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    Jul 25, 2001
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    KC is probably in even if somehow COL sweeps them. Better to beat COL on the road and be certain of a seed.

    If road and home results for team's hold to season form the standings should end this way or something close:

    SJ-48 Clb-39 Dal-46 LA-42 Col-42 Chi-38 KC-38 Met-36.
    OUT ---> NE-35 DC-30

    That would put Met@SJ v COL@LA and KC@Clb v Chi@Dal.

    The good:
    *Those are pretty tasty matchups in every round. I'd like to see SJ and LA hook up in the semi's, if only to read Topper smack for 2 weeks. A repeat of a KC 1996 upset of Dallas would be great.
    *KC avoids SJ and LA, and would be paired with "weaker" East teams.
    *Seemingly a roadie at CLB is the easiest of the four.
    *Win one in Clb and then maybe another in Dallas and it's a ticket to the Cup.
    *Extra incentive to beat Clb in the USOC. Playoff preview and maybe the catalyst to a rivalry of sorts, something beyond Hunt ownership.

    The bad:
    *Clb kicked KC's collective all over in that 4-0 mail-in job weeks ago.
    *A trip to either CHI or DAL isn't the best of circumstances for KC.
    *At some point KC will have to find the guts to play D and finish in the same game over a month to get to a final.

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