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    First legs 14 July, second legs 28 July.

    EfB (Den) v Flora (Est)
    Rhyl (Wal) v Atlantas (Lit)
    TVMK (Est) v MyPa (Fin)
    NSÍ (Far) v Metalurgs (Lat)
    Linfield (Nir) v Ventspils (Lat)
    Ekranas (Lit) v Cork (Irl)
    Nistru (Mol) v Lenkoran (Aze)
    Mainz (Ger) v MIKA (Arm)
    Baku (Aze) v Zilina (Svk)
    Vaduz (Lie) v Dacia (Mol)
    Banants (Arm) v Lokomotivi Tbilisi (Geo)
    Torpedo Kutaisi (Geo) v BATE (Blr)
    Ferencváros (Hun) v MTZ-RIPO (Blr)

    Not sure why no Kazakhstani clubs here, when Kairat's in the Champions League qualifiers. This new way they group teams by region could easily have given us a match featuring an Armenian club vs an Azerbaijani club. Yikes! Maybe the powers that be made sure that didn't happen.

    TRIVIA: Lenkoran (Aze) is a city just north of the Iranian border. The local language is Talish, not Azerbaijani. Talish is a Persian language, making Lenkoran probably only the second club from a city whose indigenous language is of Persian extraction to play in European competion. Rep to the first person who can guess the other club and city (or a third club/city I'm unaware of).

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