Player depth for field positions in Germany

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    Forwards: Starters- EJ & McBride Subs: Woolf, Noonan

    I think Bruce will continue using Woolf when he can but I think the Nats would best served by putting Landon with either EJ or McBride because there is a glut of good midfielders. The nats do not have much depth at forward if EJ or McBride get hurt.

    Midfielders: Left- Beasley or Lewis Subs: Bruce could move O'Brien there if
    these guys were to get hurt. Best position after goalie.

    Offensive Mid- Reyna, O'Brien, Dempsey, Landon.

    D-Mid- Maes or Reyna or Zavagnin. I would hope that Zav would only play in a pinch. If Maes were to get hurt, I hope that Bruce would invite Ricardo Clarke to a camp and let him play in a few friendlies. I think he has the potential to be a better player than Z. Armas is pass his prime.

    Right- For the last 6 months the starter is Ralston. I like how Ralston runs and runs and places good balls to the center but he is at best, after watching him for 6 months for the Nats, a sub in Germany. Bruce will end up putting Beasley or Landon on the right. This is with out doubt the weakest position for the Nats. I can only think of 3 guys in the MLS who have a chance and I don't think their ready: Klein, Gaven, and Mullin. I wish O'Brian for Dallas was an American. He'd be great.

    Left Back: Vanney or Boca or Gibbs. Pick one. Convey may have chance because Bruce likes him but I can't see him playing in front of any of these guys. Unfortunately, only Vanney is a natural Left Back.

    Right Back: Cherundulo. Subs Heidek. If Cherundulo gets hurt, Frankie will again play right back for the Nats. The only other players are 4 years away from starting in a world cup. Wynne and Spector (Spector is right footed). In the MLS, I don't think there is another right back ready to play in Germany.

    Center Backs: Gooch, Pope, Boca, Gibbs, or Berhalter. Bruce will have plenty of guys to choose from. Frankly, I think Pope is the best center back the Nats have ever had but I'm not sure he has the legs anymore to play in Germany.

    Freddy will have to wait until 2010.

    Therefore the 20 field players going to Germany will be (barring year ending injuries)

    McBride, EJ, Noonan, and Woolf
    Lewis, Beasley, O'Brien, Reyna, Dempsey, Ralston, Maes, Zavagnin
    Vanney, Boca, Cherundulo, Gibbs, Heidek, Pope, Gooch

    The last person will be Bernhalter or Convey.


    ------------------ Mcbride------GAM
    Lewis-------------------Landon------------- Beasley/Ralston
    Boca/Gibbs--------Gooch-------- Pope/Gibbs-----------Cherundulo

    Put Landon up front w/GAM and replace him w/ O'Brien if he is healthy. We just can't count on him being healthy after full season in the Dutch League.


    ---------------------Mcbride------- GAM
    Lewis/Beasley-----Dempsey/O'Brien/Reyna----------- Landon
    Boca------------------- Gibbs----------CHerundulo/Heidek

    You can mix and match the defense but I do think Cherundulo is a lock. I think there will be quite a fight for the other defensive positions.

    The right mid-field is a huge question for me. The only player in this group who might play right midfield next year is Reyna. He replaced Shaun Wright Phillips last year and did pretty well. It looks like MC is selling SWP next year so Reyna may get more time at right mid. Let's see how he does.

    I think the only way Dempsey will see the field is if Landon plays right midfield and he is used as a roving midfielder in the 3/5/2 diving for headers and taking people on. However, I don't think he's ready to play our O-Mid in a 4/4/2 in the world cup unless he does really well in some Big Friendlies against good oppenents. He is the Nats most interesting player for Germany. How good will he be?

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