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Discussion in 'FC Porto' started by ChopSoccerDude, Apr 27, 2006.

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    Porto still trying to negotiate w/ Nacional the rest of his pass (50%) which is currently owned by Nacional. Rui Alves is a tough negotiator, there is a clause in P. Assuncao's contract that says if some team offers more than $8 million for him Porto must sell him or pay Nacional half of that amount. Back in December Nacional appraised his pass to be worth 5 million. Supposedly not much has changed since then (perhaps it even lowered says the article:eek: ) but Porto should look to close out this deal very soon as Rui Alves is upset and has said Nacional made a bad deal with the Adriano transfer (Porto will only pay Cruzeiro 1.2 mil and Nacional only 300,000 when Porto uses a clause at the end of this year to keep Adriano)
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    ...put it in the Transactions 2006/2007 thread!

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