Post-Match U.S. vs. ES 9/5/09 (R)

Discussion in 'USA Men: News & Analysis' started by Peretz48, Sep 5, 2009.

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    ...also...there is too much credit going around for Altidore-Davies paring. Sure, they are the best we have and I love it but Davies was invisible most of the game and missed his only real chance. Wasn't his best performance. Altidore was getting man handled by guys half his size....they're still the best we got!
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    I know we got 3 points which is what we played for but we still made a bunch of careless mistakes that ES didn't take advantage of. This may be one game but I see the same mistakes every game. Michael Bradley is a turnover machine and lacks technical ability going forward. I don't know why he gets to play 90 minutes of every game he's healthy or not suspended for. Chad Marshall is another big slow CB with a lil skill who is only good for headers. Spector needs to play CB because his lack of speed hurts him at the fullback position. Boca had a good night at CB IMO and thats where he belongs. Bornstein made a dumb play and it cost us. Lets not forget he saved us also later in the game. Dempsey showed flashes but he needs to see some sub time for a while, Holden needs to get his shine. I don't know who is suppose to teach this team how to close out a game but bunkering isn't how it's done. Possess and take it to the corners! I'm glad we got 3 pts but I'm not satisfied with our play.
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    Trust me he is alot worse at LB. I just don't want US fans putting their hope in Castillo at LB especially when he sucks at it. Watch a tigres game and you'll see what I'm saying. Oh and Bornstein made a mistake but blame goes to the 3 defenders that surrounded their number 10 and give him space to pass, Spector for getting outjumped by a little guy, and Howard for his positioning.
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    Dec 8, 2006
    Actually, I'm not sure it's good enough to qualify. This was our easiest game of the last four, and we barely won. If we don't win any of the remaining three games (2 road games and at home against Costa Rica), then the road to the World Cup will head through Quito, Bogota, or Montevideo. We'll probably need at least 4 points in the last 3 matches, and they won't be easy to come by.
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    That was a load of crap. But the US is like that. Plays very very well one game. Then it is a series of unbelievable crap. Last night was really really increadible unbelieavable crap. The number of bad passes, balls given away, poor individual technique. The number of bad passes and given away balls reminded me of third division games in Lichenstein. El salvador did not deserve to lose. They were better individually showing greater individual technique. They were btter passing the ball. They were better in moving off the ball.
    On the birght side:The US had a very good period. When they were losing 1#0. From that moment on and until the second goal you could just sense and feel that they were going to win, that they were a better team. The rest was just crap. Pure cap. Team wise individually wise. if it goes on like this we will not make it and if we do we will be back home after three games in SA. What a load of crap. I will go and watch Linchenstein...
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    I thought the USA looked fine. The only reason this game was even interesting late was due to an inexplicable foul that nullified Jozy's second goal, a complete defensive blunder by a back up defender combined with a rare miscue by Howard.

    ES had only one other legitimate chance on goal this game near the end when the ball fell to the feet at the top of the 6 yard box that was struck right at Howard...which was replied with a Torres header right at their keeper.

    ES never really controlled possession until the US sat back in the last 6 minutes and most the game were forced to play long ball and counter attacking. Add to that the US did comeback form a goal down and showed some grit and commitment doing so.

    The scoreline made it seem less dominate than it really was, surely not a disastrous performance the chicken little's here make it out to be.

    I think the Mod's need to create another level of USA N&A for posters and fans that have been through qualifing before.
  7. Dr Jay

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    But it would have been.

    The only difference between this being a blow-out (and the tone of this board being completely different) is the finishing. Change nothing else but the finishing and the ref's call against Dempsey for Jozy's second goal and this game is a blow out.

    Had Dempsey buried one or both of this golden chances and Torres buried his open header, we win by 3 goals.

    The US did not play that badly....we created ALOT of chances from the run of play and really only gave up 3 scoring chances. ES's goal was not even their best chance. Blame Bornstein all you want but Howard made a total mess of that. He was off his line for no explicable reason and stepped right as the header came into his left.

    ES has played everyone close in this hex. Everyone. No one has blown them out.

    Our weak links last night was Dempsey, Boca, Bornstein and Howard. I though everyone else did fine. Not perfect, but fine. I wanted more out of Bradley. He had some chances to make a difference. I felt bad for Beckerman. He was atrocious.

    Donovan was a excellent. He is maturing into a real leader on this team.

    On to T and T. A win just about seals the deal. A tie puts us in great position to clinch a spot with a home win.
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    But did he ever play for Bob in the past? Bob likes to dress his former players :D

    Bornstein was terrible, Beckerman is too slow and when Mickey wasn't making bad passes, he was getting in the way of the forwards. Think he'll sit on Wed? Not likely.

    It's been some time since we've looked good. We won't go far if this is the best we can play against a weak team. At least we didn't have to see Dolo.

    I think it will be interesting to see what adjustments BB makes on Wed. If he changes anything, it may be a window into what his thoughts were on this game.
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    Very good analysis of the game, and WCQ.

    WCQ is going to be tough, and always was going to be if Honduras played to form. We have 4 good teams in CONCACAF, and only 3 spots. All the teams are very tough at home.

    All we can do is win @T&T and hope for some help. The Mex/Hon game should provide some separation. 4 teams withing 1 point of each other with three to play. Can't get much closer.
  10. CrewToon

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    One of the definitions for "corrupt" - Jack Warner.

    I wonder what fun he will have in store when the Nats visit T&T....
  11. Bigrose30

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    Did you get this same feeling during qualifying in the 2002 cycle?
  12. bshredder

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    All the corruption in the world isn't going to get T&T to the WC

    The question now becomes who else besides T&T does Dr. Jack want to go to the WC?
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    In Jack Warner's world:

    Jack would want Mexico and the US to qualify for the $$$$.

    Jack wants both Costa Rica and Honduras to qualify, doesn't care how; CR takes 3rd and Honduras wins playoff.
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    Did we ever get an explaination of the disallowed goal? Whatever the explaination was it was B.S.
  15. Sam Hamwich

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    Jul 11, 2006
    How much does this team miss Peter Nowak?

    It seemed we used to pass better and hold possession better when he was with the team.

    Aside from playing everyone out of position, it seemed we were far more prepared for matches when he was around.
  16. Tony in Quakeland

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    You mean like how Nowak helped us beat Egypt, Spain and go up two on Brazil?

    Oh, yeah....he was gone by then...
  17. snkscore

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    In my post "these guys"==the refs not ES.
  18. Bluecat82

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    United States the second half alone, we...

    1) Had a legitimate goal called back on a dubious foul called near midfield...

    2) Missed a breakaway goal when Dempsey shot right at the keeper...

    3) Had a Torres header get stoned by said keeper...

    Not to mention Davies getting cleared off the line in the first half, plus a couple of other missed chances in that half...

    Seems to me from my vantage point in Section 9 that we were carving up El Salvador pretty well for major stretches of the game...
  19. chad

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    How many points in the Hex do we get for those moral victories?
  20. Marko72

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    We were. But without looking particularly pretty or playing particularly composed, which is the disruptive influence that El Salvador had stamped the game with (and actually most of the games in the Hex they've played). The game actually had 4-1 written all over it. Except that our guys just did not bring their finishing boots yesterday. It was one of those days. On a day with better finishing this one's 4-1, and on a really good finishing day it's probaby 5-1.

    (And I don't know which B.S. would be more annoying, the one in which we'd win a blow-out despite losing our shape and playing without much composure for much of the match, thus starting the "the only reason we might not beat Argentina in the WC is because Bob's a p***y" contingent, or this one in which despite the fact that we looked ugly and played without cohesion we managed to control the game and create golden opportunity after golden opportunity and win, but win ugly by an unflattering scoreline, thus bringing out the "sky's falling on our heads" contingent.)
  21. Justin Z

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    In response to your line of thinking, as I was reading through this thread all I kept seeing was black and white -- either "wow you guys even complain when we win, were you like this when we beat Spain" or "we looked terrible out there despite the win." Not a lot of people are seeing grays here. You did, pointing out that despite our disorganization we had the talent to force our will on the match, even while being kicked and fouled by El Sal the entire time. Your post was excellent. Repped.
  22. MJ-inBRITAIN

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    I like Davies off the ball runs but yeah. I think the majority of this board don't understand what Clint brings to the team. Could he make better choices sometimes? Sure, but for me we're a lot better side with him out there and I would go so far as to make sure that he's getting a lot of touches. For me, him, LD and either Altidore or Davies have to have a lot of touches or we're doing something wrong.
  23. bct81

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    with the exception of Bornstein and Spector and for occasional stretches Dempsey - we looked very strong even in the first 30 minutes.

    what in the heck is up with Bornstein and Spector - Bornstein simply does not deserve to be on the field - and Spector has completely forgotten what it means to properly "mark" as a defender.

    that ref crew was simply garbage. Numerous ticky tack fouls against us while permitting more direct questionable fouls by ES go unnoticed. And then of course the bs call on Altidore on the third goal.

    Only good call was the non call on our first goal. Would not have surprised me in the least if they had called Dempsey OS ... for that crew would have been par for the course.

    Gringo Torres needs to play more. Hell - put him in Bornstein's place at LB .... why we don't feel the need to have superior and composed ball handlers at all ten field positions is beyond me. This is ridiculous.

    Benny did a great job at def mid and Bradley was simply ok.

    While Dempsey ran hard and he scored the first goal - he also should have scored on his mid field break away - am I being hard on him - absolutely - as a veteran he should have buried that chance.

    it was three points - but it should have been much easier and more decisive.
  24. Bigrose30

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    Well then, I agree.
  25. Sam Hamwich

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    Jul 11, 2006
    It should go without saying that while those games were certainly a credit to our team, no one took them seriously.

    It was not WC or even WCQ.

    In particular our midfield has looked less composed.

    But it was mostly a question on my part as I don't know what role peter played, but most of the teams I have seen him coach were very strong passing teams.

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