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Discussion in 'Spain' started by Emre5, Oct 27, 2003.

  1. Emre5

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    Mar 25, 2003
    chelsea,the death of
    insightful article on depo - valencia from the wknd.
    what do you think of him and his thoughts?
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    FYI- it's always wise to provide a link to an article you want to discuss.
  3. JuanRojo

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    Oct 7, 2003
  4. Malaga CF fan

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    I think this is really the key point of the article. 3 have separated themselves from the pack already this season, and Valencia has done it facing Madrid, Barca and Depor already. He's right about the 3 horse race, which is bad news for cules (unless another year without a title at Barca will be good reason for real change in management and coaching in Barcelona). Does anyone think Osasuna will be around (4th place) by next January even?

    Now the battle for the 4th, 5th and 6th positions will be interesting. Right now, only 4 points separate 4th and 14th place (Osasuna to Valladolid, with Celta in 15th, you know they are going to improve...) And that will really be the story of the season, the 3 horse race, the also-rans competing for European spots, and who will survive among Albacete, Murcia, Mallorca, Zaragoza and Espanyol. Obviously, things can change quickly, as they always do, but these are the trends after almost a 1/4 of the season is finished.

    MADRIZ New Member

    Jan 11, 2002
    if it wasn't the empty bottle of rioja that made
    him delirious, then it must have been something he smoked.
    depor have been there for more than a decade now, result: 1 title , 1 spanish cup. they can fight, haven't proven themselves in europe. may be able to win some other spanish title but I don't think they'll ever rule in spain. not this century nor the next one.
    much of the same goes for valencia who have been around for a while.their trophy room is a rather sad place.
    I don't deny the fact that the two teams are playing good football but let's wait a bit before we jump to conclusions. to judge the future of spanish football on a game is really silly.
    so much was said of the basque teams in the 80's and where are they now?
    of course barça have been the big loosers recently but I think they'll make a come back because they are a big club. in the same way as madrid who will never go away . and that's what depor and valencia lack.
    time for another pipe mister ball.
  6. evilcrossbar

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    Jan 19, 2002
    Actually its 1 league, 2 cups, and 3 supercopas.

    Not to mention the times they've come in 2nd place in the league.

    And no, I don't think Madrid or Barcelona will go down in the forseeable future.

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