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    Apr 16, 2008
    Look at your club in the leagues under
    Our description with help from barnet:
    Play For Your Club is an free online web-based game where you can play, score goals and help
    Borussia win!
    You are in competition with other teams of supporters German-wide and Europe-wide. Play
    for the Borussen team and join supporters playing for our club! As several team members
    have said, this is as close as most of us will ever get to playing for Borussia.
    The German League championship starts every Monday at 11am and ends on Wednesday at
    9pm CET.
    The European Cup (qualification with a top 6 finish in the Bundesliga) starts with Rd 1 every
    Thursday at 11am and moves to multiple 2-hour rounds on Friday. Rd 2 starts at 11am Friday.
    We have regular threads for each Bundesliga campaign and each European tournament on the
    club message board. Sign in, discuss the game and meet our other players:
    English writing are no problem. Ask if you have questions.
    New players are needed, encouraged and always welcome – the game is simple to play and is
    all about timing, so with time and practice you will noticeably improve. Also refer to the
    Playing Tips section.
    I hope this section helps you understand and enjoy the game. Join us and PLAY FOR

    New Players
    German League
    The ball always comes from the left.
    Start with the player in the centre of the screen. Move the player to where the ball will drop in
    front of him, and kick the ball when it falls in front of his right foot. The ball should be kicked
    when it is just far enough off the ground that it moves toward the roof of the net (roughly knee
    height - see picture). After each shot return to the middle of the screen to be prepared for the
    next ball.
    Hit the ball on the volley. If you let it bounce, points are halved and it is no easier to score.
    Always press "Submit" at the end of each game, within the time allowed, or your score will
    not count. Also make sure the security code is correct, or again your score will not count.
    Top tip
    Concentrate on getting the height right, so the ball is heading towards the roof of the net, most
    of the time. This is the fastest way to increase your score.
    If you score over 40,000 in the GERMAN game, there is a bonus penalty. If you haven't taken
    a penalty before, gamble only 5,000 points.
    stop the pointer on the "O" (picture ABOVE), or just to the right of the "O" (picture
    hold the button down for about half a second (no more - the longer you hold the button down,
    the higher the shot will go)
    if you get both direction and power right, the ball should fly into the top right corner of the
    net, out of the goalkeeper's reach
    Penalties take practice to get right. You can practice on the related Role-playing game
    "Jumpers for Goalposts" – see links section.
    It can also help to practice holding the button down before you actually take a penalty, just to
    make sure your timing is on.
    You can also aim to stop the pointer on the first "I" in "DIRECTION". With everything else
    the same, the ball should then fly into the top left corner.
    The ball comes from both the left and the right. The defenders will look in the direction the
    ball is coming from before it appears.
    ball comes from the left – same as the German game
    ball comes from the right - keep the player to the left of the ball, and kick so it comes off the
    end of his toe, as the ball falls (just above the ground)
    penalties – same as the GERMAN game, but the bonuses start at 30,000
    Experienced Players
    The defenders move slowly towards the centre of the goal / screen as the game progresses.
    This is an advantage, as most shots that hit defenders partially in front of the goal will deflect
    into the net. So concentrate on keeping your shots down and on target.
    For penalties, if you accidentally press the button down for too long (so the ball will be going
    over the bar), keep pressing the button down, move the mouse arrow off the "shot" button and
    let go. Nothing will happen. You can then 'start again' with the power, and hopefully get it
    right second time. Doesn't work with the direction, unfortunately.
    The best application for changing the power on penalties is when you accidentally stop the
    pointer in the wrong spot. If you stop it on the second "I" (too early) the keeper will almost
    always save a shot toward the roof of the net. So instead, keep pressing down and move the
    mouse arrow off. Then, just tap the shot button quickly – the penalty will be a daisy-cutter and
    will go under the keeper's jump, scoring 9 times out of 10.
    Top tip
    Same as for the beginners – get the height right! If you watch the videos of the 400k+ games
    by top Euro players (see links section), you won't see a SINGLE shot over the bar. And a
    [ame=""]YouTube - 400K by -ich-[/ame]


    Technics links


    Update your flashplayer

    Update your Shockwave player

    The best browser for the game in the Moment

    Advertising blocker and Filter maybe you must manual fill in / Plus&cat=all
    Fill the link by firefox
    Or you can use too

    Message Board - Forum

    Deutsche Foren:
    Deutsch - Europäisches Form (deutsches Pfyc Forum mit AHA Cup usw)

    Forum Werder Bremen

    Schalker Abschiedsforum

    K*lner Forum

    Forum Kaiserslautern

    Forum Hamburg

    Forum Frankfurt

    Forum Union Berlin

    Forum Freiburg

    Forum Fortuna Düsseldorf

    Forum Kickers Offenbach

    Forum Alemania Aachen

    Forum VfL Wolfsburg

    Forum Dynamo Dresden

    Forum 1860 München

    Internationale Foren

    Forum Sheffield Wednesday

    Forum Nancy:

    Olympique Lyon:

    Forum Laszio

    Forum AS St. Etienne:

    Forum Olympique Marsailles:

    Forum FC Metz

    Forum Florenz

    Fc Brusseles:

    Forum Real Saragossa

    Forum Atletico Madrid

    Forum FC Valencia

    Forum FC Sevilla

    Forum Betis Sevilla:

    Forum Real Madrid

    Forum Porto

    Forum OSC Lille (in deutsch übersetzte Version)

    Englisches PFYC Forum


    Spanisches Forum:

    PFYC Italien

    Event at monday 29.12

    [ame=""]YouTube - Borussia - PFYC-Weltrekordversuch ( 29.12. - 30.12.2008 )[/ame]
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    Apr 16, 2008
    The big Weltrekordhunting starting in 1 hour
    I wish all Borussenfriend a lot of fun.
    Try it is free and have fun :D

    click at the picture an make many goals :D

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    Apr 16, 2008
    1. Moenchengladbach - 466.351.250 - (0)

    293 players

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    Apr 16, 2008
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