Play worst players separate?

Discussion in 'Coach' started by NewDadaCoach, Jun 9, 2021.

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    Take your 2 worst players, do you play them at different times or same time? Some coaches will put in all the best players to start the game, then put in the lesser players later, sometimes at same time.
    I like to even things out though. I usually will start with mostly good players and then a weak player as well so that the weak players are not on the field together which might create a real weak point for us.
    (note: I hate using the terms "worst" or "weak" player... as it sounds harsh. Namely they are the least-experienced players)
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    Oct 27, 2021
    I’ve coached rec league U8 and U10 for a few years now. Unless we’re playing a club team disguised as a rec team (not frequent, but it happens in our league) I find that most players need a quarter to warmup and get their heads in the game.

    I've noticed that when teams field their A lineup one quarter and their B lineup the next, is that the B lineup then needs the quarter to warmup too. That’s when things can get dicey, especially if playing against a smaller team, and/or more skilled team. This used to happen to me.

    One way I found to solve this is to sub regularly. Subbing gets more players on the field and warmed up earlier on. It keeps the players fresh throughout the game, and helps manage playtime a bit better. It runs a little like an A/B lineup and a B/A lineup. Depending on the size/number of subs on the team.

    With playtime managed this way it also allows flexibility to go all in on an A lineup later in the match. Which is most often when I want or need the most skilled kids on the field together.
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    Dec 3, 2013
    with younger divisions, get your most unathletic players involved early. they often will find some reason to come out. someone hurt them, they are too tired and don't want to play, they feel sick to their stomach, etc. if you wait to get them in later, I have found sometimes they don't even get their fair share of playing time (can't find them because they went to the concession stand, hiding in the car, or in the bathroom).

    when playing rec, I've always found that you never really can tell what's going on with the other team. I was coaching in a league that told us to rank a number for each player and told us how to rotate them. some coach put his best player in after I rotated mine out and they quickly scored a bunch of goals against my younger less athletic players. they all got the same thing at the end of the season. not sure how a coach has a practice and doesn't know who his best player is. follow the league guidelines to the best of your ability, but your job is to provide a safe and fun environment for the kids to play and learn the game, so do what you have to do to get them all involved as equally as possible.
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    In rec I never have an "A" and "B" team, I tend to put a mix up the more and less skilled players on the field at the same time. The trick is how to put the less skilled players in a place where they can thrive. For example, I had a player this spring who had a difficult time with staying in position (i.e., if I put her on the right, I'd find her on the left), so I tended to player her more centrally with license to roam.
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    Yeah I agree with the comment that you get them on at the start, otherwise they don't build the confidence to get involved in the game
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    For starters, I use a very simple system. The first to arrive start. Fun thing that happens is the kids figure this out and start to nag the parents to arrive early
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    This is so important. The kid I struggled wit the most was incredibly timid. He showed a little bit of ability during futsal training in the winter, but by 2nd week of spring outdoor he was just getting overrun again. I started playing him at CF in a 4-diamond (9v9), since he retained the "far post run" idea from futsal and we weren't a pressing team, and he bagged a goal on a keeper spill. Last game of the season, he ws back in the midfield rotation,
    I gave him specific instructions "I need to you win 5 balls this half. They can be loose balls, you can tackle someone, but I need 5. Sure enough, he delivers. 2nd half I add "win 5 more balls, but also, make 5 passes. The ball comes to you, make sure our team keeps it. " Again, he delivers.

    Still kick myself for not figuring that out sooner.....
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