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    PBA Bowling is back in a couple of weeks. A new regular tournament (non-majors) format is 64 bowlers, in an all-match-play-bracket style. The top 58 from last year get a full-year bid into each tournament; with six getting a one-week entry (one ameteur and four pros from a qualifying round, one commissioner's bid).

    The PBA hopes this format will be easier to market, instead of the past format of 170+ bowlers in each tournament. Plus, each bowler in the regular tournaments gets a paycheck

    To continue with the full-year pass, a player must either win a tournament, or place in a full-year points list. Then each winner of their seven regional tours (in effect, their minor leagues) get a bid, or you have to place in a golf-style Q-school tournament.

    Tournament finals will be on Sundays on ESPN. Sometimes they are the "arena finals" setting. Interesting for the first tournament, the October 31 finals will be in Miller Park, home of the Milwaukee Brewers.

    On a side note, women can now be members of the PBA. Although this year, it doesn't look like there's a woman on the 58-player exempt list. They can qualify through a regional, or the year-end qualifying tournament in future years. (The PBA had hoped that a seperate women's tour can come back. When it became clear that it wouldn't happen, they opened their membership.)


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