Post-match: PL Match 3: Manchester United vs. Newcastle United, Aug 22

Discussion in 'Newcastle United' started by el americano, Aug 27, 2015.

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    I've seen a lot of people so pleased with the result, and our improving defense, that they're overlooking how much we were dominated. The loss of possession reached a peak in the second half, where we barely were able to play it out of our half. Those few occasions forward ended in a cross out of bounds or a misplaced pass to the opposition. Sure, they're the better team, but I'd feel more hopeful after a 1-0 loss, where we managed to go toe to toe for most of it. I would swear we had a short corner where we played it all the way back to our keeper eventually. Krul was launching them long all over the place, so that was that. I felt about as I expected to after an away game at Old Trafford, but we're a point to good, so there is that.

    Speaking of defense, Colo was no faster than usual, but he was as sharp as I can remember. Great anticipation and tackles. He and Saylor looked like the first choice CB partnership. Mbemba was a little erratic out at RB, in my opinion. He was strong in defense several times, but made rash decisions and let people by a few times too. Definitely has talent, though.

    Our two great chances to score were Mitrovic's header off the bar, and Cisse's cutback for Thauvin, who was just a step away from the tap in. Plenty of chances for them, including the harsh offside call on Rooney. Great blocks by our lads, and Tim Krul of old, stopped a lot of them at the last minute. We're still learning to play together, and this was another step in the right direction.
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    Colo got lucky. Plain and simple. He's lost so much in the center it will cost us more points this season than he will steal. Think back to the first game where he was bird-dogging every corner kick of ours. When he has to make that "run" back to his box six time a game he gets tired. And late goals is what you get, just like against Southhampton. Mbemba isn't up to speed to be the number one or two in the center either. He looked worlds better out right.



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