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Discussion in 'D.C. United' started by jmeissen0, Nov 9, 2003.

  1. jmeissen0

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    Mar 31, 2001
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    First off... Hudson, Etch and Hristo need to go. I don't think they bring anything to the team. From attitudes to on the field.

    If Adu is in MLS next year, he will be on D.C. As such, none of those three should ever meet him.

    Ivanov... I have no idea on.

    But looking at DC. They aren't that bad. They just need new leadership and a few people to round out a starting 11 and bench.

    The core of D.C. isn't that bad. And leaders are easily seen on the team. Petke is the leader of the defense. He's not a bad player (though I hate him), he's a great team guy, and he knows his role. Stewart is the ultimate leader though. He's captained the national team and done it all. He still hungers and has shown with the nationals that he will lead and rub off positively on the younger guys (huge with the dc youth). But it's Olsen's team. He steps up, it's his armband. *#*#*#*# anyone else.


    Reyes, Namoff, Nelson, Prideaux, Petke

    Fairly strong. Be nice if Stokes or Carroll could push for time. If the younger guys don't push, new blood must be found.


    Dema, Bobby, Eliseo, Olsen, Nelson, Stewart

    Really a bit thin here, but 4 solid players in Dema, Olsen, Earnie and Bobby. Nelson could move up to D-mid and further solidify things. Unknowns (rookies or new signings) will have to step up for depth.

    Forwards: Stewart, Quaranta, Martins, Alecko

    Probably contrary to most, but I thought Alecko did well with the little time he had. More time could do him quite well. Perhaps a coach that didn't always publicly berate (sp?) Santino, another that doesn't do it non-stop (Hristo), no injuries and continous playing time will push him back and beyond his rookie form. Stewart will undoubtedly have a better year than this one. Chalk it up to learning the league, an idiot for a coach and playing too many positions. Didn't see enough of Martins, but I am curious. Movement will likely be needed for added depth and to push people in practice, but these are easily done things in MLS.

    Over all, the core is there: Olsen, Nelson, Stewart, Convey, Petke, Reyes and Kovalenko. It's up to them to right the ship. They have to push and mentor the younger guys.

    To see next to nothing from this year's rookie class is frightening. That shouldn't happen in this league (imo). Injuries are one thing. But to not make use of your talent is an indictment on the coaches and the players. A bit of both, though. The coaches have to play them and believe they will perform, and the team-mates have to pick them up and yet demand they progress faster than ever before.

    just my take,
  2. Darth_Norteno

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    God, I want to flame you so bad out of spite, but you're mostly right; plus, United deserved to lose today. However, Alecko never really established himself like a top draft pick should. Hell, Damani Ralph came out of nowhere and now he's a rising star in MLS. And what I like about him is that he spoke of a team mentality at halftime, and it was evident. That needs to be established first off, and drilled into the younger kids that seemingly think MLS is the stepping-stone to Europe and nothing more.

    Ivanov is not a good fit on our backline. Once Reyes comes back, I don't see him in DC much longer. Stoitchkov must go...even as a coach. If he's so thoughtless and self-centered as to shove his own teammate, he's a detriment to team mentality, and in a position of authority, that would be crippling.

    And you're spot on with Olsen as captain. As much as I love Nelsen, Olsen is the next longest-tenured player, and he has the old-school United pride in him. Olsen as captain would be an excellent choice.
  3. jmeissen0

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    Mar 31, 2001
    page 1078
    You see, none of that matters. Let him come up with dreams of Europe. Encourage them, in fact. You don't need to drill anything in to anyone. Just lead them, show them faults, how to improve and the sort.

    Alecko "failing" is more the fault of the team and the coaches than it is Alecko's. He's the rookie, first year pro. They don't get to him, he won't succeed. And personally, I haven't a clue as to who has more blame, although I can easily see chinks in the armor for the three I mentioned (Hristo, Etch and Hudson).
  4. sch2383

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    Feb 14, 2003
    Northern Virginia
    What can I say? You all really kicked our asses and that is a pretty good evaluation of our squad.
  5. Darth_Norteno

    Darth_Norteno New Member

    I'm all for our players dreaming of bigger and better things, but they have to realize the only way they're gonna get there is by playing consistently and showing some unity and professionalism. Convey just wasn't the same after the Spurs debacle. He played almost like a zombie. Hopefully he'll regain his form and confidence.

    Hudson should've played him more, but in his starting appearances, Alecko was invisible. Personally, I wouldn't mind having Ali Curtis back in his place. Maybe it's Hudson's problem with youth; maybe it's a lack of initiative on Alecko's part, I don't know for sure. But something has to be done one way or the other; Martins can't be the only goal-hungry forward we have.

    Stoitchkov could be very detrimental to the team if he doesn't check himself. I know Diablo isn't the player he was, but he still has genuine passion for United, which is why I hope he would stay on as a coach if his playing days should end soon. Hudson...well, he needs to adjust his tactics. Our problem on offense is shooting. All that passing in the area needs to stop. Even if it's not as wide open as a NFL-style PAT kick, just take the damn shot. Stop trying to play "attractive" football and just shoot when the chance is there. Your Fire are unafraid to take chances on goal, and I admire that (grudgingly). There need to be wholesale changes at United, that's for sure.

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