Player predictions 2002/2003

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    So this is where you've all gone? And a moderator no less eh Clan?

    Yes, this is very long, and yes, I am fully prepared to admit I have no life.

    Player predictions 2002/2003
    Jimmy Floyd Hasselbaink
    Easy one this, score a fek load of goals he will. But the big question is will it be at Chelsea? Chelsea will only let him go if a 20mil bid is launched for him, and I just don't see that happening. Can expect him to be up there again going for the prem golden boot, and thankfully while wearing blue.

    Will only improve, was on fire before picking up some nagging injuries towards the end of the season, can see him again scoring 20 goals as well as providing quite a few, provides great link up play, has a big future and an excellent present, will most likely get a new contract.

    Much to his frustration will continue to be a "supersub" and with his early season injury may not get much more playing time then last season, but I expect him to impress when he does play. I hope to hell Ranners feels no hesitation is putting Forssell on in place of Jimbo if Jimmy is having a bad day. Already international class as he shows for Finland.

    Bless his little heart, despite trying his guts out I don't see him making too much of an impact this season, will most likely provide some inspirational moments, and may get quite a few games as a sub early in the season while Forssell is out, but as the year goes on I expect him to fade.

    Don't see him making too much of an impact, may get his chance if injuries pick up, his best chance is if can play his guts out while Forssell is injured and makes third choice striker his own. But I think it is too soon for him, may go on loan midseason.

    Have very high hopes for him, with a full pre-season and better luck with his health Zenden may very well be one of our most valued players come the final day. He could provide the cutting edge and midfield attacking play we lacked last season. Will Zenden be our very own Robert Pires?

    Ranners seems to think his best position is striker, strange after playing him in midfield more often then not in the reserves. I feel like his best chance of breaking through will be in the midfield, which he is more then capable on playing in, either the middle, the right or the left, he can do it all. Would be a huge boost for us if he can step up and add his creative talent to our mid.

    Will constantly get niggling injuries, including many a viruses (unfortunately all that conditioning seems to have left him with very shiny hair but a weakened immune system). Will be pretty decent when he plays, would be good as back up but will most likely be a regular starter when fit, still our best option for holding mid.

    Will most likely get more time on the bottom of a pub floor then on the Stamford Bridge pitch. Will pick up some injuries and look like he has a hangover in the games he does play.

    Could have a great season, played really well towards the end of last season, if the man can just keep his game the way it is now and add goals to it (the kind of goal scoring ability he has shown in the past) people will rave about him, for some reason I feel like he will never do very well for England though despite possibly being a big hit for us. I fear he won't be able to add the necessary goals he needs to have a break out season without a dominant holding midfielder next to him.

    I expect more of the same from him, a few classy games, many more mediocre ones, will not be a regular but will get games for sure. A few goals this season would be nice.

    De Lucas
    Could be one of the bargains of the season, may unfortunately have to play holding mid on a few more occasions then I am comfortable with. Will definitely get many games and should be pretty reliable, but may not see the best our of him this season as he won't be allowed to play his favoured attacking role as much as he would like.

    Will no doubt be injured for most of the season, and will be widely inconsistent when on the field, will have a couple of sh:t hot games and provide a nice assist per game ratio, but will inevitably fail to satisfy, as he just can't stay fit.

    If he makes it, it will not be as a holding mid as he is too lightweight. Don't know much else about him, will probably fill in when we are struck by injuries but I doubt much else. Hope he does well, Thunderbird seems to like him.

    A guy I know nothing about, hope he does well but he is getting on a bit now, already 20 something aint he? And as far as I know failed to really make much of an impact while he has been on loan. This is probably his last chance.

    He is better in midfield these days but will probably play just as many games at left back, this is probably the position he will start in on opening day, but I feel will lose out to Baba by the end of the season. Will provide nice cover for Zenden if he should ever get injured, speaking of which I hope Soxy can have another injury free season, over all probably don't expect him to have as much of an impact as last season but will still provide quality when he plays. Maybe it would be best to see him play left mid with Zenden on the right?

    I expect him to only improve, I think he has talent and all the necessary athletic abilities to become quite an accomplished defender. Sometimes prone to silly mistakes, but that will lessen with experience. Has the potential to be good going forward as well.

    If gets played consistently in the centre of defence then by the years end will be known as one of the best, if not the best, central defender in the prem. I think playing him in the middle would best for him and us, he is the only central defender we have that can match it with the small quick forwards like Defoe and Owen.

    One of my top picks for a possible mid-season departure, will no doubt start the season as a regular being captain and such, and I believe that is probably how it should be, he deserves the chance to show he can be a leader for us, he needs to always give 100% effort. If he can be right mentally I think he still is good enough to be a regular starter for us.
    But if he gets injured for an extended period, giving the Terry/Gallas partnership a chance to shine, he may never get back into the line up, and he may not like that... don't be surprised if he goes.

    This young man seems to have a very bright future ahead, still only 17, will probably only play a bit part this season as 4th choice centre back, but if we have injuries the lad might take his chance and never look back. I wonder how efficient he is as a full back? As if he could play there he would be very valuable to us this season, especially on the right.

    The next Chelsea captain, he and Gallas will be the heart of the Chelsea back line for many years to come (I hope), but he may have to be patient this season, as I think Desailly/Gallas is our best option, but he will nip at their heels all the way, could be quite a battle between him and Dessa for not only the starting role, but for Chelsea captain.

    Not sure what to expect from him, I think he currently takes part in our best back four starting at right back, hope his sense of positioning improves a bit.

    Think his legs have left him, not sure he can keep up with the pace of the prem, will be ripped apart by quality, quick left sided midfielders. Been a great Chelsea servant over the years though, but maybe a liability if he plays now. Can Kitamirike take his place? I don't know, but I hope.

    So quick and agile, excellent keeper but dodgy in the air, he may sadly not be able to improve on that too much given his build. Will no doubt save many a great saves this season and his speed and reflexes makes him the toughest one on one keeper in the country. But I am a little nervous around set pieces, deserves to be number one and is one of the top 3 keepers in the prem.

    Also a high quality keeper, but I think Cudicini's speed give Cudi the edge, very talkative on the field and a likable guy, but may not have a long-term future at Chelsea. Good to know he is around if Cudi ever gets injured, as Bossie isn't far behind in talent.

    De Geoy
    Old now, rather he didn't have to play this season, not bad as third choice I suppose. Probably his last season at Chelsea, has done well here and I wish him well when he leaves.

    In conclusion, we need a new high quality holding midfielder and at least a new back up right back. Other then that, I think we could have a great season.

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