Possible Shirt Sponsors for Inter Miami

Discussion in 'Inter Miami CF' started by tigersoccer2005, Jun 4, 2019.

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    As fans we know that shirt sponsorships are out of our control--but if you could have your way what sponsor logo would you like to see in the front of the Inter Miami jersey?

    For me--i like sponsors to stay regional or have some type of connection to the area. I'd like to see Florida's Natural. Florida and orange juice go together, it's a great family friendly brand that goes well with Beck's brand as a family guy, imagine the tv commercials that could be made with Becks or team players, and it's true florida oj as opposed to something like Tropicana which has a lot of its oranges picked in Brazil.

    My 2nd choice would be Alienware---but i dont know if that might be too niche--a company that specializes in high tech desktops and laptops specifically for gamers. Alienware would immediately compete against Seattle and XBOX for coolest sponsor.

    Some other Florida based businesses to possibly consider:
    Carnival Cruises
    Del Monte fruits & veggies
    Hard Rock Cafe
    Hawaiian Tropic
    Ion Media (tv network)
    Marriott Vacations (timeshares)
    Norwegian Cruises
    Office Depot
    Pet Meds
    Raymond James Financial (investing)
    Sea World
    Spirit Airlines
    Royal Caribbean Cruises
    Universal Orlando
    Winn Dixie

    Of course in your answer you dont have to limit your response to florida based only sponsors.
  2. Ted Cikowski Popstar

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    Marcelo Claure is the CEO of Sprint and they might merge with T-Mobile so either of those would be an option but then again I think At&t is a league sponsor so it might not be allowed.

    I think Alienware was bought by Dell but they still might run the operations out of Miami?

    Ocean Bank?
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    I'm a regular at Marriott. I notice the logos for Marriott Vacations Worldwide Corporation is much different than Marriott Vacation Club, which it runs (I think). Only the latter logo really looks like Marriott, so if it were that company, I'd prefer that service on the shirt. If all of that makes sense.

    Winn-Dixie used to be the shirt sponsor of Jacksonville Armada when they were in the recent NASL (now RP Funding). I liked the Winn Dixie logo (though, having lived in Clearwater area, I was closer to a Publix another logo I like).

    DHL were on a recent practice jersey for ManU iIRC, and I remember liking that .
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    It will probably be a hospital, for some reason those are popular.
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    would rather there be no shirt sponsors
  6. futbol in Miami

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    Royal Caribbean or Carnival Cruise are ones I’ve been looking at. I think it would look nice and if I’m it mistaken we’re the cruise capital of the world. Also, Micky Arison of the Heat is tied to this industry.
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    I would give a slight edge to Carnival, but if any of the cruise lines are going to go this route, this will be the time to do it. This could escalate into a bidding war if done properly, as even $10 million is a rounding error for Carnival, Royal Caribbean, or Norwegian. All of the major operators have multiple lines, so it could just as easily be Cunard or Celebrity as it is the flagship brands at Carnival or Royal Caribbean.

    With so many of the current and future MLS teams in the Northeast and Midwest, the exposure at away games might be more valuable than home games. Floridians have always booked more cruises simply because they can do so on short notice.

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