P/I/P, Match P3: Revs @ ORL, Sun 11/29/20 3:00p [R]

Discussion in 'New England Revolution' started by edcrocker, Nov 28, 2020.

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    Philly did exactly the same thing. I was stunned by how much space Gil had in both these games.
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    Part of the problem is that our attacking-oriented starting lineup isn't necessarily the greatest for protecting a lead. And, with a one-goal lead I'd be concerned about taking out some key attackers.

    Bou and Buksas (at least how/where he's deployed) haven't been good at keeping possession and aren't that quick/dogged in harassing defenders to inhibit building from the back. And then you have Gil, who while getting a few steals and putting in an effort to defend, doesn't really scare any ball-handler.

    I was surprised by seeing Nguyen come in before McNamara - but I guess it was Arena trying to establish possession more than pressuring. In any case, it didn't really seem to work.

    Interestingly, in their attempts to pressure, Orlando left some big areas of the field open and on a few occasions the Revs really exploited it. Most significantly on the Gil/Buchanon runs up the right side, but also one long [scary] run by Farrell through the middle and another by Polster, which drew the red card.

    I still think that Gil's ability to switch the field has been the key factor in getting the Revs out of the high pressure that has been the most effective way of stymying them all pre-playoff season.
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