Plymouth Pre-Match: Langley out, Thomson a sub

Discussion in 'Queens Park Rangers' started by Atouk, Aug 30, 2002.

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    The R's face newly promoted Plymouth Argyle (3-0-0 at home, 1-0-1 away) on Saturday and the injury merry-go-round continues for the SuperHoops. Back in the squad for Saturday is Andy Thomson, although he's expected to be a substitute. Out with a knock to the knee is Richard Langley. It's not serious, but he's out for Saturday. Also of note, Clarke Carlisle is expected back for next week's game at Mansfield and Vieira has left as not "what we were looking for."

    With all that said, what lineup are we looking at for Saturday? I assume it'll be something like Gallen & Furlong up top; Rose, Bircham, Connolly, and Doudou in midfield; Forbes, Palmer, Shittu, and Williams in front of Royce in the back.

    When we get Carlisle, Langley, Burgess, Thomson and on-loan Jerome Thomas in the mix, there is going to be quite a fight for places in the starting squad.

    Pre-Match Preview:,,10373,00.html

    Langley & Thomson news:,,10373~264092,00.html,,10373~263752,00.html
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    Make that...IF we get Carlisle, Langley...etc

    Should be a tough match. Word is that Plymouth have sold much of their allocation in the School End. Good atmosphere.

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