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    Jul 30, 2001
    Since we have nothing better to talk about on the National Team front let's start a depth chart and put the players head to head. I want to find out why BigSoccer thinks one player is better than another player

    • Brad Freidel - Blackburn Rovers - Excellent Athelete. Good Shot Stopper, and better distributer. Somewhat streaky. When on his game then he is basicallly impossible to score upon.
    • Tim Howard - Manchester United - A Superior Athelete. His distribution is outstanding, and he is consistently an outstanding shot stopper. The only thing he lacks is experience at the highest levels, so he'll make misfakes that you can't commit at that level. In my book if he can survive ManU's Championship League Run with good form then he'll over take Freidel

      I give the Nod to Friedel because of his better experience. Howard might be more talented but he'll still make dumb mistakes. He just needs to grow out of them

    • Steve Cherundolo - Hannover 96 - He is short, no avoiding that, but he has very good all-around skills on the field. Is a good crosser of the ball and can distribute from the back. Can defend fairly well 1v1, but can be muscled off the ball. Going up against the best of the German league allows him to develop mentally beyond most American defenders
    • Frankie Hejduk - Columbus Crew - He's a gammer with a huge heart and high endurance. He's better than Steve in 1v1 situations because of his tenacity, and is more athletic than him also. Very poor offensive skills however. To the point where he is a detriment to the attack. Poor distributer and crosser.

      Cherundolo is my choice because I like the skill he brings to the table. He is also a pretty good positional defneder who makes less and less mistakes. Plus you won't see him resort to boom ball.


      Bobby Convey - DC United(damn it) - Not a natural left back to say the least. Perhaps John O'Brien would be here on a different day. Convey bring excellent ball skills to the left back position. He can cross, dribble, pass, whatever. Best attribute is his vision that allows him to make game3 breaking runs. Unfortunatly, Bobby is not a natural left back. Postionally he still has to get much better, also his runs some time leave his area wide open for the opponent to exploit.

      Gregg Vanney - Bastia - He actually is a natural Leftback but his offensive skiils don;t make up for his defensive lackings. Has the ability to get in a good cross but for some reason it doesn't happen. Can be dangerous on corners, but once again, fails to be for some reason.

      My choice is Convey by default. Unless you want to put JOB back there there isn't anybody else with the necassary combination of defensive and offensive skill needed in a fullback.

    • Carlos Bocanegra - Crew, Eddie Pope - Metros

      Does this really need explaining? Both are absolute studs defensivly. World Class tacklers and markers. Offensivly, Eddie Pope is decent enough, good distribution, doesn't resort to boomball. Bocanegra is magnificent going forward. Beautiful pinpoint passes and he can score. I can make some inflammatory comparisons to more famed defenders but won't because I don't want to start a pissing war.
    • Cory Gibbs - FC St.Pauli Very athletic and looks the part of a central defender. Has good ball skills, but isn't there positionally. Good player, just not as good as Pope and Bocanegra.

    More later
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    Aug 24, 1999
    Good stuff. Keep it coming when you find the time.
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    Jan 6, 2000
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    Not convinced I'd put Howard ahead of Keller just yet. Timmay still has a lot to prove at the higher levels and I don't believe Keller's skills have diminished much - if at all - yet.
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    Aug 24, 1999
    My Depth Chart

    1. Goal Keeper
    2. Brad Friedel - A bit of a rough start in EPL, but still one of the best in the world at his position.
    3. Kasey Keller - Gold Cup showed that he still has the passion and skill to contend for the spot. He starts on all but 5 international teams.
    4. Tim Howard - Playing well at Manchester United will quickly put Tim in contention with the top 2, but he's not there yet.
    1. Left Back
    2. John O'brien - Still not healthy at Ajax, but he proved in Korea that he is the best field player for the US. Because he is so important to our midfield, he probably doesn't play LB unless a disaster happens, but he is still vastly more qualified at the position than the nearest contender.
    3. Bobby Convey - All the tools to be a star in this spot, Bobby just needs the experience. Work Permit rejection at Tottenham was a blow to his development.
    4. Carlos Bocanegra - Like JOB, Bocanegra is more useful to the US at another position, but if we need someone to fill in, Boca has shown he can be more than useful in this spot.
    1. Right Back
    2. Steve Cherundolo - Playing regularly and playing well at Hannover. Our most dangerous option going forward at this position, but size and strength issues will mean that against some opponents, Dolo isn't the best option.
    3. Frankie Hejduk - Can run all day, defends well, but can make poor decisions going forward and isn't very threatening in the attack.
    4. Claudio Reyna - Again another player who can fill in, but will most likely be used in the central midfield. Still an option if the need arises.
    1. Center Back
    2. Eddie Pope - Early season MLS MVP canidate is the best pure defender in US history. A serious threat on set pieces as well.
    3. Carlos Bocanegra - If he is a drop-off from Pope, it's not much of a drop. Developing into a world class defender, and won Defender of the Year honors last year in MLS. Could contend this year as well. Even more of a set piece threat than Pope.
    4. Corey Gibbs - Size, strength, and speed give him all the physical tools you could want from the position, but playing in D3 in Germany does not help his development. Needs to improve his decision making.
    1. Left Mid
    2. DaMarcus Beasley - A big-time big-game player. Starred at the 2002 World Cup and is always a tough man to mark on the left side of the field. Always one of the fastest players on the field, needs to improve his first touch and crossing to become truly world class.
    3. Eddie Lewis - His complete game at the position will mean that he either pushes DMB to be a better player, or he passes DMB by. Starting strong at Preston North End, Eddie's consistent playing time means that he'll seriously contend for the starting LM spot in every game for the US.
    4. John O'brien - Mr. Versatility Left is also and option for Bruce Arena on the left, and if his performance against Italy in Sicily last year was any indication, he could be the most dangerous option of the bunch for the US. Again, he most likely will be used in the middle, so we won't see him on the left unless the situation calls for it.
    1. Right Mid
    2. Landon Donovan - I know others will disagree, but I have long wanted to see Landon take over the Earnie Stewart role of a roving right midfielder who has the freedome to roam all over the field. This is my depth chart, and if I'm the coach, Donovan gets a series of looks in EarnieGoal's role.
    3. Claudio Reyna - Mr. Versatility Right showed that he can be a serious player on the right side of the field against Mexico in Korea. Because our options on the right are so limited, I place him as the #2 option on this side of the field.
    4. Steve Ralston - Steve is a big drop-off from Donovan and Reyna, neither of which play the RM position for the US regularly. This underscores the weakness of the US in this part of the field. One of Bruce Arena's biggest challenges will be to find solid options at RM over the next 3 years.
    1. Center Mid
    2. John O'brien - For my money, the field player who was the biggest star for the US in WC02 was JOB. He led the US central midfield attack in the two biggest victories in US history - against Portugal and Mexico. His ability to create dangerous opportunities for his teammates, get back on defense, and organize a team give him the nod as the #1 in my chart.
    3. Claudio Reyna - I really don't think he should be listed as #2. More like #1a. He and JOB are the most complete, versatile, and successful US players ever.
    4. Kyle Martino - His play against Cameroon in the Confederation's Cup is all I have to go on, and there is room for improvement, but he has all the tools, the mentality, and the ability to be a big contributor for the US over the next 6-7 years.
    1. Defensive Midfield
    2. Pablo Mastroeni - Pablo's work with John O'brien in Korea was a huge reason behind the US' success. I place him at #1 not because I think he stands so far above his competitors, but because of his ability to work with teammates, specifically JOB. I also think he is the best attacking threat for the US at that position right now.
    3. Richard Mulrooney - A quiet, solid, steady performer. Exactly what is required of the position. The best decision-maker for the US at his position, and versatile enough to play right back as well.
    4. Kyle Beckerman - Yep. Others cannot wait to see Ricardo Clark, but I have been more impressed with Beckerman's work in Colorado this year. Again, this is my depth chart, and I certainly expect others to disagree.
    1. Forward
    2. Brian McBride - Nobody else in the US pool is as good right now as McBride is in the target forward position. Brian has the complete game and makes everyone else around him a better player.
    3. Edson Buddle - Perhaps some will be surprised that I rate this youngster so highly, but I have not seen another player in the US pool who is as dangerous as a healthy Buddle in front of the goal. Size, strength, speed, touch, and an intangible knack for creating goals for himself and his teammates.
    4. Landon Donovan - Yet another versatile player who can fill an array of holes. When he is on his game, especially mentally, Landon is a force, but I like him better attacking the goal from farther back in the field. I base that opinion on his performance in the 2002 Gold Cup. I see the competition as neck and neck between Landon and Edson.
    5. Clint Mathis - Clint is so enigmatic. When he's hot, he immediately jumps to the top of his list. When he's not, he doesn't even belong on the roster. A player who at the top of his game is perhaps indispensible in the US lineup.
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    Jul 30, 2001


    First off, I hate dedicated destroyers. If forced to use one we'll use either Pablo Mastroeni or Chris Armas. Therefore I think I'll just consider our midfielders who can attack and defend (Reyna, O'Brien, Rico Clark, and Mastroeni)

    • John O'Brien - Ajax - One of the better central midfielders in the world. When Christian Chivu says that the players with the most technical skills include JOB and Van Der Vaart you know he is good. Let's see...Can pass, dribble, shoot from long range, excellent marker and defender in the midfield, cross, you name it he can do it
    • Claudio Reyna - Manchester City[/b] - Among the best ever to play for the Stars & Stripes. His through balls are amaxzg, can play some great defense, and can pass the ball very well, and he can hold the ball under pressure about as well as anyone. Proof? See his game vs Edgar Davids and Holland.

      Well how the hell do you pick between these two? In reality you really don't you just get both on the field one way or another. If that means not playing a true A-Mid thats fine. If that means playing 5 midfielders that works to. If forced to pick between just one of them I choose....Captain America.

    • Bobby Convey - He's been groomed for this position ever since he started playing Youth Soccer for the US. Here he can combine better with his attacking mates and his defensive responsibilities diminish somewhat, especially if he has JOB or Reyna to cover for him. But this is also where his Runs become the most dangerous.
    • Kyle Martino - Crew - Extremely skillful on the ball, and there probably isn't a player we have that owns a more pure touch. The ball just kind of flows when he is on it. He proved against Cameroon when he is given space he can be a very good attacking midfielder. The only downside to his game is that it has a bit too much finesse. Doesn't respond very well to pressure defense and can be intimidated by physical play. Also his long range game isn't all that great. He can deliever some fairly innacurate long balls.

      I choose Convey by a narrow margin. I think that Convey's game is a bit more robust the Kyle's and he he can also be a better scoring threat with his runs out of the midfield. However, If I know a team won't pressure as much I think I start Martino. The guy will absolutly murder any opposition that doesn't get physical with him.

    • Eddie Lewis - Preston North End - Incredible crosser and server of the ball and is pretty good taking people on 1v1. He is a goal scoring threat with his powerful left foot. IMHO I think he is liability defensivly. He is just too attack minded to defend effectivly and he can be beaten 1v1. Good speed tracking back
    • DaMarcus Beasley - Chicago Fire - Physcially he is extremely talented. He makes his living beating players 1v1, and simply outrunning players to long balls. Is comfortable using either foot, and can easily cut across the middle of the field. A decent passer, and very good in those quick combo plays with other players, but a horrible crosser and server of the ball. Is excellent getting back and playing defense, can strip just about anyone of the ball (just ask the Brazilians) and won't be beated 1v1 very often.

      I choose DMB because I think he has the potential for a bigger impact then Eddie Lewis. He isn't, however, neccasarily the better player. Plus, I think DMB's is a huge factor in a systems like Bruce's, where he wants his fullbacks to get into the attack.


      No one I lcare to have here in a match vs say, Germany


      Let's differentiate between a forward and a striker here. A forward is more of a creator. Almost like another midfielder. He can't be big and slow and not good the feet at his ball. He needs to be smaller, extremely quick, and extremely creative, not to mention a good finisher.
    • Landon Donovan - EQuakes(Leverkusen) - He can do all of the above and then some. By far, our most purely talented attacker. He also raises the level of play of those around him
    • Josh Wolff - KC Wizard - When healthy is a very good forward. Great passer, above average finisher, and very good speed. He is also adequate in the air.

      Donovan for the obvious reasons. Just a world class baller.

    • Edson Buddle - Crew Physically he is just an absolute stud. Skillwise, he is getting better and better all the time. Did you guys see that goal he had vs the Fire recently? Phenomonal. I think he is a more athletic, better skilled version of Brian McBride.
    • Brian McBride - Crew He'll go down as one of the greatest American forwards ever. He is one of the few Target forwards on the planet Earth. Extraordinarily strong in the the air, and decent on the ground. He might not look very skillful, but he actually does have good bal skills.

      I choose McBride, for now. He is better in the air, and he has history of producing. He also gives our attack something to aim for. For better or for worse. But I don't think it'll be too lonf till Buddle over-takes him. Just a matter of getting experience and consistency.
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    Jul 30, 2001
    Completly Understand what your saying here. Tim is young and I would hesistate to put him in a match that counted before Keller. But I THINK I would because I think that Keller has this tendancy to charge out of the penalty area to take a player on. And It scares me half to death every time he does.
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    I hate these depth charts at this point, because I want to see how some new blood handles the international scene first before I rate them. Like LB. I think Dunivant could easily be #1 on that chart... except im not sure if he will be able to step up. I think he can but Im not sure. Same with Beckerman in midfield, and Buddle and Casey at forward.

    Then there are some long shots like a Jim Curtin or a Brian Mullan, who I think should get a look at some point.

    I just dont know how do you rate these guys fairly, and they could potentially slot in very high on the depth chart.
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    Jul 30, 2001
    I hear ya, but I was just trying to spark an interesting discussion during a lull. Also I'm not sure how you get those players the chance they need. I think you'll almost have to wait until next years Gold Cup. I mean you really can't blood new players in Qualifying can you? Perhaps Bruce will schedule a friendly or two right before the matches. But you can pretty much guarentee that John O'Brien (injury), Tim Howard, Keller, Freidel , Claudio Reyna, and Eddie Lewis won't be around. None of them have Winter breaks. The rest of the leagues take Januarary off. That means Convey will be the A-Mid, which makes Todd Dunivant a distinct Possibility for making his mark as our left back. You also might see guys like Conor Casey.
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    Jun 20, 2003

    I totally agree with Donovan's position. He needs to be on the right making runs at goal, like against Germany. He's such a handful in that role, he can't be wasted and we don't have anyone else who can do that. Whoever said we had a problem at R mid is absolutely nuts.

    On strikers: Buddle and McBride I also totally agree on, at least based on the current form of Buddle. I only wish I could see them play together more. But I get the feeling, watching highlights, that Buddle actually can play the role of the smaller type of creating forward to McBride's ramlike centerforward, even if Buddle is big and has those attributes too. He's got the skill, and that type of game, at least that was impression.

    With Donovan and DMB running wild on both sides, and big skill and power in Buddle and McBride up front, that's pretty formidable.
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    May 6, 1999
    Brooklyn, NY, United
  11. Richie

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    May 6, 1999
    Brooklyn, NY, United
    Re: My Depth Chart

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    Sep 10, 1999
    I don't think Buddle and McBride have enough speed to play well together.There is no break-away threat. I prefer Landon up top because of that. Remember that, esp away from home in serious games, other teams will not come out of a defensive posture.This is where speed helps- to move defenders around, present a threat to get behind them. I have to put Landon up top-he contributes plenty to the midfield even when he is up top.
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    Jul 30, 2001
    Re: My Depth Chart

    I think these are the only two places that I'd even come close to disagreeing with you about. And it basically involves Landon Donovan. Not his abilities (which I think we both agree upon) but where he is best used. I don't think his best position is on the right because he can't use the entire field as easily. As a Right Midfielder he has defensive responsibilities and therefore can't go off to the left side whenever he wants to. Think about it this way, in what situation would Landon be to combine more often with DMB, as a forward or as a right midfielder? I just think he'd be better as the focal point of our attack rather then someone who services the attack

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    You guys have provided a wonderful in depth discussion. So rather than revisiting the whole thread, I will hit a couple of points.

    1. Keller v. Howard v. Friedel - If WCQ started tomorrow, it probably should be 1. Friedel, 2. Keller, 3. Howard. That being said, the gap between Howard and Keller is closing pretty quickly. Howard's lack of experience though is his only detriment right now. The more EPL, Champions League, etc. games he gets, the better off he will be. I think by the time we get to January it might just be 1. Friedel 2. Howard 3. Keller as TH will have four months of CL, EPL etc. Right now though, I think you have to give Keller the nod.

    2. Left Back - With the relative lack of options there, I think you have to put JOB at left back. He has CL experience there, club experience there, and he is quality out of the back. I think this is a better option than either 1. Convey at LB - his defense, though improving is not ready for WCQ or 2. Bocanegra to LB - not enough depth in the center. So essentially it comes down to Vanney v. JOB. I agree with others that Dunviant etc. should get some international run out. I don't think there is much of a comparision at LB, it is JOB. The question is can we afford to lose him in the center of the pitch. In my mind, with the emergence of Convey, Clark, Beckerman, Martino, the answer to that question has finally become yes.

    3. Right Back - It is Dolo hands down. I love Frankie as much as anyone else for his hardwork, his dedication etc. However, Dolo oozes skill, is almost as fast and as quick, and he also has improved immensely in his defending against bigger forwards via his Bund. experience. Reyna creeps in at #3 right now. If he gets games at right back for Manchester City, it becomes interesting. But right now he is in the center of the pitch.

    4. Right mid - I agree with Landon regarding the Earnie position. The problem is though as mentioed is there is no one which truly extends the defense vertically if we start McBride/Mathis or McBride/Buddle. So in my mind our ability to move Landon Donovan to right mid is contingent on Josh Wolff. If we can start McBride/Mathis and Wolff up top and Donovan at right mid look out. But unless we have another speedy forward up top, moving LD to right mid is risky. Not to say that it might not work out, but if WCQ started tomorrow, it is a risk, I might be unwilling to take. Maybe I try it in a couple of friendlies first. With no Landon there, I put Reyna here.

    5. Center mid - 2 of Convey, Martino, Clark, Mastro, Beckerman - Risky I know, but I think you start with Convey and Mastro who have shown enough to date. With Reyna on the right, they don't have to carry as much of a burden as they might without him. Martino, Clark and Beckerman add quality inexperienced depth. Obviously, if there are injuries to Convey/Mastro we may have to take JOB from Left Back or Reyna from right mid. But this is how I line it up right now.

    6. Left mid - What do you want from your left mid, both are great at what they do. Both add different dimensions to the position. Right now, I take DMB most of the time and start Lewis when the matchup is right.
  15. Parmigiano

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    Jun 20, 2003
    I have only seen Buddle mostly in highlights, but on his last goal against Dallas he beat Eddie Johnson on a race to the far post to rap home the winner.

    If he can beat Johson, a virtual Olympic sprinter, then Buddle is fast enough in my book.
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    Feb 23, 1999
    Kampala. Uganda
    DC United
    Nat'l Team:
    United States
    My depth chart with players at multiple positions and in the most likely version of a 4-4-2 -- four in the back, a destroyer, a central midfielder, a right mid and a left mid with two forwards. Other combinations and formations are certainly possible. Basically, my depth chart goes as deep as I think BA may have to go or to players that I think have potential to shine at the international level.


    1. Brad Friedel
    2. Tim Howard
    3. Kasey Keller
    4. Aiden Brown

    Central Defender

    1. Eddie Pope
    2. Carlos Bocanegra
    3. Pablo Mastroeni
    4. Corey Gibbs
    5. Dan Califf
    6. Greg Berhalter
    7. Nick Garcia

    Right Back
    1. Steve Cherundolo
    2. Frankie Hejduk
    3. Gooch
    4. Chris Klein
    5. Pablo Mastroeni

    Left Back
    1. John O'Brien
    2. Carlos Bocanegra
    3. Todd Dunivart
    4. Eddie Lewis
    5. Bobby Convey
    6. Greg Vanney

    1. Pablo Mastroeni
    2. Richard Mulrooney
    3. Chris Armas
    4. Ricardo Clark

    Central Midfielder
    1. Claudio Reyna
    2. John O'Brien
    3. Landon Donovan
    4. Kyle Martino
    5. Bobby Convey

    Right Midfielder
    1. Landon Donovan
    2. Steve Ralston
    3. DeMarcus Beasley
    4. Earnie Stewart
    5. Bobby Convey

    Left Midfielder
    1. DeMarcus Beasley
    2. Eddie Lewis
    3. John O'brien
    4. Bobby Convey

    1. Brian McBride
    2. Landon Donovan
    3. Clint Mathis
    4. Edson Buddle
    5. Josh Wolff
    6. Taylor Twellman
    7. Ante Razov
  17. Nutmeg

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    Aug 24, 1999
    So if I understand your depth chart correctly, Martin, your default starting 11 looks like:





    That is a very strong lineup and certainly one of the most skilled the US has ever put on the field. Here is where I would vary:





    I think the destroyer role is not as important as it was in years past because Bocanegra and Pope give us two fast, strong, athletic central defenders who both read the game well in front of them. Combined with Reyna and O'brien's all-around skill, I think our defense is well covered.

    I also think that Beasley and Lewis are neck and neck, and that who starts is a game by game decision based on our opponent and their style of play. When we need crosses against a bunkered team, Lewis gets the nod. When we are looking to counter and keep our opponents honest, Beasley gets the call.

    I think Buddle is playing the best soccer of any forward in the US pool right now, and I think he is a more dangerous player than Mathis - right now. That can change. I think Mastroeni is the perfect 70 minute sub when the US has the lead and is trying to lock down the field. He and O'brien's teamwork in the 02 WC was electric, and those two together are still dangerous enough to create opportunities against anybody.

    Finally, I rate Convey's all around game amongst the very best in our pool, and his ability to get forward from the back and cover a lot of ground are important to Arena's scheme. Same from Dolo on the right.

    Either way, I think we have the best starting options in CONCACAF, and it would be disappointing if we didn't compete for the region's top spot.
  18. appoo

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    Jul 30, 2001
    Agree with every thing you sad here and your line up. With one Rather Notable exception :p
  19. Parmigiano

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    Jun 20, 2003
    An impeccable lineup.

    I just wonder if it has the defensive stuff to handle the best in the world. I like Dolo's skills, but he's small and seems to get burned now and again at Hannover; I really like Convey, but can he truly deliver defensively?; and of course JOB and Reyna are tops, but against the best, can we really do without a major defensive presence in the middle, especially with Donovan roaming fairly freely?

    Prudence might put JOB at LB and Matstro in the center when playing against the very best. I mean, even France and Italy and Germany and England play with a destoyer.

    But I'd still take this lineup any day. It's our dream team, IMHO.
  20. Martin Fischer

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    Feb 23, 1999
    Kampala. Uganda
    DC United
    Nat'l Team:
    United States
    Nutmeg, I guess I didn't actually go to a starting lineup and your doing so, pointed out an error in my depth chart. Reyna would be number 2 at right mid. I am not in love with the synergy in either a McBride/Mathis or McBride/Buddle combination, so I guess it depends on a lot of factors. I wish Josh Wolff had become the healthy player he looked like he would be at the last Olympics.

    I guess I really wouldn't have a fixed starting lineup, but it would vary depending on who was available on our side -- if Donovan was injured and I wanted to use Reyna on the right, I would move JOB into the center to keep one of them in the central midfield. It would also depend on the local and who the opponent was.

    With respect to your lineup, I like it. My concerns are that with Donovan as your right mid, you may need a destroyer. Second, I worry about any combination that has Dolo on the right and either JOB or Convey on the left, because of the lack of size.

    In the absence of a forward who I think fits well with McBride, I would offer the following lineup as a semi-agressive one.

    McBride Donovan

    Beasley JOB Convey Reyna

    Boca Mastro Pope Dolo
  21. appoo

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    Jul 30, 2001
    Why not Cory Gibbs as CD instead of MAstro? I think this is the lineup I like the most so far
  22. Martin Fischer

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    Feb 23, 1999
    Kampala. Uganda
    DC United
    Nat'l Team:
    United States
    Mastro is better on the ball and doesn't play in Division 3 in Germany.

    But it would depend who the opponent is -- Gibbs might be better against more physical opposition.
  23. Kevin in Louisiana

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    Feb 7, 2003
    Metairie, LA
    Okay, I'm not going to worry too much about which 11 we should have on the field, which position, etc. I'm also making this more of a "right now" thing as opposed to three years from now. I'm also ignoring club commitments, injuries, etc. I'll also list people at multiple positions, and I may list more than 11 positions.

    1. Friedel
    2. Keller
    3. Howard
    4. Brown
    5. Rimando
    6. Hartman
    7. Cannon

    Those top three are almost interchangeable. Howard's gotten off to a much better start, but he has a much better team in front of him. After those three, I think Brown has an edge over the MLS competition, but they're also almost all interchangeable.

    1. Bocanegra
    2. Pope
    3. Mastroeni
    4. Gibbs
    5. Berhalter
    6. Califf
    7. Garcia

    Boca and Pope are incredibly good. Mastroeni is good but is probably better suited to a DMid role. After that the spots are up for grabs.

    1. Pope
    2. Sanneh
    3. Cherundolo
    4. Hejduk
    5. Reyna
    6. Mastroeni

    Pope is better at central defense, so I wouldn't want to see him out right. Sanneh is getting old, of course. Cherundolo will likely be the best at this spot in a few years. The mention of Reyna as a right back possibility was intriguing.

    1. Boca
    2. JOB
    3. Convey
    4. Berhalter
    5. Vanney
    6. Dunivant

    Boca and JOB are the best, but probably better used at other positions. Same for Convey, but he's not as good as Boca and JOB and thus may be more likely to be thrown into the LB spot. Dunivant could be one to watch in the coming years.

    1. Mastroeni
    2. Armas
    3. Mulrooney
    4. Clark

    Tactically I don't know if we'll end up playing with someone dedicated to this spot, but if we do those would be the top guys, with Armas falling and Clark rising.

    1. Reyna
    2. JOB
    3. Convey
    4. Mastroeni

    Keeping this as more of a CM as apposed to an A-Mid somewhat narrows the field of people. Reyna and JOB are pretty much equal. I'm not considering this as a position for an A-mid type like Martino. I'll get to those guys later.

    1. DMB
    2. JOB
    3. Lewis
    4. Convey

    Once again a spot where I really wouldn't see JOB playing. Mainly this is a DMB/Lewis battle; both are very good and I see DMB as holding this position for a long time.

    1. Reyna
    2. Donovan
    3. Stewart
    4. Klein
    5. Ralston
    6. Clark

    Reyna and Donovan both might end up at other positions, although I'd prefer to plug the RM hole with one of them.

    1. Donovan
    2. Mathis
    3. Reyna
    4. Convey
    5. Martino

    Another question of who to put where. Convey and Martino could both become very good players in the coming years.

    Creative/Smaller Forward
    1. Mathis
    2. Donovan
    3. Buddle
    4. Wolff

    Buddle has size and speed so I include him on both lists. Donovan is better suited to playing other postions.

    Target Man/Striker/Big Forward
    1. McBride
    2. Buddle
    3. Twellman
    4. Razov
    5. Johnson

    McBride is a no-brainer. After that the forward position is partly a match-up game. All of these guys are pretty good.

    Okay, I'm done. Begin the berating.
  24. sch2383

    sch2383 New Member

    Feb 14, 2003
    Northern Virginia
    Assuming we have everbody healthy, my lineup would be


    Going 3 deep for each group (F, M, D, GK) my bench would look like

    Forward: Buddle, Mathis, Wolff
    Midfield: Martino, Lewis, Mulrooney
    Defenders: Dolo, Gooch, Gibbs
    GK: Keller, Howard, Brown

    On the depth of our keepers, what is the order after the top three? We have Brown, Walker, Hahnemann, Cannon, Rimando, and Hartman.

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