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Discussion in 'Referee' started by intechpc, May 7, 2007.

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    OK so I wasn't going to post this but since Bluedevils was disappointed by USSF Ref's thread, I figured I'd help ease the pain. I actually had a situation this weekend just like what bluedevils was expecting. U12G game between purples and oranges. Orange is leading by a sizeable margin. In the middle of the second half Orange scores again and as we're retreating to the center, I hear two of their players talking about how easy it is to score and then one says "Wow, they must really suck".

    Now this was said loud enough to be easily audible to me and therefore many of the purple players also in the area. My first instinct was the grab for my yellow card (thinking USB for taunting) but then felt it would be unfortunate to marr an otherwise very clean game by issuing a caution at that point. No one from the purple team seemed to be reacting to it so I simply addressed her at about the same volume as her comment, letting her know that I'd be having no more of that kind of talk and explaining to her that it isn't sporting. Told her they were having a good game and that there's no reason to ruin that by being a bad sport. The rest of the game went well.

    So there you have it..........Discuss.
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    Intech, you did what you are paid to do….control the game. Here is a perfect example were a few words stops the unwanted behavior…no card needed. However, if the little miscreants continued with insults after being warned, then you bang them with the card.
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    Nah, I was expecting PURPLE to be leading, not orange. ;) No soccer team would wear such an ugly color as purple unless they had a really good team.

    Anyway, it sounds like you dealt with the situation in your game properly. I've warned players many times after scoring goals and making some snide remarks, but cautioned for such behavior only once or twice.
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    Cards are a tool... use them when you need them, pocket them when you don't.

    Good (no) call.
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    Well you should have ended it right there, as an affront to visual sensibilities. The only thing worse would have been if the ref crew was wearing the old fuchsia.

    And Orange is any better? People don't like that college pumpkin jersey for a reason, you know.

    Agreed. If you can handle the game and the players without needing cards, you should do so. Saves on writing reports too.
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    Nothing wrong with Orange at all, ask your Dutch uncle.
    Plus Blackpool play in orange, they may be out of the limelight now, but in the good old days they had some handy players pull on that jersey, including Stanley Matthews.
    Being red/green colour blind, I have a hard time with purple though, it usually just looks like dark blue to me. And red v green in poor light is a nightmare.

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