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Discussion in 'College & Amateur Soccer' started by kayasoleil, Sep 24, 2003.

  1. kayasoleil

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    Aug 14, 2002
    UVA got stunned again by a very good W&M team, 3-2 in OT. Phil Hucles was the man of the match as he was last year when they beat UVA in the tourney. He looked like the only legit pro prospect, other than Matt Oliver, on the field. He is extremely composed and smooth with the ball, able to beat one or two men with ease. He set up his teammates many times tonight and scored a great goal himself. He also schooled Oliver and dribbled in only to hit the post after beating the keeper.

    W&M scored the game winner on a 30 yard rocket off the left inner post. That came after a stellar save from the UVA keeper, his second of the game, and a header cleared off the line by Phil Long. They deserved the win as UVA looked like shite. I can now understand why people were surprised by UVA' s last two results if they played anything like they did tonight in any other game.

    UVA had a few chances, but this crap game of hitting the ball from back to front is ulgy to watch and horribly unsuccessful with the sparse talent they have up front. Joe Vide played poorly and, once again, Hartman continues to lose the ball (all but once) when he gets possession because he simply blast the ball up front everytime. No one else was worthy of mention, other than Will Hall looking decent at times, but giving the ball away too much. In fact, UVA gave the ball away in dangerous situations time and time again. Lack of focus was the word for the team tonight.

    W&M was able to play through the midfield and create some attractive sequences that led to a few opps. UVA had no style, but managed to get a two good chances that they put away, and few that they blew.

    When they are on, UVA looks damn good. When they are not on... it is ugly stuff.
  2. Sandon Mibut

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    Feb 13, 2001
    Man, Al Alberts just has Big Game George's number.

    Since Gelnovatch took over, UVa is 1-5-1 against Bill & The Bitch with all the games being played between 1998 and tonight. (That counts last year's PK victory by W&M in the NCAAs as a win even though it ended in a tie.)

    None of the ACC schools come close to having this kind of success against UVa since Big Game George took over but the boys from Williamsburg just have the Cavs figured out.

    As for Hucles, he is fast and strong (and obviously comes from a good soccer family) and I would be very surprised if he isn't Heaps-ed as a pro, that is, turned into a wing back once he gets to MLS.

    Finally, as to UVa looking great some games and terrible others, all I can say is that's what you get with such a young team. The good news is that they do have games when they look good and next year, when they have some experiene and maturity, they should be a very good team.

    Theoretically, they could pull a Maryland and bring everyone back but that's only if Oliver seeks a redhsirt for not playing as a freshmen. I don't envision any of the underclassmen turning pro early. I've heard rumblings that Freeman wants to but I just don't think he's ready and given that he graduated from HS a year early, I don't think there's much of a rush for him to do so.

    So, UVa, again, should be a very solid and dangerous team in 04.
  3. sokrandlaw5

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    Jan 16, 2002
    Somewhere near and f
    I just returned home from the game as well and before leaving someone suggested to me that W&M are now first in the ACC (3-0) having beat Duke, NC State and now UVA. Too bad they are part of the CAA. With ODU now 7-0 and unscored upon it should be an interesting season.
  4. KinleyDog

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    Aug 20, 2003
    here's how i saw it

    On a beautiful cool night in front of 1790 fans, the Cavs went down to their in-state nemesis W&M. The game seemed to be filled with control spurts from both sides; each spurt lasting for long periods of time and then transferring back to the other side. W&M’s Patrick Scherder is one of the fastest people I’ve seen on a soccer pitch. He gave the UVA defenders lots of trouble, and made them look like their shoes were 3 sizes too big (picture Bozo shoes on the UVA defenders’ feet). W&M’s keeper also came up big on many saves.

    For the UVA side, Best played respectively and the first two goals were not his fault as his defense either got lazy or were just out of position. Burke came in for an injured Best at the half and played inspiring with his flying saves. He was the man of the match for UVA. Without his effort, W&M would have scored five goals in the second half alone.

    The final goal in OT came from a defender 25 yds out that threaded between an on-rushing Cav and nicked the pipe on the right side. Burke was flying across the goal mouth, but couldn’t make the save as the ball could only have been placed where it was to go in. Give the W&M defender credit for this strike. The angle I had was directly behind the defender, and he hit a low fading knuckleball. Awesome strike.

    W&M went ahead first (the Hoo virus) on a defensive mistake (i.e., not marking). Tuman scored a nice header off a cross to get the Cavs back to square (Tuman was also not marked). W&M’s second goal came off another defensive error.

    Things got interesting in the second half when the Cavs were attacking. A ball was played forward, and everyone on the field (and I bet most in the stands) seemed to think that off-sides would be called. There was a momentary pause before they realized ‘hey, were still playing!’. After an agonizing and very exciting series of chances near the mouth of W&M’s goal, Hinkle dinked one in on an assist from Littlefield, while the W&M keeper was frantically trying to get back in position. It was an exciting 30 seconds for us in the stands.

    Here’s my general assessment of how some individuals played starting from the defense (as I’ve already mentioned the keepers).

    Backs: seemed to struggle with the speed of the W&M attack. Oliver was the most consistent back there.

    Midfield: not the controlling game that I have seen in the past, but still more than adequate. Hall was kind of quiet; Long had a really active game with lots of crosses and movement; Hill was hardly noticeable; Yi came in for a few minutes and had some sparks, but GG jumped on him when he didn’t go after a Littlefield pass that was actually quite good; Hinkle scored a goal, but was not very creative otherwise; Vide has awesome technical skill, but had trouble with some of his passes being too aggressive (or his forwards are just too slow).

    Forwards: Littlefield played aggressively and solid; Cristman was not really into the match and missed a solid header; Holder came in and had a bit of a spark, but just not consistent enough.

    The Cavs showed their youth tonite, but also never gave up when they went down twice. On to NC State this Sunday.
  5. FritoBandito

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    Sep 2, 2003
    where's the defense?

    The UVA defenders struggled with the speed of W&M’s attack. Noticed the same at the UNC match. Oliver could hold his own for the most part, but he even got schooled a few times last nite. The other defenders struggled unmercilessly. It was scary to watch as each defender was showing their weaknesses last nite. Freeman lost his man and the ball many times. I was surprised at his bad play, and hope that it was just a bad bio-rhythm thing. He even made a throw in to a “Willy” player (who was unmarked !!). Don’t even think about turning pro! Tuman made the defensive error that allowed a goal, and is unstable back there (and slow). Hartman gets clocked with a calendar when he runs, and lost the ball on many. Not having Johnson’s (bad hammy) speed and athleticism hurts the defensive cause. The poor UVA keepers were helpless with this band of disorganized and unmotivated play. Let’s hope that they all just had a tough game (uh huh), but I see a kink in the armor that indicates offensive speed will give these guys fits no matter if they are young and inexperienced.
  6. k1v1n

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    May 4, 2002
    Re: where's the defense?

    Well, they won't be seeing any speed against NC State this Sunday. I hear Salter will be back--that should slow things down several notches for the UVA defense. Aaron King scored two more yesterday, but he's not fast either. UVA should definitely put their slowest defender on him.
  7. Emile

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    Oct 24, 2001
    dead in a ditch
    Thanks for the update on Hucles. I've been following him for a while.

    When I saw him play last year, W&M had moved him to center back because of injuries in their defense. He showed some decent touch and athleticism, but he seemed a little out of place there. However, that versatility to play all over the field should help his chances at the next level.

    I'm surprised that W&M is doing so well after losing their two big offensive players from last year, Bean and the Colombian kid whose name escapes me.
  8. subbuteo

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    Dec 17, 2002
    DC United
    Nat'l Team:
    United States
    deserving mention is that Phil Hucles is the brother of UVa alumna and current USA WC player Angela Hucles.

    As for the Hoos: they're still undefeated in the ACC.
  9. FritoBandito

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    Sep 2, 2003
    ...and another thing...forwards

    …the UVA forwards are basically useless when it comes to scoring goals. The number of chances that are created for them is remarkably high. I have so often witnessed a mid-fielder laying out a ball for the forwards, then seeing that ball end up in open space where a defender gets it, rather than the forwards anticipating the pass and getting to the ball first. The number of off-side calls that the forwards are called for is virtually N-U-L-L. Where’s the aggressiveness. These guys are basically playing with back to goal, and waiting for balls to come to them. There is no creativity up front; no viciousness. Cristmann and Littlefield play the same style. Both are big and neither can create opportunities with quickness. Holder is big too and slightly quicker, but doesn’t work as hard as the other two. It seems to me that having forwards with different styles upfront would make for a more potent attack. Dinnall would seem to be a good compliment to a big forward. He has the quickness, low to the ground, foot skills, work ethic and desire. He also has the moves and field sense to make a difference up front. Something has to change. Having defenders and mid-fielders doing the bulk of the scoring makes no sense. Ahhhhh…..I feel better!!!
  10. Sammys

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    Mar 5, 2002

    Tough Loss.

    Not too concerned with the result. (A 3-2 overtime to a good team.) Just don't get the long ball. They have a talented midfield and have play their best games when they've played out of the back and through the midfield. They move the ball well.

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