Player Grades through the 1st half of the season

Discussion in 'Real Salt Lake' started by just having fun, Jul 5, 2005.

  1. just having fun

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    Dec 15, 2003
    Thought maybe it would be fun to take a run through the deepth chart and give grades on an A-F scale of each player based on their performances through the first half of the 05 MLS season..
  2. prk166

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    Aug 8, 2000
    Med City
    Hard call. I'll skip a list for now.

    I will say that I think Ellinger's given Whitfield and Rojas an F and D so far. Rojas a D cuz he did well enough to get some PT.
  3. Takkie

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    Jul 7, 2004
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    damn the whole roster....
  4. Takkie

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    Jul 7, 2004
    Real Salt Lake
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    Jason Kreis - A
    he's the leading scorer for us, and pretty clutch as far as clutch goes. soldiering on even though he's past his best. looks better with jaime as a partner

    Andy Williams- C
    he's been on and off, his good games have been good, his bad games have been bad. averages out to a C

    Dj Countess- A+
    he's been rocksolid, i think he's made 1 or 2 errors, but every goalie does, he's been doing a goodjob behind a patchwork defense.

    Brian Kamler- D but deserves a C
    it's hard to rate him because of the fact that he's being played out of position, it's hard to play well at a position you are not suited to, but the fact of the matter is he's had a couple of decent games but for the most par he's been average at stopping plays, and really bad in distribution. also not helped by often being the only defense minded midfielder. theses mitigating factors really make it hard for me to saddle him with a D but he's been pretty bad.

    Nelson Akwari- B
    He's been pretty solid, he hasnt had to many bad games and he's had a bunch of good decent games. he's been a good, underrated contributor in my opinion

    chris Brown- C
    lots of hustle and bustle that looks nice. apparently he helps out defensively not much end product but alot of relative hype around these parts. i'm still a firm member of the "say no to brown" brigade that seems to consist of my and Sl7vk

    Matt Bencke- F
    starting him is basically setting off 1-0 down.seems to be a nice guy though. i would hate for him to read this and feel bad, because i really dont want to hurt anyone's feelings. he's just not a very good defender.

    Rusty Pierce - B
    he's been another solid comandeering presence. it's kinda weird to see how we have a good core of solid defenders but still leak goals. i think it's lack of support from midfield personally.

    Dipsy Selolwane- D/C
    dunno, he's played well when he's been on but he just hasnt played much.

    Clint Mathis-D for his standards B- compared to the rest of the team
    he's been decent in some, invisible in others , if this seems like a trend in my player evaluation it's be cause our team has been decent in some invisible in others. still one of our best players even if he isnt the clint we had all hoped and wished for.

    Leighton o brien- F
    i'm giving him an F just for that godawful corner kick against the 'gals. it's vindictive and undeserved but i'm sticking by it goddamnit.

    Tiger and The Bulldog- i decided to do both together and i'll give them both a c+/b- both have impressed yet disappointed me,but they both have invaluable assets, those being speed and tenacity, and trembly's eye for goal helps.

    Eddie Pope- A+
    he's been a rock at the back, classy, and just a great leader back there. he's been arguably one of the best defenders in MLS this season. and he's the cause of my favorite WTF? moment of the RSL season when he made that run through the middle then onto the wing, then disappearing, making us thing he had gone back on defense only to get on the end of a pass and get a good shot off. Well done eddie :D

    Watson- A+
    i'm giving him an a because his impact was been tremendous, he's made our attack dangerous and gives us lots of options. Plus he's a fan favorite and author of the classis Jaime's Journal

    Cutler and Knowles-B
    they've filled in admirably when needed, they show some potential.

    Cila- he's played ok when called upon which hasnt been often.

    Dante,Kreamalmeyer(sadly),besagno, flores, lookingland,novak and Broome- Inc n/a
    not enough in game action for me.
  5. sl7vk

    sl7vk Member

    Mar 3, 2005
    Salt Lake City
    AS Nancy Lorraine
    Nat'l Team:
    I'll rank them based on exceeded, slash underacheived performance to date....
    Lets start at the top.

    Watson A+
    Pope A
    Peirce A-
    Kreis B+
    Dunseth B+
    Cutler B+
    Countess B
    Trembly B
    Akwari B
    Fitzpatrick B-
    Kamler C+
    Williams C+
    Mathis D+
    Brown D
    Behncke F-
  6. knowwonnose

    knowwonnose New Member

    May 19, 2005
    Newtown, PA, USA
    Good evaluation for the most part. I'd modify a few of these however.

    Tiger gets a C at best. We haven't seen him play any game above average all season.

    I know people don't like Brown, but he hasn't play any worse than Tiger or most anyone else who has played on the wing. If I give Tiger a C, Brown gets one too. Problem is, he's a C player getting A time. That's more a coaching issue.

    Watson may earn a A+ by the end of the season, but I can't give the plus until we win a game with him in. A straight A for Watson.
  7. dysko

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    Jul 6, 2004
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    I would change this to give Kamler a B... he has played out of possition and done well considering. I don't think it is fair that he gets knocked because of coaching decisions.

    MAthis gets a B-... the guy hasn't scored, but almost every goal and scoring chance RSL has had this season has sprung from his feet.

    Brown gets a C... the guy is solid and shows flashes of brilliance... but not everyone can be a super star.
  8. stucknutah

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    Feb 14, 2002
    In the Office
    Real Salt Lake
    I am using a standard of comparing them to other MLS players at their positions:

    Watson - B (but his speed has helped us a ton...)
    Pope - B+ (lack of domination he used to have)
    Pearce - B+ (a bit of a revelation actually)
    Kreis - B+ (cannot create for himself, but has finished a large % of his chances)
    Dunseth - B
    Cutler - B (sooooo much better than Kammy)
    Countess - B (take the good (great shot-stopping) with the bad (rebounds, lack of control of his area))
    Trembly - B (overall), B- (starting), A- (as a sparkplug)
    Akwari - B- (not very comfortable on the ball, not a threat on headers)
    Fitzpatrick - B (coach hasn't figured out how to use him yet)
    Kamler - C- (d-mid), B (outside back when not injured)
    Williams - C- (season), B (last 2 games)
    Mathis - C (getting better as he slowly recognizes his physical limitations and changes his game)
    Brown - C (only competent, needs to get forward into dangerous positions more often)
    Behnke - C- (gets scapegoated often due to his once or twice a game brainfarts)
    Knowles - B- (could be ok with some experience)
    Rojas - C- (just not good enough for a senior international...buh-bye)
    Washington - C- (non-factor...does not give us what we need...not as strong in the air as advertised)

    Team - B- (slowly learning to play with heart to their strengths...will be better when we add the ball-skilled center back and skilled wing...Desperately need Mathis to be a ball winner in the middle with Cutler. Should be even more dangerous on dead balls)
    Defenders & Keeper - B
    Midfielders - C- (horrible defensively for most of the season but getting better, not enough offense, minimal possession)
    Forwards - B- (only because Watson has made us a little dangerous and Kreis finishes)
  9. Takkie

    Takkie Member

    Jul 7, 2004
    Real Salt Lake
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    United States
    i think we all pretty much have close to the same opinions about that players.

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