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    Aug 31, 2011
    After years of neglecting WoSo, Polish FA is slowly starting to make some little progress in developement of the sport in country. Currently the aim for Poland's WNT is to qualify for EURO'21 (for the first time ever).

    Booking Algarve Cup in March and thus playing games against Europe best (as opposed to trashing minnows in previous years in Turkey Cup) is a good move made by Poland's FA (not many of those in recent years), however present FIFA window is yet again left unused without even a single NT camp happening in January. Still something is finally moving in Polish WoSo so let's hope it will continue to grow in 2019.

    For good start of this year (and thread) - six finest goals scored by Polish Eagles in 2018.​

    1. Dżeskia Jaszek vs. Scotland
    2. Gabriela Grzywińska vs. Ireland
    3. Ewa Pajor vs. Ireland
    4. Dominika Dereń vs. Estonia
    5. Ewelina Kamczyk vs. Bosnia&Herzegovina
    6. Gabriela Grzywińska vs. Bosnia&Herzegovina​

    ...with Ewa Pajor's beautiful hit against Bayer Leverkusen saved for last.

    Calendar for 2019 (so far)

    01.03 Poland - Spain
    04.03 Netherlands - Poland
    06.03 Poland - ?
    05.04 Poland - Italy
    09.04 Finland - Poland
    14.06 Slovakia - Poland
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    Aug 20, 2011
    Nat'l Team:
    A very good test to prepare WWC for Italy. May the best team win! :thumbsup:

    Had already seen it, but I never mind seeing it again!

    I wasn't aware that the bicycle kick was called "chilena" in Spanish. I wonder why.:coffee:
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    Nov 21, 2016
    Speaking as a neutral, good luck to Poland and Italy, BUT may the best team lose. (It'll generate more discussion on the forum.)
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    Aug 31, 2011
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    Aug 31, 2011
    Small little step in right direction by PZPN (Polish FA)

    Nina Patalon, former player, since 2014 Poland U-17's WNT coach has been appointed position of head training coordinator of women's football in PZPN.
    Patalon's near the end of her coaching UEFA Pro license course (the first women football coach in PL to get one) She's also a particpant of FIFA Coaching Mentorship Programme for the best women coaches in the world.

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    Dec 23, 2000
    Fredrikstad FK
    Good to see. Eastern Europe has been lagging way behind in woso for years already despite producing some excellent individual players here and there. I mean, the Euro 2017 was pretty much a competition for countries not behind the pre-1989 Iron Curtain. Building a solid organization will take resources, money and time, but will be worth it.
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    Aug 31, 2011
    True on both accounts. Talented players were more than often here.
    Ewa Pajor for example is not the first German Cup winner women player from Poland although Joanna Nieczypor-Wambeck never was a top striker of FrauenBundesliga - "only" twice it's 2nd best ;)
    Polish FA just didn't cared enough to give players like Nieczypor or Szondermajer or others means to develop in country. Now it's getting better but progress is still slow. Slower than it should be, considering 40 milion people country that lies in middle of Europe at the start of 3rd decade of XXI century.

    Fun fact tho.
    To my knowledge Polish girls never lost against no.1 team in the world - USWNT. In three matches between the teams, they draw in 1989 against future WWC winners (Akers, Hendrichs, Hamm, etc...) and won twice albeit against U-23 team in 2014 and 2015.
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    Aug 31, 2011
    Ewa Pajor won Player of the Year 2018 in Poland.

    other nominees were Katarzyna Kiedzrzynek and Paulina Dudek (both PSG)
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    Aug 31, 2011
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    Last minute addition to the tourney, ranked only 34th in world - Poland ladies raised some eyebrows after their finish in 2nd place at 2019 Algarve Cup.

    In first two games played on 1st March against Spain and on 3rd March versus Netherlands, coach Stepiński send his best available 11's

    In final game vs. Norway on 6th March, Stepiński benched all his stars as it wasn't safe for their health to play 3rd match in 6 days. (Norway rested 4 days before final - having played 3 matches in 8 days)
    Chance to make some experience were given to reserve players instead. The final result was easy to predict as Norway sported their best 11.

    There is a lot of work in front of Polish team before EURO 2021 qualifications starting in fall this year. I'ts obvious that Poles playing in foreign leagues plus handful of domestic league stars - together form the group of 13-14 players who can compete on equal foot with teams ranked around 15-20th place. It's equally obvious that the Polish bench is very weak and reserve players are a level or two below the starters.

    Next frendlies:

    5th April
    Poland - Italy

    9th April
    Finland - Poland
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    Aug 31, 2011
    Ewa Pajor doesn't slow down! Polish goal machine scores again for Wolfsburg in their away game against Freiburg. With 18 goals scored in 13 games she is well on top in the run for the title of Bundesliga best striker this season.

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    United States
    May 20, 2018
    Interesting fact about the Poland team is the #2 goalkeeper for their team plays college soccer in the usa for UTRGV.
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    Aug 31, 2011
    Indeed, Kinga Szemik (one of 2013 U17's Euro Champs) is upcomming prospect for this team. She's team #3 goalie though ;)
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    Nov 20, 2013
    Except Poland is a Central European country :)
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    Nov 21, 2016

    Not so much "raised eyebrows" as
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    Aug 31, 2011
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    In home of Polish FA (PZPN) a meeting took place yesterday about upcomming deep reforms in women's football in Poland. President Boniek invited all parties (clubs, FA, press) to familiarize themselves with the reforms program and to voice any suggestions, doubts or opinions about it.
    This meeting came as no surprise in view of last month parliamentary committe discussion about State of Women's Football in Poland. Growing visibility of women's football on international stage has something to do with this as well.
    In next 2 or 3 weeks we will know all the specifics about upcomming reforms.

    Aleksandra Sikora's Juventus were crowned champion of Serie A last weekend

    Ewa Pajor's on the roll. Her Wolfsburg side is 4 points in front of Bayern, well on a way for a legue title. With Pajor's hatt-trick against Bayer Leverkusen in previous leg and another goal vs. Duisburg in last match there is little doubt who will get Bundesliga Canon for best league striker this season.
    She's not only Europe most prolific scorer but certainly most deadly as well.
    Pajor------------ 16 games/1198 minutes - 23 goals
    Miedema------- 18 games/1603 minutes - 21 goals
    Hegerberg----- 18 games/1569 minutes - 19 goals
    Katoto----------- 18 games.1520 minutes - 18 goals

    In 2nd Bundesliga Julia Matushewski's also looking for best striker title with 19 goals scored while her FC Saarbrücken is fighting for promotion into BL1.


    Katarzyna Kiedrzynek of PSG made best XI of D1 league. Surprisingly her teammate Tiane Endler was crowned league best goalkeeper (while having only 6 caps this season).o_O
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    Nov 23, 2012
    Real Madrid
    beautiful/dificult shot taken by Pajor about the 1 minute mark of the video. She didn't score, but bags one later for the only goal of the game in the German Cup final
    VfL Wolfsburg - SC Freiburg 1:0 | DFB-Pokalfinale | Highlights - YouTube
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    Aug 31, 2011
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    Aug 31, 2011
    excerpt from above link..transfers and pre-season games results

    GKS Górnik Łęczna (title holders)

    Out: Patrycja Balcerzak (SC Sand), Gabriela Grzywińska (Medyk Konin), Emilia Zdunek (Sevilla FC), Weronika Zawistowska (Czarni Sosnowiec), Alicja Materek (AZS PWSZ Wałbrzych), Ana Jelencić (Avaldsnes IL), Patrycja Rogalska (career end), Klaudia Kowalska (career end), Krystyna Sikora (back to US), Iga Karpińska (career end)

    In: Danuta Paturaj (UKS SMS Łódź), Klaudia Lefeld (AZS PSW Biała Podlaska), Nikola Karczewska (UKS SMS Łódź), Nataliia Hryb (Olimpia Szczecin), Kinga Niedbała (AZS PSW Biała Podlaska), Maja Osińska (UKS SMS Łódź), Milena Kazanowska (GKS Potok Sitno), Alona Kovtun (Medyk Konin), Anna Zając (AZS PWSZ Wałbrzych)

    Pre-season matches:
    FC Gintra-Universitetas – GKS Górnik Łęczna 3:1
    KKS Czarni Sosnowiec – GKS Górnik Łęczna 1:4
    GKS Górnik Łęczna – Dynamo Ryga 7:0

    KKPK Medyk Konin (runners up)

    Out: Monika Sowalska (SMS Łódź), Haley Lukas, Casidee Lynch (both back to US), Klaudia Łasicka (Mitech Żywiec)

    In: Gabriela Grzywińska (Górnik Łęczna), Olga Sirant (Olimpia Szczecin), Stanislava Liskova (Mitech Żywiec)

    Pre-season matches:
    Medyk Konin – KKP Bydgoszcz 5:2
    Union Berlin – Medyk Konin 1:2
    USV Jena – Medyk Konin 2:3
    Gintra Universitetas – Medyk Konin 4:1
    Utenos Utenis – Medyk Konin 0:10

    KKS Czarni Sosnowiec (3rd last season)

    Out: Marta Cichosz (career end), Joanna Operskalska (career end), Patricia Hmirova (end of contract), Maja Osińska (Górnika Łęczna), Joanna Węcławek (GKS Katowice)

    In: Katarzyna Daleszczyk (Sassuolo Calcio Femminile), Weronika Zawistowska (Górnik Łęczna), Wiktoria Kuciewicz (AZS PWSZ Wałbrzych), Izabela Sas (KKS youth academy)

    Pre-season matches:
    Dynamo Ryga – Czarni Sosnowiec 0:1
    Czarni Sosnowiec – Górnik Łęczna 1:4
    Gintra Universitetas – Czarni Sosnowiec 0:0, k. 2:4
    UKS SMS Łódź – Czarni Sosnowiec 2:0

    AZS PWSZ Wałbrzych (4th last season)

    Out: Małgorzata Mesjasz (Turbine Potsdam), Jessica Pluta (ROW Rybnik), Anna Rędzia (UKS SMS Łódź), Klaudia Miłek (GKS Katowice), Anna Zając (Górnik Łęczna), Wiktoria Kuciewicz (Czarni Sosnowiec), Julia Kowalczyk, Dominika Głowacka

    In: Alicja Materek (Górnik Łęczna), Anita Turkiewicz (UKS SMS Łódź), Ewa Cieśla (AZS PSW Biała Podlaska), Julia Migacz (back from loan)

    Pre-season matches:
    AZS PWSZ Wałbrzych – GKS Katowice 1:1
    AZS PWSZ Wałbrzych – UKS SMS Łódź 2:1
    AZS PWSZ Wałbrzych – Olimpia Szczecin 2:2

    UKS SMS Łódź (5th last season)

    Out: Kasandra Parczewska (GKS Katowice), Danuta Paturaj (Górnik Łęczna), Nikola Karczewska (Górnik Łęczna), Yurina Enjo (back to Japan), Anita Turkiewicz (AZS PWSZ Wałbrzych), Maja Osińska (Górnik Łęczna), Kinga Molenda (contract end), Nadia Stanović (GKS Katowice), Paulina Oleksiak (Olimpia Szczecin), Alicja Galicka (AZS Wrocław), Zofia Giętkowska (KKP Bydgoszcz)

    In: Anna Rędzia (AZS PWSZ Wałbrzych), Dominika Gąsieniec (AZS PSW Biała Podlaska), Caitlin Jarvie (Western Sydney Wanderers), Monika Sowalska (Medyk Konin)

    Pre-season matches:
    SMS Łódź – Radomiak Radom U-15 (boys) 2:1
    SMS Łódź – AZS PWSZ Wałbrzych 1:2
    SMS Łódź – Czarni Sosnowiec 2:0

    GKS Katowice (6th last season)

    Out: Natalia Nosalik (AZS UJ Kraków), Marlena Konieczna (ROW Rybnik), Karolina Szczypka (ROW Rybnik), Wiktoria Nowak (Rekord Bielsko-Biała), Nicol Wojtas (Rolnik B. Głogówek), Oliwia Kil (contract end), Aleksandra Noras (career end)

    In: Kasandra Parczewska (SMS Łódź), Nadja Stanović (on loan SMS Łódź), Klaudia Miłek (AZS PWSZ Wałbrzych), Dominika Sykorova (Mitech Żywiec), Klaudia Kubaszek (AZS UJ Kraków), Joanna Węcławek (Czarni Sosnowiec), Kinga Seweryn (Słowik Olkusz)

    Pre-season matches:
    ROW Rybnik – GKS Katowice 0:8
    GKS Katowice – Mitech Żywiec 7:0
    AZS PWSZ Wałbrzych – GKS Katowice 1:1
    GKS Katowice – Resovia Rzeszów 7:0

    AZS UJ Kraków (7th last season)

    Out: Klaudia Kubaszek (GKS Katowice), Magdalena Konopka (career end)

    In: Natalia Nosalik (GKS Katowice), Jana Maslova (MFK Ruzomberok), Karolina Gec (Bronowianka Kraków)

    Pre-season matches:
    Resovia Rzeszów – AZS UJ Kraków 2:6
    AZS UJ Kraków – Sportowa Czwórka Radom 2:6

    Olimpia Szczecin (9th last season)

    Out: Olga Sirant (Medyk Konin), Nataliia Hryb (Górnik Łęczna), Aleksandra Sudyk (KKP Bydgoszcz)

    In: Sara Kierul (SV Blau Weiss Hohen Neuendorf), Paulina Oleksiak (SMS Łódź), Wiktoria Bagińska (Olimpia II Szczecin)

    Pre-season matches:
    Union Berlin – Olimpia Szczecin 1:3
    Olimpia Szczecin – KKP Bydgoszcz 4:0
    Olimpia Szczecin – AZS PWSZ Wałbrzych 2:2

    AZS Wrocław (10th last season)

    Out: Olga Miszczak (Piastovia Piastów)

    In: Alicja Galicka (SMS Łódź), Aleksandra Przelicka (Olimpia II Szczecin), Julia Pawlak (Ślęza Wrocław), Oliwia Krysman (Nysa Kłodzko)

    Pre-season matches:
    AZS Wrocław – ROW Rybnik 1:0
    Slovan Liberec – AZS Wrocław 0:2
    Dukla Praga – AZS Wrocław 2:1

    TS Mitech Żywiec (11th last season)

    Out: Stanislava Liskowa (Medyk Konin), Dominika Sykorova (GKS Katowice), Iwona Dannheisig (Rekord Bielsko Biała), Karolina Gruszka

    In: Katarzyna Siejka (Polonia Poznań), Alicja Bijak (KKP Unia Lublin), Klaudia Łasicka (Medyk Konin)

    Pre-season matches:
    Mitech Żywiec – GKS Katowice 0:7
    Rysy Bukowina Tatrzańska – Mitech Żywiec 1:3
    Rysy Bukowina Tatrzańska – Mitech Żywiec 0:5
    Mitech Żywiec – ROW Rybnik

    LKS Rolnik B. Głogówek (newcomer 2nd div.)

    Out: Patrycja Krawecka (SWD Wodzisław Śląski)

    In: Nicola Wojtas (GKS Katowice), Anita Buchta (SWD Wodzisław Śląski), Dagmara Wieczorek (AKS Mikołów), Dorota Młynarczyk (AKS Mikołów)

    Pre-season matches:
    LKS Rolnik B. Głogówek – SWD Wodzisław Śląski 1:5

    (credit - Skarb Kibica Ekstraligi kobiet na sezon 2019/2020)
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    Aug 31, 2011
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    Nov 21, 2016
    Wow, cool! ... Cyprus :)

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