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Discussion in 'Inter Miami CF' started by Lucho305, Nov 4, 2018.

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    Inter Miami fans, I have a question for you. Do you like the current play off format? Do you feel it is too short? Don't like the away goal rule? ETC.

    I know its a random question, since we are not even a complete team, but I just wanted to get the opinion of Miami and whoever else reads this post.

    How would you like the format to change for future MLS that will include Inter Miami CF?

    Now these play-offs won’t be the normal play-offs, it would be more of a group stage, that way every team has a chance, however, seeding would determine more home field advantage:

    Top 4 in each conference would be placed into two groups. Teams seeded 1 through 4. Each team would play each other once. Higher seeds gets home field advantage, top seeded team in each group get all home play-off matches (3 home games), the second seed would get one away game (vs top seed) and rest home games against lower seeded teams, next seeded team (3rd) gets 1 home match (vs. lower seed) and 2 away games vs top seed (1st, 2nd), then last place gets all away matches.

    Group East / West

    Seed: 1 – 3 Home games

    Seed: 2 – 2 Home games, 1 Away game

    Seed: 3 – 1 Home game, 2 Away games

    Seed: 4 – 0 Home games, 3 Away games

    Sample 2018 Play-Off group stage:


    (I don't Know if you would want top 2 to play semi's or just have the group winners disputing the final)

    This way teams get rewarded for their performance during the regular season, and so does the fan bases. Now when 3 games are played the top finishers play in a two game final, home and away, and after two game if no goals have been scored then they go straight to extra time and penalties if need be.

    I guess these guys beat me to it, but here is a clearer idea.

    Also would you rather have the top teams in each group to play two legged final? or have top two teams in each group advance and play semi final play-offs (two legged) and two leg final. As you can see I only like two legged play offs matches.

    Which would you choose?

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    With the future now being 30 teams. I would love to see the resurrection of the Central Conference with 10 team in each conference. Do you have a viable playoff format for a 3-conference league?

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