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    Oct 4, 2011

    Here one with a few long balls.
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    Yeah, I was thinking McGrath myself. I'd kind of ruled out Ruud Krol automatically in my head maybe, but I don't think it'd be a bad comparison in some ways - the height/speed/long passes/composure etc.
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    Oct 4, 2011
    Hazard has a bit of Paolo Futre as well I think.
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    Yes, definitely. They both dribble at pretty much top speed. Littbarski a bit more measured
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    Luis suarez(uruguay)
    Similar technically,hard working, versatile forwards who were considered the best at their role in the world at one point
    (careca arguably in 90 and suarez in 2015)
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    Luis Figo / Philipp Lahm

    Philipp Lahm when on the ball is an almost perfect replica of Luis Figo on the ball, minus the step overs that Lahm wouldn't normally nor consistently do, but their technique on the ball is fundamentally the same, their body build is fundamentally the same, and their mobility is fundamentally the same; the only resulting differences are purely a product of one player being 4 inches shorter than the other. Meanwhile, their roles are obviously different, one is a defender and the other an attacking midfielder, but a lot of what Lahm does is both aesthetically and substance-wise remarkably similar to what Luis Figo does.

    I was reminded of the above having recently watched a 20 year old Philipp Lahm putting Chelsea 2003/04 to the sword at the Champions League Round of 16... which is telling because Cristiano Ronaldo was not that good versus Chelsea at the time, in fact I think that Lahm looked far more dangerous than Ronaldo ever did at any time between 2003 and 2007 (vs. Chelsea this is). At any rate, I was never the biggest fan of Lahm, quite simply because I rarely ever watched him play besides the odd high profile game at the Champions League, but I was very very impressed by how devastating a 20 year old Lahm was against the well drilled defence of Chelsea at the time.

    Philipp Lahm played for Stuttgart 2003/04 at the time, playing on the left with another talented dribbler in Aliaksandr Hleb, both dribblers actively inter-changing passes and runs, etc. It almost makes it easy to imagine how thoroughly elegant yet spectacular Luis Figo (playing in the spot of Aliaksandr Hleb) and Lahm would be running the tempo on the left flank of the pitch; and Figo as he displayed many times at Barcelona, was two-footed enough as a player that he was very comfortable on the left flank, in fact he probably was exactly as comfortable on the left as he was on the right.
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    Oct 4, 2011
    I'm thinking now while watching the match, Wijnaldum is basically the low budget version of Seedorf. Similar characteristics, similar style of play and movement, similar versatility, similar body frame, the odd 'big goal' at times, good in the small spaces while sometimes also giving an 'invisible' impression, and doing a bit of everything and therefore nothing. I think a similar type of attitude as well.

    "He has all the things you need: both directions, small spaces, big spaces, hard challenges, fine football, all of that. Gini is a good personality in the dressing room. He is not the guy who says yes to everything."

    "It is only important that you have this kind of mindset that you can cool yourself down in different situations, that you don’t follow the ball or offer runs in behind when we have enough players to do that. We need a few reasonable persons on the pitch, if you want, and Gini can switch from one mindset to the other and that is pretty good for us."

    Of course there are differences (maybe the 'clone' steps it up for his national team?) but the similarities are striking I think.

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