie. The 2 goals speak for themsevles for Mattocks, plus he was a constant terror throughout the night until subbed off. Boswell is going to see him in his nightmares the coming days and weeks.

    Koffie was simply outstanding, both offensively and defensively. His through ball to Mattocks on the 2nd goal was world class. His hustle to win the ball and then the cross on the 3rd goal showed comitment and passion and 110% effort deep into the game, when he should have been breathing fumes. His fancy footwork in the middle of the field came off as well. What a talent this guy is turning out to be.

    Cannon also played well, except for a couple of his kicks. Ching definitely should have made him pay on that one horrendous flub of a kick in the first half.
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    Agree on both Koffie and Mattocks. Their chemistry today was out of this world. Not sure what was going on with Cannons kicks, but he made a couple outstanding saves to keep the win. Too bad we didn't get him the clean sheet, but I'll take the win

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