Pinto's Suspension handed down by FIFA

Discussion in 'FIFA and Tournaments' started by MassachusettsRef, Jul 26, 2002.

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    Here is the press release regarding Joao Pinto's suspension:

    I am very surprised that the suspension is not longer. The 6 month ban from all activity for punching the referee seems short in my mind, especially with the partial ban, as play for his club team is barely affected. Moreover, there are absolutely no ramifications for him at the national team level.

    Typically, FIFA suspends players receiving red cards in their competitions from either the next FIFA competition or the next confederational competition. In this case, Portugal's next meaningful matches are at EURO 2004 (in Portugal). According to this press release, Pinto is allowed to play at EURO04, which is a joke to me. A 6 month ban for the assault seems short to begin with, but has FIFA forgotten about the atrocious tackle that led to his send off? That tackle alone--based on suspensions handed out in WC98--was worth a 3 game suspension--minimum. Marquez of Mexico got a 4 match suspension (from international play) for his headbutt to Cobi Jones and I would argue that Pinto's tackle was far more dangerous of a play.

    If you think about it for a second, a 6 month ban sounds bad, but how many matches will Pinto actually miss? None with the national team. And maybe, what, 4-5 with his club team? All of which are at the beginning of the season. The more I think about this punishment, the more ridiculous it seems.

    FIFA could have banned him from all soccer for one calendar year and tacked on a 3 match suspension in EURO 2004 for the tackle and I don't think anyone (outside of fiercely partisan Portuguese fans) would have felt the sentence was harsh.
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    I have to agree with you. Pinto's tackle was just completely reckless and could've caused serious injury to Park Ji-Sung's knee. If you compare it to Marquez's headbutt, I had to see the replay a couple of times before I realized there was any real intent. Pinto's suspension should definitely be longer, but whatever, maybe he'll come back with a little bit more common sense.

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