Perú vs CHILE, 22 de marzo en Lima (Clasificatorias) [R]

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    SIn animo de ofender a los peruanos ya que nos ganaron aun que nos duela, creo que es verdad lo que dices en tu posteo. Mas que ganarnos ellos lo perdimos nosotros.
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    De acuerdo, como ha dicho Rickdog, nadie ha dicho que Peru no merece la victoria. Peru es un rival discreto de acuerdo, de hecho yo, al igual que tu, creo que no van a clasificar. PERO para contextualizar también debes considerar, que el arbitro se comió un penal, una roja y Chile jugo con suspendidos (de la era Borghi) y lesionados. Ya que estamos contextualizando porque no recordar esos pequeños detalles.

    No. Lo perdonamos porque es su primer partido oficial, porque heredo un grupo con suspensiones claves (de la era Borghi) y que venia jugando como las reverendas, si Borghi heredo un Ferrari, Sampaoli una citroneta... para mi la mayor ventaja de Borghi era sacar lo mejor de Valdivia... cuando perdimos a Valdivia perdimos a Borghi.

    En cuanto a los 'regalones' todo el mundo los tiene, en lo personal no me gusta Menita. Para mi es el Fierro de La U.
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    Sin Dios sabe más de fútbol que todos: no vale la pena seguir discutiendo.
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    i haven't had the time to comment on the game because one of my daughters has been sick, but i do have some thoughts. Its natural, i guess, that the Borghi v Sampaoli thing would come up regardless of the result, but at the end of the day i think we'd all (maybe with some exceptions) like to see Chile do well regardless of who the coach is.

    You guys know my feeling on Bichi, and that i think it was a mistake to make the change....but that choosing Sampaoli as the guy to take over was the right choice, and remains so. This is our ship guys, itt'll work a lot better if we row in the same direction.

    As for the game, what is there to say?

    1. IMHO i think Chile had a phenomenal first half, and with a bit of luck (and a better ref) should have taken the lead early. on the other hand, we've been lucky at times as well, so what goes around comes around.

    2. Its important to remember that because of injury and circumstance Sampaoli was missing (aside from his preferred 9) most of his preferred midfield, which he has clearly said consists of Matias-Vidal-Diaz. The gameplan and appraoch to the game, given this, was very well done. in the first half Peru couldn't handle the pressing, the width of play and speed was great, and the midfield dominated. very well done. The problem from the 'gameplan' aspect, was that two players couldn't handle the physical demands of the style of play because of lack of fitness (Isla and Aranguiz) and as a result things came apart in the second half.

    3. I know there was some disagreement on this from the posts i read, but to me there is no doubt that Sampaoli's reaction to Markarian's moves were all wrong, they all failed, and they cost us the points.

    all 3 substitutions showed bad in game judgment, none of them worked, and they demonstrated significant problems in the 'nomina' itself. To his credit Sampaoli has recognized this by calling Paredes, but it shouldn't have come to that --> Junior (who hasn't played in a year) can't be brought while Orellana and Angelo sit on the bench, especially with instructions to no pass. --> watching Silva come in while Seymour and Itturra were watching the game from home was painful ---> and Castillo instead of Orellana/Angelo was disgraceful in and of itself, but with proven goalscoarers like Pinilla, Paredes, Munoz and Ubilla sitting at home? Its been ages since i've seen such a questionable move.

    Despite that, for the me the biggest problem was the move Sampaoli didn't make --> Isla was dead tired, but he maintained the 3 at the back. Yordi Reyna (great sub by Markarian) destroyed him time and time again on the right, while Farfan did the same to Mena. in the last 20 minutes Chile had 3 forwards but didn't attack. Peru played counterattack and won almost every ball just with those two guys. It was necessary to either bring in (gasp) Jara for Isla, or move to a more structured 4 line at the back.

    Sampaoli is a young coach still, especially at this level. he was outclassed by an older more experienced guy yesterday that knew what the game called for and thats why we lost. But its life, and the team showed enough to keep us happy. A win against Uruguay and we're better off than a week ago in the table.

    As with Borghi, imo, this will all come down to whether we get the right bounce or not and whether someone (anyone) will step up and put the fukksing ball in the net. playing well or not, our success will depend on whether someone can start putting the ball in the net. I trust in Paredes, hopefully he'll step up
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    Eso mismo deberías decírselo a Sabella, ya que con cueva y con ayuda del arbitro, Argentina allá logró sacarles el empate. Muy distinto a cuando vinieron a Chile, aún con el "guataca" a cargo, en que ni se arrugaron.

    Dicho sea de paso, esa vez ante Argentina, la única táctica "nueva" que usó el "parrillero" fué la de ponerse a llorar y tirarse al suelo en los días previos al partido, cobrándoles sentimientos a los jugadores para que estos lo vuelvan a sacar del hoyo en que estaba metido, amenazándolos con renunciar si se perdía, lo que obviamente no hizo después.:rolleyes:

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